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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam-A Walk Through Benh Thanh Market With HCMC Travel Tips

More Support Far East Adventure Travel with your pledge of $1/month or more. Check out the offers and gain access to exclusive content! I love exploring around Ho Chi Minh City. Many locals still refer to HCMC as Saigon, and District 1 where most tourists wil find themselves is considered Saigon proper. Once you are accustomed to the chaotic traffic and swarms of motorbikes it's quite easy to get around on foot. Don't limit yourself to D1, as...

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Bangkok, Thailand-Exploring The Bustling Lanes And Streets Of Chinatown

More Become a patron of Far East Adventure Travel and get access to more content from Asia! Exclusively for you! Visit my Patreon page to see the offers now! Follow me on Facebook: Instagram: Bangkok is one of my favorite cities in Southeast Asia. A modern city that's retained much of it's cultural heritage, it's fast-paced, vast, naughty, and filled with...

Duration: 00:29:00

Bangkok, Thailand-Exploring The Fruit Market Of Chefs And Shop Owners

Bangkok, Thailand is a market lover’s paradise. Whether you’re like me and find food markets fascinating to explore or you enjoy finding bargains on clothing, antiques, or buddha amulets it’s probably the best place in Southeast Asia to shop. I love the huge Klong Toey Market, and the Pak Khlong Flower Market. On my most recent visit I also checked out the Saphan Khao Fruit Market which carries pretty much every fruit available in Southeast Asia, from durian and jackfruit to the more exotic...

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Visiting Bangkok's Erawan Shrine-The Commercial District's Spiritual Oasis

More Become a patron of Far East Adventure Travel and gain access to exclusive content while supporting travel inspiration! Visit my Patreon page and see the offers starting at $1/month!Last year I visited Thailand and was fortunate enough to spend some time in it's bustling capital, Bangkok. Currently the second most city visited in the world it is massive, busy, hectic, with possibly the worst traffic conditions in Asia. Despite that it's absolutely a city you...

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Exotic Kuching,Sarawak/Malaysian Borneo-Travel Tips And Commentary

Support Far East Adventure Travel by becoming a patron! Get exclusive content and other features starting at $1/month. Visit my Patreon page to find out Kuching, the capital of Sarawak in Mayalsian Borneo is a wonderful place to base yourself for exploring this incredibly diverse destination full of wildlife viewing opportunities, cultural discovery, and amazing food! I love that Kuching is also small enough that you can easily explore most of it on...

Duration: 00:21:06

Mumbai, India-Visiting The Grandest Train Station In The Subcontinent

Thanks so much for listening and subscribing to the podcast. In this episode I walk around the huge Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, formerly Victoria Terminus in Mumbai India. This is India’s grandest train station and one of the top sights to visit in the “maximum city”. I very much enjoyed walking around Fort, the area where the train station is located. It is loaded with buildings constructed during the British raj making it a fascinating place to explore. There are galleries and museums...

Duration: 00:17:30

Malaysia's Spectacular Blend Of Nature & Spirituality-The Batu Caves

The Batu Caves are a series of limestone caves and cave temples located in Selangor, Malaysia. So easy to get to it even has it’s own train stop. I picked up the KTM Comuter train at KL Sentral in Kuala Lumpur which can be reached via the Kelana Jaya line if you’re staying near KLCC. In less than 30 minutes the giant limestone outcrop was in view. Leaving the train station you are immediately surrounded by Hindu shrines and temples including this giant statue of Hanuman, the Monkey God....

Duration: 00:19:33

3 Must-See Temples In Bangkok, Thailand

Number 3, Wat Arun. Even though it’s name means temple of dawn this is a wonderful site best enjoyed at sunset. Located on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River, some consider it the most beautiful temple in Thailand. It’s prang or spire on the banks of the river is a world-class landmark. At the time of my visit, Wat Arun was undergoing major renovations as you can see by the scaffolding. Wat Arun held the great Emerald Buddha before it was transferred to Wat Phra Kaew at the Grand...

Duration: 00:09:55

Walking Around Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's World-Famous Jalan Alor Food Street

For me Singapore and Malaysia were my first introduction to the amazing food experience of dining outdoors in Southeast Asia. Many years later the Jalan Alor food street of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is still one of my favorite places to dine. I've been lucky enough to have experienced the food and dining options of many cities and towns across Southeast Asia. Each one offers it's own unique food and charming experience whether it's sitting on tiny plastic chairs in the old quarter of Hanoi,...

Duration: 00:31:09

Hanoi, Vietnam's "Old Quarter"-Walking In The Eternal Soul Of The City

Hanoi is one of my favorite cities in Southeast Asia. It’s “old quarter” is packed with atmosphere from the colonial buildings to the back alleys filled with little shops and fruit vendors. From the break of dawn until 11pm when the police kick the motorbikes off the sidewalks and everywhere doors are closed for another day it remains one of the most energy packed places in Vietnam and Asia!I’m already craving another visit. Wandering the streets each filled with it’s speciality, toy...

