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Gualeguay, Argentina


Activa is a 93.3MHz FM radio that aired a January 28, 2007 under the name of RADIOACTIVE 93.3MHz from the room of a private house, from that moment began a steady growth. During the month of February had programming canned programs, new additions allowed the radio position and begin to distinguish themselves from the competition. The first to enter the local programming was already known by the audience of our city, "MARTA IN THE SAUCE" led by Marta Gomez. With the passing of the months totaled more local, Gualeyan conduction and production, transforming a radio that interacts with their listeners actively. These additions, this concern and passion for radio to each of its members made us think about the idea of ​​taking the radio and find a physical place to make our home. Finally, during several months of job search and continue to form the idea of ​​radio,






Coronel Correa Nº 84, Gualeguay, Entre Ríos. +54-03444-15572815