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Hawkesbury, ON


whether it’s the thrashing riffs on the album either the sampling or the EDM-esque industrial chorus in motion, there is not a second in this stream that doesn’t have a catchy sample, explicit drop and jingle part going on. this netcast is not without its flaws though, some songs are clearly better than others, not that there is a bad song here. it’s one of those podcast that puts absolutely everything new or remind the listener of past sounds but everything it does, it does well and even great at times and this might as well be the perfect compilation for all kind of music. if you're suspicious of this claim, then hijack the jukebox at your local bar or kindly offer to be the DJ at a halloween party. DJ R3V3R3ND MURD3R clearly passed this status with his musical approach, getting rid of any stylistic barriers to integrated music. the outstanding drums, variety and overall harshness and brevity combining most of the harshest elements of edm, industrial, metal, orchestral with electronic genres such as breakcore. this podcast creates some outrageously chaotic freak outs from its eclectic formula really make this one of the best soundtrack of his career.







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