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Face Your Family Like a Holiday Hero (UPDATED)

Whoops! In what was definitely not a passive-aggressive slight against Clayton's mom, the first version we uploaded today was missing the audio from her interview. But now the tech issues have been solved, because we're a couple of geniuses over here, so here we go! The holidays are nothing if not the perfect time to practice your latest political diatribes and hygiene-related insults. BUT ALLOW YOURSELF A MOMENT TO DREAM! What if you could go home for the holidays and NOT leave all...

Duration: 00:44:43

Face Your Family Like a Holiday Hero

The holidays are nothing if not the perfect time to practice your latest political diatribes and hygiene-related insults. BUT ALLOW YOURSELF A MOMENT TO DREAM! What if you could go home for the holidays and NOT leave all bruised, bloodied, and emotionally broken? This week, the Smiths tackle the tough topic of how to handle your unreasonably irrational family members, and they put their money where their mouths are by interviewing Clayton's greatest political opponent: His mom.

Duration: 00:44:43

Decorate for the Holidays Like a Serious Real Person

Some people think decorating for the holidays is easy, and that's absolutely correct. Tape some Christmas lights to your couch, and you're all set! Well, that's what the Professors Smith thought, anyway. But then Hollis Scarborough of Silvercreek Creative came along and blew their minds to Christmas pieces. She shares her next-level holiday decorating tips this week, and the Smiths add a few of their own ideas, and, spoiler alert: They're amazing, and VERY smart.

Duration: 00:53:28

Communicate with Laser-Like Focus

Look, let's face it: Communication is hard. And it's not made any easier by the fact that digital platforms give us a pretty good GD excuse to say things to people without having to actually talk to them. But it's important to know how to communicate well, because poor communication is the root of fights, and of poor work evaluations, which is a VERY grown-up thing to be worried about. This week, author and teacher Ben Tanzer joins the Smiths and helps them crack the code on how to...

Duration: 00:53:53

Get Some GD Culture

Culture is the sweet-ass spice of life that makes it worth living. Shakespeare said that. Or maybe it was Gandhi. Or maybe Axl Rose? Look, it doesn't matter. Culture is important, and we're diving brain-first into our new Get Some GD Culture series with a look at the business of show. It's time to get theater-y AF.

Duration: 00:52:08

De-Stress Already

Boy, stress is sure awful. Not only does it cause anxiety, but, as the Smiths learned this week, it can lead to sudden and nigh-inexplicable death. Just absolute, total death. So join the guys as they dive into the wonderful world of de-stressing and share some great tips on how to relax your mind with special guest Victor Mazzeo!

Duration: 00:42:46

Handle Ghosts Like a GD Boss

Ghosts are a part of a real adult's everyday life. Don't believe us? Give the Smiths a chance to change your mind. Don't believe them? Well, that's valid. But maybe Neil Tobin, Necromancer will help convince you. With Neil's help, Clayton and Ryan talk about their own experiences with ghosts (or not-ghosts, depending on where you fall on that issue), how to find ghosts, how to get rid of ghosts, and how to live with ghosts when you can't manage to make them leave.

Duration: 01:06:20

Halloween Better

Look, there are a lot of seriously awful Halloween costume ideas out there. This week, with the help of Shannon Downey from Badass Cross Stitch, the Smiths navigate the landmine of bad choices, from the lame to the offensive, and throw out a few pretty great 2017 costumes ideas like a couple of GD geniuses.

Duration: 00:53:45

Throw a Swanky Cocktail Party

This week, we bring on a surprisingly high-end guest, Percy Rodriguez, who has worked in wine, cocktails, and mixology with some pretty impressive chefs, including Mario Batali and Laurent Tourondel. With Percy’s cocktail guidance, we dive into the grown-up world of luxurious liquors and talk about the finer points of hosting a real swanky-ass cocktail party. This ain’t your college kegger, folks...this is the adult AF version of drinks with your friends, and there’s a lot to consider if...

Duration: 00:58:57

Curse With Some F'ing Gravitas

On the pilot episode of Adult Harder, college professors Clayton Smith and Ryan Smith dissect the finer points of cursing. But not cursing like you’ve been doing. Cursing like adults curse. Because when you’re a real adult, you follow some classy-ass guidelines, like: We also spoke with fellow college professor Cara Dehnert Huffman about her favorite curse words, and we played a game with a title we’re not sure we should spell out here on the Internet. It is very explicit. Research...

Duration: 00:47:32