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Graphic design gossip and artistic growing pains through the eyes of two handsome DIY poster designers and their friends. A tell all graphic podcast divulging the rock n roll lifestyle that exist within the illustration, graphic design and printmaking seedy underworld.






649 - Start Today: Inside Out

Inside Out released a small, four song EP called No Spiritual Surrender in March of 1990 that went on to quite possibly be the most popular release ever on Revelation Records. Despite disbanding one year after its release, their intense live performances and socially conscious lyrics left a lasting impact on the scene that still ripples outward today. This episode of Start Today opens with the in depth history surrounding Inside Out, the bands working alongside them, and how they came to...

Duration: 01:20:34

647 - Corbett Redford

Every movement has somewhere sacred renowned as its birthplace and for East Bay Punk, that is undeniably 924 Gilman. For years this club has been the epicenter of a community formed by outsiders, freethinkers, and cultural revolutionaries armed with nothing more than determination and a few power chords. Corbett Redford spent the last four years of his life pouring over footage chronicling Green Day, Rancid, NOFX, and countless others to create his documentary, Turn It Around: The Story Of...

Duration: 01:00:01

646 - Hammer Time

Hammer Time X is upon us and the cast is taking on the McDonald's menu in all of its thirty two item glory. Mark, Tavo, and Hammer reminisce about the food that made them into men and use our tried and true system of democracy to determine which foods will advance and what falls by the wayside. Breakfast. Dessert. Sandwich. Snack. Division by calorie packed division square off in a food fight to the finish with only one true victor left standing when the carnage finally subsides. Along the...

Duration: 01:07:39

645 - August Poster Countdown with Mitch Putnam

The August Poster Countdown is here with Mark Brickey and Mitch Putnam of guiding you through a month chock full of raw talent and jaw dropping pieces. As we move higher and higher up the ranks, you can study how each artist harnessed their creativity to truly hone in on what each work attempted to communicate. These two captains of industry point out what makes each poster stand out from the rest and lend time tested, industry insight into the business behind creativity. Is a...

Duration: 01:00:16

644 - Shop Talk with Billy Baumann and OKpants

Bang that drum because Shop Talk is here and ready to rumble. Mark, Billy, and James have teamed up around the proverbial water cooler to dish dirt, share stories, and drop chicken nuggets like there's no tomorrow. How much does your name truly affect your life and how you are perceived? If you could have a dream team of five people what would they be doing for you? Are you held down by a customer first mentality that isn't leaving you creatively fulfilled? Get ready to dive into the deep...

Duration: 00:58:14

643 - Alexander Libby of ProductionPro

Making your dream a reality is the first step on the long road of keeping your dream a reality. Between finding funds to keep things going and generating new users in a marketplace pulling their attention in every which way, ProductionPro continues to revolve around their single source of truth. Alex Libby returns to Adventures In Design to share what a year and a half of fighting the good fight has taught him and how his app idea turned into a dedicated team of people collaborating to...

Duration: 01:00:54

642 - Hammer Time: Tavos' Tacos, Pizzas And Subs

The Gang dreams of opening their own pizzeria.

Duration: 01:33:12

641 - Hammer Time: The Unity Episode

Summer brings us all together at beaches and barbeques across this melting pot of a great nation and there is no better way to give the season a proper send off than The Unity Episode with the cast of Hammer Time. Hang out with your best podcast friends Mike Hammer of Violent Gentlemen, Mark Brickey, and the guest of honor, Gustavo Jaimes, for a rollercoaster of ball busting so good that even you will be screaming "eagle." It's been a wild month and there are plenty of stories to share from...

Duration: 02:24:30

640 - Shop Talk with OKpants and Billy Baumann

It's time for another drum banging, shop talking, Slack slandering with Mark, Billy, and OKpants on the mics making your life a little bit better one minute at a time. Summer is coming to a close but these bad boys have a few more good times planned out before it's all over. Was going to college a waste of money? How did Delicious make it through some recent tight financial times? What's up with the jerks at Guitar Center who always think they know better than you? Today's Shop Talk gets...

Duration: 01:01:13

639 - Ian Jones-Quartey

Your new hero is the man responsible for an entire world of heroes from OK KO! on Cartoon Network, Ian Jones-Quartey. Since his hand could hold a pencil and his head could form a question he has been learning, growing, and using all of that information to create anything and everything he could share with other people. His unquenchable desire to create has put him behind such projects as Adventure Time and Steven Universe with titles next to his name like writer, animator, storyboard artist,...

Duration: 01:08:01

637 - Where The Streets Have No Name with OKpants and Billy Baumann

Bang the drum but not too quickly because we have to send out a search party for a xylophone that Billy can't seem find. In the meantime let's talk some shop because we're all still above ground and we all have those odd days where nothing seems to work. Mark and Pants hold their own as two old dogs sniffing around new industries that have a lot to say on everything from bending the knee to streaming services to the Triple Evils. The real skill is how these two can connect the dots between...