Duration: 00:22:40

Nepal Tourism Update with Travel Expert Shanker Bhatta -

It’s been two years since the devastating earthquakes of Nepal brought huge loss to the country with over 9000 deaths, thousands more injured and many left homeless. For awhile it brought the tourism business to a standstill with many cancelling their trekking and travel plans. At the time international media reported that Nepal’s tourism industry was ruined and would take years to recover. I wanted to get my friend and one of my partners in , our full service trekking...

Duration: 00:33:36

Magical Fort Cochin-Kerala, India-Land of Beauty And Harmony

Fort Kochi or Cochin is an extrordinary place to visit in South India. Ruled by the Portuguese, the Dutch, and British and of coarse Rajahs it is a wonderful mix of architecture, history, and a harmony of local people and various cultures that is unique in India. As local resident experts have explained to me the most rewarding part of a visit to Fort Cochin is not necessarily the sights you’ll see. It’s more about the appreciation of the local culture and people and the relaxed feeling...

Duration: 00:28:00

Earthquake Diaries, Nepal-Documentary Series-Part IV-"Villages In Ruins"

That’s it for my series Earthquake Diaries from Nepal. If you want to find out more about the wonderful trekking and travel options in Nepal please visit our website Writing a review in the iTunes Store helps others discover Far East Adventure Travel. Karileed of the USA recently wrote in, “John is the real deal. He’s a fabulous host and does an amazing job of sharing information on the places he travels to. You’ll feel like you’re right there with him. A must listen...

Duration: 00:34:09

Earthquake Diaries, Nepal-Documentary Series-Part III-"Royal Squares And Ruins"

Thank you for joining me as Earthquake Diaries from Nepal continues with part 3. In this journey through my days of visiting the many earthquake affected sites of Nepal in May 2015 I saw places within the Kathmandu Valley that experienced minimal damage to towns like Sankhu village that almost completely collapsed as a result of the April 25th and May 12th earthquakes. In Sankhu village we walked through alleys and streets that were literally crumbling around us as residents were beginning...

Duration: 00:31:45

Earthquake Diaries, Nepal-Documentary Series-Part II-"A Cry For Tourism"

My Earthquake Diaries Nepal documentary series continues with part 2 and a “cry for tourism”. This episode follows my first few days of walking through the streets and alleyways of Kathmandu, visiting many sites that had suffered damage, destruction and terrible loss. I met tour guides and taxi drivers that saw a future of little or no work. And one afternoon I came across a group in Kathmandu’s Durbar Square conducting a desperate rally for unity within the tourism industry. I also...

Duration: 00:50:49

Earthquake Diaries, Nepal-Documentary Series-Part 1-"7.3 On Arrival"

It’s been 2 years since the first of several earthquakes and tremors terrorized the Himalayan nation of Nepal. It was April 25th, 2015 at 11:56am local time when a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck the country. It was followed by several hundred aftershocks and another 7.3 tremor on May 12 that in total killed nearly 9,000 people and injured over 22,000 leaving many homeless. To this day thousands are still not living in a permanent home. Having visited the country on several occasions over...

Duration: 00:35:30

Getting To Know Can Tho, Vietnam And The Mekong River Delta

Upon arrival in Can Tho, approximately 3.5 hours by bus from Ho Chi Minh City, I decided to immediately head for riverside, naturally where most travellers gravitate and explore the streets, night market, temples, and shops in the area. I also wanted to investigate hiring a boat for a tour the next morning. Some of my best and fondest memories of traveling are seeing a place for the first time. It's always exciting getting familiar with unknown territory. Night markets, cafes, fruit stands...

Duration: 00:23:52

Exploring Can Tho, Floating Markets, And The Mekong River Delta-Vietnam

Can Tho is the fourth largest city in Vietnam and the largest in the Mekong River Delta region. People that visit are here primarily for the boat cruises that take you to the world-famous floating markets. A confluence of boats that merge in various locations of the river for trade of mostly fresh fruit and produce. For this trip I hired a boat for about $14 dollars that will take me on an approximate 3.5 hour tour on the Hua River, a tributary of the Mekong where I’ll see a wholesale...

Duration: 00:11:56

Food Talk/Food Tourism-Touring A Famous Food Street Of Taipei, Taiwan

It was New Year's Day 2017, unusually warm at 26 celsius, making it perfectly pleasant to walk around interesting neighborhoods in Taipei, Taiwan including Dongmen and it's Yongkang Food Street. Anchoring this street that has been published in almost every travel and food magazine and guidebook, is the world-famous Din Tai Fung, purveyors of xiaolongbao, delicious soup dumplings. Crowds, as seen on this day, will line-up for over an hour in the midday just to get a table. Even though this...

Duration: 00:22:58

Taiwan And Southeast Asia Travel Talk at Kaohsiung's 2017 Lantern Festival

I'm always asked when is the best time of year to visit Taiwan. Almost anytime of the year can be interesting but one of my favorite times to recommend is during the Chinese New Year,(Lunar New Year) festivities. The first day itself is always inspiring and full of good spirit as many Taiwanese visit temples to start the year off with prayers of good fortune, luck, and health. Then of course there are the many festivals that are centered around the New Year including the Beehive Fireworks...

Duration: 00:20:33

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