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A spinoff from Adventure Rider Radio, ARR RAW is Roundtable discussions about motorcycles, travel and anything else that crosses our minds completely unscripted, raw and personal from the producers of the most popular ADV podcast in the world - Adventure Rider Radio.

A spinoff from Adventure Rider Radio, ARR RAW is Roundtable discussions about motorcycles, travel and anything else that crosses our minds completely unscripted, raw and personal from the producers of the most popular ADV podcast in the world - Adventure Rider Radio.
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A spinoff from Adventure Rider Radio, ARR RAW is Roundtable discussions about motorcycles, travel and anything else that crosses our minds completely unscripted, raw and personal from the producers of the most popular ADV podcast in the world - Adventure Rider Radio.




Flexible Motorcycle Travel

Exercise Specialist, Thom Rieck, shares some simple exercises to help keep your body fit for motorcycle riding. Graham Field talks shares his thoughts on keeping your options open while you travel. And Bob Earl talks about Mule Pack Panniers, high-density polyethelene flexible motorcycle panniers. Exercises for Better Riding: Thom Rieck Thom Rieck is an Exercise Specialist at the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program. He’s a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Certified Personal...

Duration: 00:49:56

Where do You Rate on the Scale? Novice to Expert Skill Levels Explained | Setting Your Motorcycle Suspension Preload

Have you ever been perplexed when asked on a tour or rental application what skill level you are as a rider, or maybe you're just curious how you rate in the big scheme of things? Bret Tkacs has come up with a rating chart for adventure riders to explain what a novice to experienced rider is. And Ted Porter from the Beemer Shop in California explains how to set your suspension preload, something every motorcycle rider should know, no matter what make or model. Rider Skills: Are You...

Duration: 01:33:24

An African Adventure & Tips on Getting Your Motorcycle in to Africa

Daniel Rintz is a filmmaker, photographer and adventure motorcyclist from Dresden, Germany. Born in East Germany at a time when world travel was impossible for his family, Daniel’s whole world opened up when the Berlin wall fell and he embraced the opportunity to travel. Since then, he’s explored by bicycle, train and automobile, but motorcycling remains his passion. In 2008, with a rough plan and no money, Daniel and his friend left East Germany for an around the world motorcycle...

Duration: 01:31:07

Cool, Comfort or Crash: How Effective is Your Motorcycle Jacket? | Where Do You Put Your Helmet?

Recently returned from his sixth trip around the world, Dr. Gregory Frazier has a chat with Jim about where he hangs his hat, or rather, his helmet. And David Hough discusses motorcycle jackets, are they for style, comfort or crash protection? Dr Gregory Frazier Dr. Gregory Frazier has done several motorcycle trips around the world, he’s been shot at, spent time in jail and has had some incredible wildlife encounters. He’s a journalist and photographer and his work has been published in...

Duration: 01:05:15

Motorcycle Chronicles: Why Taking Photographs and Recording Your Trip is so Important

Social media has become a popular source of how we share our life, including our travels or adventures. And through social media, we share our photos and usually include a write up to show what we’re doing, where we’ve been. And if we want to get back to basics, well photography has been around for a long time, and looking at a photo can you put you right in to the picture, you can imagine the sounds and smells, and it gives us insight in to things we might otherwise never get to see. And...

Duration: 01:51:39

Changing it Up: Motorcycles & Truck Overlanding Adventure | Comeback of the Parallel Twin

A story of a RTW motorcycle trip that morphs in to a two-wheeled adventure of the camper kind, and A story of a RTW motorcycle trip that morphs in to a two-wheeled adventure of the camper kind, and Zac Kurylyk from Canada Moto Guides shares his thoughts on what he calls the comeback of the parallel twin. Two-Wheeled Adventures of the Camper Kind Alan Curtis (Curt )and Lyn Williams have been riding motorcycles since they were teenagers, so when Curt was coming up with ideas for an...

Duration: 01:17:46

Group Riding Without the Dust & Danger: Rider Skills With Bret Tkacs

Rider Skills with Bret Tkacs: Group Riding PSSOR Instructor, Bret Tkacs, talks about motorcycle group riding dynamics. Two methods of keeping your group riding together without eating each other’s dust or following dangerously close. Both these methods allow you to keep track of the entire group while you ride and other tips, including how to handle yourself when riding with a group. Website: Show Sponsors: Max BMW BestRest Products Green Chile Adventure...

Duration: 01:03:23

Lone Rider: Globe-Trotting Before the Internet

What would it be like if you couldn't just turn on your computer and ask google all the questions you want to help plan your trip? Everything from planning and packing, to routing and picking your destinations. All the answers at your fingertips. And what if in the 1980's it was so against the norm for someone to set out on a long distance motorcycle trip, let alone a woman? Would you still have the nerve to ride around the world? Elspeth Beard has just published a book this summer, the...

Duration: 01:14:02

The Ups & Downs of a Well Planned Group Trip: Cartegena to Ushuaia

Journey to the End of the World - Expedition 65 If a little is good wouldn’t a lot be better? When a group of experienced travellers plan a trip from Cartegena to Ushuaia they made sure they had fully equipped bikes, an extensive support system and contact network, even a support van and trailer equipped with a generator to charge accessories. As the story goes, Jim Hyde, of RawHyde Adventures had an epiphany while guiding a trip in South America. He was stopped with his group of clients...

