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Episode 14 - Meaghan Strickland and Katie Sicking

Steph speaks to Carole King, a New York City Parks lifeguard about pool safety, and Simone Forthclamp, a new MTA robot whose job is to help commuters. Guests Meaghan Strickland (@MeaghanStrick) and Katie Sicking (@KatieSicking)

Duration: 01:07:31

Episode 13 - Betsy Kenney and Sally Burtnick

Steph speaks with Gail Peppers, a wonderful feminist with a special talent, and Glaydys, a fairy who came down from her tree to find some blue jeans. Guests Betsy Kenney (@betsykenney) and Sally Burtnick (@sallysputnik).

Duration: 01:01:05

Episode 12 - Jo Firestone and Matt Barats

Steph speaks with Cassidy Camp Lakewood, an aspiring Moth storyteller, Randall Randolph who was attacked by Seinfeld fans for wearing a Frasier shirt. Guests Jo Firestone (@kingfirestorm) and Matt Barats (@mattbarats)

Duration: 01:11:10

Episode 11 - Kelly Cooper and Rollie Williams

Steph speaks with Joan, the mom of the Instagram sensation "backpack kid," and Philip Schtärke, who owns a pool hall and hopes to train America's next top pool player. Guests Kelly Cooper (@kellyccooper / The Wild West, 8/30 at the New Women's Space) and Rollie Williams (@Rolliewilliams / DiWrecktEd presents Ridley Scott 8/20 at Baby's All Right)

Duration: 01:03:59

Episode 10 - Mike Williams and Nicole Adsit

In this animal-themed episode, Steph speaks to Derek Footage, a man who rescues injured and dead pigeons from the street, and Nan Swink, the founder of the docent program at the Bronx Zoo. Guests Mike Williams (@shaggymike / 3rd Thursday at Legion Bar) and Nicole Adsit.

Duration: 01:08:15

Episode 9 - Thomas Fricilone and Jared Jeffries

Steph speaks with Brother Russell, an aspiring priest, and Fred Klaus, a crossword puzzle composer for the Metro. Guests Thomas Fricilone (@thomasfricilone / Ground Floor Comedy) and Jared Jeffries (@jmjeffries2 / A Gift You Didn't Ask For From Friends You Never Had).

Duration: 01:19:10

Episode 8 - Mo Fry Pasic and Tim Lamphier

Steph speaks with Judge Mental, a reality show judge, and Tom Candleton, a huge Yankees fan who has never seen a game. Guests Mo Fry Pasic (@mofrypasic / Mo Fry Pasic: ICON 7/28 at the Duplex) and Tim Lamphier (@timlampier / Cigarette Sandwich).

Duration: 01:18:00

Episode 7 - Brett Davis and Gary Richardson

Steph speaks to Raddisson from Party Town USA, a young man using partying to overcome personal tragedy, and Dante, a poet. Guests Brett Davis and Gary Richardson. Brett Davis (@brettdavisrip) is a BᴬrᴱLʸ ᴴUᴹaᴺ ᴬbᴼMiᴺaᵀi0ᴺ mᴬDᴱ 0ᶠ ᵀrᴬSᴴ and he hosts The Special. Gary Richardson (@garyyesgary)is a young man having the time of his life.

Duration: 01:06:52

Episode 6 - Mary Houlihan and Phil Meister

Steph speaks to Dawn Soap, the woman who invented malls, and Beck Shipley, whose job as a traveling microphone salesman allows him to have several wives and families. Guests Mary Houlihan (@maryhoulie / Mary Houlihan's Big Comedy Show, 7/11 / The Sopranos: The Play, 8/1) and Phil Meister (@philjmeister / Got Beef with Phil Meister).

Duration: 00:59:37

Episode 5 - Mitra Jouhari and Drennen Quinn

Steph speaks to Betsy, a professional protestor, and Brandt, a flat earther who started the new hot yogurt trend. Guests Mitra Jouhari (@tweetrajouhari / Three Busy Debras, The President Show) and Drennen Quinn (@six_dffrnt_wys / Planet Earth III).

Duration: 01:15:34

Episode 4 - Tim Platt and Carmen Christopher

Steph speaks to Hampton, a college student who has some pretty big ideas, and Binny, a man who really thinks the outside is too hot…and the inside? It’s too cold. Guests Tim Platt (@timothyplatt / Pasic and Platt: Orgy at Ars Nova on June 15th) and Carmen Christopher (@CarmChristopher / Comedy Central Comic to Watch, The Juice at Union Pool).

Duration: 01:06:59

Episode 3 - Joey Dundale and Nick Naney

Steph speaks to Mr. Cigarettes, a mascot for the entire cigarette industry, and Jonathan Bones, an aspiring spaceman who lives in KFC. Guests Joey Dundale (@JoeyDundale / $700 Rules) and Nick Naney (@nicknaney / Reek of the Week, Dogslam at Brooklyn Bazaar).

Duration: 00:49:42

Episode 2 - Andrew Tisher and Drennen Quinn

We speak to a man who is afraid of ghosts, and a guy whose terrible job turned his life around. With Andrew Tisher (@tishertisher / Planet Earth II) and Drennen Quinn (@six_dffrnt_wys / IFC, Planet Earth).

Duration: 01:09:50

Episode 1 - Annie Donley and Dara Katz

Steph interviews Connie, a lonely dog breeder on vacation, and Gennifer W., an entrepreneur left on an island for a year and a half. Guests Annie Donley (@annieassqueef / BRIC TV’s “Poppin’ Off”) and Dara Katz (@kdara / UCB, Annoyance, IFC’s “The Place We Live" coming this fall).

Duration: 01:07:23