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Welcome to AdventureFit Radio! Your weekly podcast exploring fitness, adventure and life. Hosted By Bill Kerr and Mac Rundle with special comments from Tommy Ahern, AdventureFit Radio focuses on bringing you interesting interviews from all realms of fitness, adventure, and life in general.

Welcome to AdventureFit Radio! Your weekly podcast exploring fitness, adventure and life. Hosted By Bill Kerr and Mac Rundle with special comments from Tommy Ahern, AdventureFit Radio focuses on bringing you interesting interviews from all realms of fitness, adventure, and life in general.
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Welcome to AdventureFit Radio! Your weekly podcast exploring fitness, adventure and life. Hosted By Bill Kerr and Mac Rundle with special comments from Tommy Ahern, AdventureFit Radio focuses on bringing you interesting interviews from all realms of fitness, adventure, and life in general.






#128 - Doc & Tommy On Vlogging For Business Vs. Documenting Your Life

Tommy starts with cracking some more jokes about Doc’s Vietnam trip, then Doc comes in to ask Tommy what he’s been up to lately. The two get to talking about a Q&A with Gary Vaynerchuck, and about disconnecting on the weekends. Doc starts to talk about not wanting to document his life. They talk about what it means to become a person of interest and the changes in lifestyle that it entails. They both share their definitions and reactions, then later on Tommy defines what vlogging really is,...

Duration: 01:03:21

#127 - Laurin Conlin On IFBB Bikini Professionals, Beating An Eating Disorder & Keeping It Real On Social Media

Laurin Conlin is an IFBB Bikini Professional and winner of the 2014 Overall NPC Nationals. She has a Masters of Science in Exercise Science. Her aim is to redefine the meaning of healthy within the fitness industry. We start it off with Laurin giving us her background, then immediately throw to Doc asking her about what led her into the field of exercise science. Things get a bit personal as Laurin shares about her experience with an eating disorder at a young age, influencers, and how she...

Duration: 01:05:18

#126 - Andrew Hewison On AI For Business, Future Visualization & Political Correctness

Huey starts off with talking about his soon-to-be-born baby, as well as a recent shoulder injury. The topic shifts over to business, and Doc asks him about how he keeps things in line in his business. The convo then expands over to AI’s and what they can do for businesses. Another shift in focus happens as the boys start talking about a couple of Netflix series then later on to Russian President Vladimir Putin. After that, the boys have a nice long talk about Connor McGregor. They cover a...

Duration: 01:23:24

#125 - Doc & Tommy On Wonderful Vietnam

Having just returned from Vietnam, Doc is immediately asked by Tommy about how his trip was. He shares with us a couple of experiences, then proceeds to talk about how painful his ass is from riding too hard and for too long. Doc goes on to talk about things he’s seen in done while in the country, and he mentions something he affectionately calls “Chuck-A-Duck”, which he says he was not able to do. He mentions plans of returning to Vietnam with a travel buddy of his, talks about the Ho...

Duration: 00:40:38

#124 - Tommy & Dan On Finding Your Why, Crazy Ideologies & Theories Of Life

Off to a great start as the boys have some playful banter between them. Tommy proceeds to ask Dan with how he’s been going lately, but for some strange reason the convo gets redirected towards the topic of excessive porn watching, and somehow to the infamous Ted Bundy. Tommy brings up a book about finding your own “why” and its importance, as well as how fear can serve as a motivator. Much later on, the boys get into talking about ideologies and their massive influence, lost...

Duration: 01:26:29

#123 - Steve Moneghetti On Marathon Running, Mindset & Self Awareness

Stephen James "Steve" Moneghetti is an Australian long-distance runner and physical health consultant. He represented Australia in the Commonwealth Games and in the Olympics. Straight into the show and Tommy asks Steve about his mindset, and after that, his training. Dan jumps in asks about how distance running has changed over the years. Steve answers the question, then proceeds tells us about the prime years for marathon runners. More detailed questions from the boys directed to Steve...

Duration: 00:47:41

#122 - Mark Anthony On Hypnosis, The Subconscious Mind & Religious Followings

Master Hypnotist Mark Anthony is an International Stage Hypnotist and a Headliner Performer. He is also a Certified Clinical Hypnotist and Hypnosis Instructor. Mark runs a very successful Hypnosis Clinic in Bundall on the beautiful Gold Coast. Starting it off with Mark’s background - a bit on his history and what he does. Tommy takes the reigns and asks Mark about how hypnosis is portrayed in mass media and if that is true to what he does. Doc takes a turn and asks Mark just how hypnosis...

Duration: 00:52:26

#121 - Dr. Andy Galpin On Muscle Science, The Right Diets & Disproving Nutritional Myths

Andy is a tenured Professor in the Center for Sport Performance at CSU Fullerton. He focuses his attention on teaching classes and running the BMEP lab. He is also a co-host of the Barbell Shrugged podcast. Kicking it into gear with Andy’s background, his main focus, and what got him into his field. The boys talk about lifting and compare stats for a bit, then the convo gets thrown towards what life is like at California State for Andy, as well as the athletes he’s worked with. The topic...

Duration: 01:05:17

#120 - Rusty Young On Colombiano, The Wild Lands & The War On Drugs

Rusty Young is an Australian-born writer known for his book, Marching Powder. Rusty was also recruited as a Program Director of the US government's Anti-Kidnapping Program in Colombia. Rusty comes on and he talks about his new book, Colombiano. Doc gets into specifics and asks about what genre it would fall under, after which Rusty goes into more details of his book such as with child soldiers, a female’s perspective on things, and his research and stay in Colombia. The boys lighten up...