Duration: 01:20:26

Riding Back Roads in America: Gravel & Gnarly Trails

If you're travelling to or live in the United States, and you're looking for a long distance motorcycle adventure utilizing mainly back roads and trails, the Trans-America Trail may be just what you're looking for. On the website, it says that dual-sport motorcycle is required for the more challenging sections, and the best time to do the entire trail is probably late June in to early September, to avoid snow in some of the states. The TAT maps and roll charts have been designed to ride...

Duration: 01:18:53

Dirt Travels 2 Up | Rider Skills: Faster Braking

Beth and Kevin Young, 2uptogether, are so passionate about sharing adventures with each other that they ride 2 up, even in the dirt. The've been riding for 19 years, and are advocates for short adventures, close to home. Saying that motorcycle riding has made them closer, Beth & Kevin share their experiences with photographs on social media, hoping to inspire other couples to ride together. Twitter: 2uptogether Facebook: Website:...

Duration: 01:47:54

Finding Your Way: Motorcycle GPS, Smartphone APPS & Paper Maps

What's your preference? A motorcycle GPS or smartphone APP? Perhaps you're someone who still likes traditional paper maps. We've talked to Cesar Palacios from Garmin, Guido van Eijsden, APP developer of Scenic and Sam Manicom, world moto traveler, adventurer and author, and got some great information to help you make an informed decision. Motorcycle GPS: Cesar Palacios, Media Relations Associate from Garmin International. Website: Smartphone APPS: Guido van...

Duration: 01:05:53

Has the Internet Made You Cluelessly Modify Your Motorcycle For The Worst? | Rider Skills with Bret Tkacs

Don’t modify anything on your bike until you consider this… Industry expert Warren Milner is an adventure rider, writer and worked at Honda Canada for 30 years, working closely with product planning and R&D developing new models. In this week’s episode Jim and Warren Milner discuss how information on the internet may incorrectly encourage or influence your decisions when it comes to motorcycle modifications. Rider Skills Energy conservation: Realization… just participated in the butt...

Duration: 01:43:58

Motorcycle Vibrations - Where They Come From & How to Reduce Them

There are many possible causes for why your motorcycle is vibrating, and David Hough, author of Proficient Motorcycling, and Walt Fulton join Jim Martin to offer their knowledge and experience with vibration issues. David L. Hough: David has been riding motorcycles for more than 50 years. He's travelled extensively by motorcycles in North & South America, central Europe, the UK, South Africa and New Zealand. While employed at The Boeing Company in Seattle for more than 36 years, he mostly...

Duration: 01:03:45

Time is of the Essence

When Ginamarie Austin tired of looking at the back of her husband on a bike, she decided to get her own bike. Being of small stature, they settled on a TW200 and both Ginamarie and her husband Russ fell in love with these bikes and soon became part of a community of TW200 riders, going on short adventures. After a couple of years of health related family commitments, Ginamarie and Russ went on a trip on their TW200's, enjoying back road riding and adventure travel at a slower pace than the...

Duration: 01:21:52

LED Motorcycle Lights: What You Need to Know

Tips and information on everything you need to know for equipping your motorcycle with brighter lights. Choosing either quality auxiliary lights or DOT approved headlamps for your motorcycle can make an incredible difference when you need extra lighting. What is the difference between a high quality and low quality LED light? Find out this and more on this episode. Clearwater Lights: Glenn Stasky Website: Custom Dynamics: Dave Pribula Website:...

Duration: 00:56:58

It All Started With a Moped

Ask any one who rides a dual sport, touring bike, street bike, or what have you, and there is nothing that clears the mind, relieves stress, and makes them feel good more than just riding their bike. Combine riding with travel, be it a day, weekend, month or year and we hear stories about how riding has changed the way people think. We’ve heard from riders who have had a love of travel instilled in them and when they discovered motorcycles and combined the two, a whole new world opened...

Duration: 00:55:18

The Couple Who Rode Their Motorcycles to the North Cape in a Snow Storm

What Inspires a Motorcycle Adventure Traveler and Author? Graham Field is a household name if you're in to adventure motorcycling, the author of three books, a world traveler and a co-host on ARR RAW. He's been the inspiration for many riders, who have read his books, and have been motivated to set out on their own adventures, wherever and for however long they may be. So, when Graham Field messages Jim and says he knows this couple, who just happen to be in Bulgaria staying down the...

Duration: 01:07:02

Trip Notes & Lessons Learned From a New Adventure Traveler | Rider Skills: How to Start a Motorcycle on a Hill

Brent Carroll: Read a Facebook Post, Bought a Motorcycle, Attended a HUBB Meet & Went on an Adventure Inspired by a Facebook post, Brent Carroll decided to get a motorcycle to do some adventure riding. After going to a Horizons Unlimited meet he was hooked on the idea of a long distance motorcycle trip, having met other riders who were travelling and exploring the world. In April, 2016 he set out from Virginia to Newfoundland, rode across Canada to Alaska and then down to Ushuaia. Being...

Duration: 01:35:48

Riding in Extreme Conditions Part 2: Hot & Cold

Grant Johnson: Tips For Riding When the Heat is On Grant's vast background includes being a motorcycle mechanic and dealer, as well as co-owner of Horizons Unlimited with his wife, Susan Johnson. Grant has given many talks around the world as part of the HUBB presentations. He's also a co-host on ARR RAW: Horizons Unlimited: Sjaak Lucassen: Tips For Cold Weather Riding Sjaak Lucassen is a Dutch long distance motorcycle rider,...

Duration: 00:49:52

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