Duration: 01:00:01

636 - ThunderKing

Caffeine is a key component in the creative process and it's due time we meet our muses. Working with an organic cold brewed coffee recipe and a punk rock mentality, ThunderKing has steadily grown into a powerhouse backed by a product no one else comes close to. Mark sits down with Dean and Brian to hear about how Costa Mesa's Caffeine Royalty built their empire from a whole lot of elbow grease into a groundbreaking coffee bar and a sprawling network of stockists. From cash flow to human...

Duration: 01:15:01

616 - Dylan Garrett Smith III: Summertime Sadness

When your summertime sadness starts creeping in, it's time to fall back on your friends to get through your darker days... and not many are darker than Dylan Garrett Smith. It was the heart of winter last time we checked in on our hypothetical COT Employee and Mark is back to kick the tires and see how his plans are holding up. Fragrances, Fine Art, and Photography fill up today's interview as well as the heart to heart moments we have come to expect when these two get together. There is a...

Duration: 01:00:01

615 - The Forefathers Group

It's time to revise how you think about design from a globe spanning team so confident in their work they don't allow revisions at all, The Forefathers Group. Kick Frankenstein-ing to the curb with Jonden, Matthew, and Emir as they walk us through how they approach telling a brand's story and how they have separated themselves in an undercutting, self-sabotaging market overflowing with designers willing to bend the knee to the whim of any client who thinks they know better. The Forefathers...

Duration: 01:00:01

Best of AID 2017: 562 - Paul Gaudio: Global Creative Director at Adidas

Featuring an all new introduction with Mark and David breaking down how this episode rose through the ranks to be one of the Best from 2017 (so far). When you're the Global Creative Director of a brand pushing out twenty thousand products in a year odds are you have your head screwed on pretty straight. Paul Gaudio heads up this role at Adidas and he lets Mark into the Mothership for a look around at what it takes to stay at the forefront of popular culture for decades. From the infamous...

Duration: 01:31:51

Best of AID 2017: 542 - Seasons Of The Snake No.005 - Spring 2017 with Ben Neuhaus Owner/Proprietor of

Featuring an all new introduction with Mark and David breaking down how this episode rose through the ranks to be one of the Best from 2017 (so far). Spring is in the air and new beginnings are everywhere, including Snake Oil Provisions. Ben and Miranda have once again curated their store to keep you looking good and feeling good in the quality goods they stock. Ben and Mark debunk tee skirts, Skate Bettys, and the social media jerk offs who are dragging men's fashion through the mud with...

Duration: 02:07:25

Best of AID 2017: 574 - Start Today - Music Business Inspiration Podcast

Featuring an all new introduction with Mark and David breaking down how this episode rose through the ranks to be one of the Best from 2017 (so far). Start Today - Music Business Inspiration Podcast On the first episode of Start Today co-hosts Mark Brickey and Biggie breakdown the 1989 Gorilla Biscuits track “Start Today” and go line by line trying to fully understand the songs greater meaning and influences that it had on their lives. However, before we get to breaking down the walls of...

Duration: 01:54:36

Best of AID 2017: 545 - Bob Smith

Featuring an all new introduction with Mark and David breaking down how this episode rose through the ranks to be one of the Best from 2017 (so far). Welcome to the wild world of west coast nostalgia master Bob Smith. Cutting his teeth at Nike for over a decade, Bob thrived with their boundless resources and struggled through being micro managed for optimal efficiency. His creativity is contagious throughout this interview covering everything from aiming high to the allure of 21 Jump...

Duration: 01:45:29

607 - Hammer Time Fourth Of July BBQ Special with Mike Hammer, Mark Brickey, and Gustavo Jaimes

Gather round the grill as three red, white, and blue Americans basque in the glorious freedom bestowed upon them by their brave predecessors in this special Fourth Of July edition of Hammer Time. With an unmatched determination and unwavering grit our forefathers and foremothers sacrificed to forge a nation where everyone would be created equal and dreams could become reality. Mike, Gus, and Mark honor them by sharing their own tales from a modern day America filled with Wild Babes,...

Duration: 01:15:51

606 - Shop Talk with Billy Baumann

It's time to countdown the top seventeen posts from the Book Of Baumann and glean any wisdom we can from it. Mark sits down with The Godfather Of AID and gives him a chance to relive the moments that inspired some of the best status updates any cool kid could imagine. Pineapple Pizza, outsiders as Art Directors, and the through line of empathy guide today's Shop Talk through uncharted psychological territory. Billy has been on a path of rediscovery that has shifted so many aspects of his...

Duration: 00:56:50

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