Duration: 01:34:44

#119 - Dan Katz & Zac Grgurevic On Politics, Social Issues & New Perspectives

Daniel Katz and Zac Grgurevic are both national champion weightlifters in Australia. They are both on their way to representing the country in the Commonwealth Games come next year. Doc kicks it into gear by asking Zac and Dan about the results of their recent competition. Dan mentions that he has gone up a level, and they start to talk about how he went on to gain some weight. Doc then treats us to a story about Dan’s father, then the boys move on to talking about a guy named...

Duration: 01:21:33

#118 - Andrew Hewison On Money Matters, Personal Finance & Pursuing Your Passion

Andrew Hewison is the Managing Director and a Private Client Adviser of Hewison Private Wealth. His skills are broad ranging in all aspects of strategic financial planning, tailored financial advice and wealth management. Tommy does his tribute and ends up laughing his ass off, then the boys go into a bit of playful banter. Huey talks about a previous podcast guest, Jo, and moves onto his background. Doc and Huey start talking about dogs, then proceed to talk about Huey’s family...

Duration: 02:44:43

#117 - Doc & Tommy On Past Relationships, The Mind Mate & The Real Value Of Money

We kick it off with learning why Tommy is chowing down on an apple and cookies. Doc then moves onto talking about what he thinks it means to be an entrepreneur, and gives us a little insight into what the true value of money is. Doc shares a story about his friend Paul and his daughter Jade, Tommy talks about his current training, then the boys talk about girls and have some playful banter. Great to hear from the boys again, and definitely an episode filled with good fun and catch ups....

Duration: 00:34:45

#116 - Mac Rundle On Intermittent Fasting, Genetics For Health & The Reality Of Life

Mac Rundle back on the show guys, and we’ve got another spectacle here for you. We start it off with an improvised version of Tommy’s Tribute, and then Mac throws it to talking about the 80/20 principle. He then moves on to intermittent fasting, and even throws in a little about genetics for your diet. Mac talks about giving your guy time to recover, and they all talk more about the benefits of intermittent fasting, as well as really putting in an effort when you’re at the gym. They also...

Duration: 01:12:55

#115 - Manoj Dias On The Mindfulness Movement, Thought Watching & Making Sense Of Your Feelings

Manoj Dias is an animated speaker, humble teacher and always a friend. He is the co-founder of A—SPACE – Australia’s first multidisciplinary meditation studio. The boys kick it into gear with having Manoj give his background, as well as what got him into meditation and mindfulness. They then talk about the practice of meditation, such as its religious aspects. Doc and Tommy get to asking Manoj questions, such as what difference has practicing meditation made in his life over the years,...

Duration: 01:04:36

#114 - Dr. Andrew Lock On Physiotherapy, Expert Coaching Practices & Improving Your Lifts

Mr. Andrew D. Lock, (Master of Physiotherapy, and a whole lot more), the self-appraised Genius Physiotherapist and one of the most sought after rehabilitation specialists worldwide. Doc starts us off with asking Andrew about his history as well as why he chose to pursue physiotherapy. They then get into talking about proper lifting technique and some of the training issues that people face. Later on, they talk about what it takes to be an amazing coach, and Andrew shares about his...

Duration: 01:02:59

#113 - Tommy Siera On Memory Hacks, Edibles & The Wonders Of Meditation

Tommy Sierra is a professional skydiver and a life explorer. He’s done a lot of things you wouldn’t believe, and generally just an all around good guy. It’s his second time on the show, so the boys ask Tommy what he’s been up to lately. He also shares a story about how he once broke his leg, followed by Doc’s tale of a Dutch dude he met over AirBnB. Later on, they get into talking about drugs and how it increases productivity, Tommy’s ADHD, and some practices for improving memory. After...

Duration: 01:30:52

#112 - Dr. Veronica Sheen On The Future Of Work, Universal Basic Income & AI Reshaping The World

Dr. Veronica Sheen is an Employment Insecurity specialist. She graduated with a PhD in 2012 and has a wide experience working with social policy since the 1980’s. She was recently a participant at the 2017- OECD Forum. Right into the thick of it at the start as Veronica talks about OECD 2017. Doc & Tommy listen in on about technology and how it has brought about immense changes to the way we work at the present time. After that, they talk about the more widespread effect of tech on the...

Duration: 00:56:30

#111 - Travel Roundtable On The Vietnam Experience, Stories From Thailand & Surreal Japan

The boys have gathered the Travel Roundtable again today. We start them shooting the shit for a bit before getting into it. They then talk with Kiran about his experiences in Vietnam. After that, we hear from Doc, who shares a couple of crazy stories from Thailand. The boys get into a discussion about the cultural differences between the West and Asian cultures, and later on start talking about Japan. This is definitely another one of the greats, so tune in, enjoy, and hear about how...

Duration: 00:48:55

#110 - Darrell Wade On Intrepid Group, Progressive Business & A Life In The Travel Industry

Darrell Wade is the Executive Chair and co-founder of Intrepid Travel. He’s an avid travel, very well-traveled, and unlike others he does not sport a beard. Darrell starts us off with his background, then Doc asks him about how he got started with getting into travel. After that, they go into how it was starting out with Intrepid Travel, its first few struggling years and its growth. Later on, they start talking about social media and how that’s completely changed the game. They get into...

Duration: 00:53:37

#109 - Tommy Hackenbruck On Cohesive Team Building, Promoting Gym Culture & Coaching Doctrine

Tommy Hackenbruck is the owner of UTE CrossFit. He is a former CrossFit athlete and current professional coach. Tommy gives us a short timeline of his life leading up to his CrossFit and coaching careers. Doc asks him what his drive is at the present, as well as what excites him as a coach. Tommy talks about the difference in coaching newbies vs. seasoned athletes. He also goes into the topic of putting together winning teams and how to get them working together. Another episode down!...

Duration: 00:51:15

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