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Home for the Holidays

We hope you enjoy this pre-holidays bonus episode of Advice from Mom. We are coming to you in our off-season to deliver a holiday gift before many of our listeners head home and encounter difficult situations with their loved ones. There are so many ways that family gatherings can stress us out—whether it’s what your family expects of you, what might be said, unsaid, or yelled at the dinner table, or sometimes even just seeing certain family members. Momma B is here to help with motherly...

Duration: 00:23:36


This is a special off-season bonus episode of Advice from Mom! With these recent headlines about Harvey Weinstein, sexual harassment in the workplace, and over a million people sharing their stories with #MeToo, Momma B has a few stories of her own. Also, here’s your gateway to all the quick ways you can help us make Season 2 great: Give us your feedback, send in your questions, and find all the other fun (and free!) ways you can help. We appreciate it so much!...

Duration: 00:26:14

Episode 10: Family Dynamics — season 1 finale

On this episode, we answer questions about the challenges of family dynamics. You’ll hear questions from Wounded Not Broken, Solamente Uno?, and New Auntie, and advice from Momma B, the director of America’s first crisis hotline, a photographer chef, and a woman in the wilds of Wisconsin. This episode also marks the finale of Season 1! Thank you so much for listening and we’d LOVE your help in making Season 2 even better -- it will take just a few moments and won’t cost you a dime. Please...

Duration: 01:07:08

Episode 9: The Long Haul

All summer, we’ve been exploring what it means to make progress—professionally, personally, and creatively. But how do we make that progress last? Momma B is here to help with advice for the long haul of a creative project, the strategic planning of a fruitful career, and the balancing act between your work and personal life. This episode also includes solid advice from a rock-&-rolling engineer, an actress you’ll recognize from TV, and the founder of a start-up. We are on the quest for...

Duration: 00:59:09

Episode 8: Making Progress

Figuring out your personal process of progress can be tricky! Momma B is ready to help with advice for taking feedback on your work, balancing your creative pursuits with your responsibilities, and playing well with others. We also get stellar advice from some Nashville songbirds, a novelist currently on the NYT best seller list, and the one of NPR’s favorite duos. Leave us a message about your summer project progress at 1-706-9-ASK-MOM and your success could be included on a future...

Duration: 00:59:52

Episode 7: Starting Something Big

Hitting some stumbling blocks when it comes to starting something BIG? Momma B is here to help with advice for your creative pursuits, professional endeavors, and personal plans. This episode also includes solid advice from all-star guests like world-touring DJ Atish Mehta, New York Times illustrator Wendy MacNaughton, Zak and Shira from the Pregnant Pause podcast and Doree Shafrir, author of the novel Startup. Complete show notes, questions and more available:

Duration: 00:55:45

Episode 6: Wise Moms of Pittsburgh

For this special Mother’s Day episode, we are going into mom-overload with listener questions about how to talk to your mom about her mental health, how to help little ones adjust to an environment where they are different, and how to convince your wife that you should adopt. Momma B is joined by three of her wise mom friends! Each question will still be slathered in 3 doses of advice, and we’ll still be playing plenty of mother daughter pickleball, but this time, I’m not in San Francisco,...

Duration: 00:55:31

Episode 4: Breakups

This episode comes with a downloadable breakup workbook. Get your copy here: Complete show notes, questions and visuals available: This episode’s second opinions include: Introduction: Lee Bryon (, Facebook designer, engineer and data scientist and creator of Information is Beautiful’s Peak Break-Up Times on Facebook, Here are the visualizations:...

Duration: 00:48:35

Episode 3: Workplace Woes

This episode is crafted to help you with your workplace woes. This month we take on three classic workplace woes: toxic work environments, losing your job, and feeling like you can’t be yourself at work. Every question you’ll hear on today’s show has been sent in by a fellow listener. We are always taking new questions, so if you want some advice from Momma B, please request advice: You can also leave a voicemail or text us your request: 706-9-ASK-MOM....

Duration: 00:53:17

Episode 2: Dating Advice from Mom

On this episode, we provide advice for those who miss the puppy love of younger years, for those who feel misunderstood while dating, and for those who are looking to make a friendship into a romance and so much mawwwwr!!! For advice from Momma B, go to or leave a voicemail or text: 706-9-ASK-MOM aka (706) 927-5666. We are currently working on upcoming episodes about working woes and break-ups. Send those questions in pronto! Each question on this episode gets 3...

Duration: 01:21:46

Post-Election Advice — Bonus: Home of the Holidays

This is a holiday bonus segment for Episode 01 of Advice from Mom. If traveling for the holidays means visiting politically-divided households, this bonus is for you. Momma B & me would like to offer you a little audio care package for your journey. Each question gets 3 doses of advice. First you’ll hear Momma B’s advice. Next: You’ll hear a segment called Mother-Daughter Pickleball, where your host, Rebecca presents some clarifying questions and builds on Momma B's advice. Last, you’ll...

Duration: 00:19:54