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Remember Sugar Hill

Story and Song by: Gail Nobles Vocals by: Gail Nobles Music by: Gail Nobles © 2017 Gail Nobles Photo Credit: Remember Sugar Hill When rappin' was real And partys were fun When we were young? Didn't know where they were from. People came from miles around. Just there to bust a rhyme. Those were the good times........


Hit the Road Jack Story

Story by: Gail Nobles Music played by: Gail Nobles Voices by: Gail Nobles Vocal: Gail Nobles Photo: (Fair Use) Story based on: Ray Charles hit single, "Hit the Road Jack". Man: You know, our lives are starting to look just like that song, "Hit the Road Jack". Woman: You hit the road. You sorry men just want somebody to take care of ya. Man: Exactly!.......... Announcer: "Hit the Road Jack" is a song written by the rhythm and blues artist Percy Mayfield. It became famous after...


On the Other Side

Music by: Gail Nobles Vocals by: Gail Nobles Words by: Gail Nobles Male voice (actor): Gail Nobles © 2017 Gail Nobles Photo Credit: Wikipedia On the other side, there will be no half stepping. Everything that's going to be done will be done all the way. There will be no more wrong. Everything will be made right. Temptations will be gone. We'll have a new name. Choir: No more fault finding. We'll be all the same. Like David Eli Ruffin Many of us sing the blues. But they'll be no more blues...


The Temptation's Number 1 Hit

Intro song by : Gail Nobles Vocals by: Gail Nobles Photo Credit: ........."My Girl" was a number one hit for the Temptations in 1965. The song was written and produced by Smokey Robinson and Ronald White from Motown. The song became the Temptations first number one single and is today their signature song. David Ruffin was on the lead vocals for "My Girl". It is my favorite song by the Temptations. They have a beautiful Mowton harmony. Their lead and back ground vocals make...


My Flashback with the Spinners - I'll Be Around (Word of Promise)

Story by: Gail Nobles Vocals by: Gail Nobles The Spinners "I'll Be Around" was a great dance sound of the 70's, but it was more than that to me. The song was a word of promise when I heard it in my mother's Chevorlet Impala on the AM station. Me and my brother watched my mama struggle to keep the car on the road, and she worried about who would fix it. It looked like a 1978 or 1979 model she called rusty blue. Hearing the Spinners sing "I'll Be Around" on the radio was a song of hope......


Keshia Chante _ The Golden Princess Storyline

Storyline by: Gail Nobles Theme song: © 2017 Gail Nobles Music by: Movie Vocal Samples: and Photo Credit:


Keshia Chante_Golden Princess

Story by: Gail Nobles Music by: Producer Loops Samples by: Producer Loops Female and 2nd Male voice: Gail Nobles Photo Credit: Wikipedia I'm thinking about a Canadian R&B singer and songwriter named Keshia Chante. I would like to see her star in an action crime movie with someone like Jet Li. Keshia has had great songs such as "Table Dance", "Come Fly With Me", and "The Valley" just to name a few. But to see her in an action film would be awesome. I think...


Song of Ali Speed Train © 2017 Gail Nobles

Song by: © 2017 Gail Nobles Male Voice: Gail Nobles Music by: The Passion HiFi Photo credit: Wikipedia Beehive effect:


Bruce Lee _ A Legendary Man

Bruce Lee A legendary man. Bruce Lee Gliding across the sand. Bruce Lee His fight he has won. Bruce Lee A Kung Fu Champion. .... Song by: Gail Nobles copyright © 2016 First recorded and published at Youtube in 2011. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain) Kung Fu Sound effects by: Music by: Gail Nobles


My Audio Adventure _ James Brown

There is an autobiography titled: James Brown The Godfather of Soul. James Brown wrote a book..... Male actor vocal: Gail Nobles Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons