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Software Driver Advancements and Changes

David speaks with Mike Hurd of leading software company Drivers HeadQuarters, creators of top-converting driver update product Driver Detective. Mike will share the latest and greatest advancements to the newest version, and will discuss how these feature changes will benefit the affiliates who promote it. They also discuss the rise of affiliate marketing in Europe, social media as brand-builder, and the business advantage to both affiliates and merchants of having world-class customer...

Duration: 00:39:05

Future Direction of Affiliate Marketing, SEO Strategies and Content Network

David speaks with with successful affiliate and industry mogul, Peter Dunbar from VT Marketer. about the Content Network, search engine optimization strategies and trends, and the future direction of affiliate marketing. Also, the RevenueWire team have a roundtable discussion about the hottest topics in affiliate marketing today including sponsored tweets, video marketing and the recent cancellation of Amazon affiliates in Colorado.

Duration: 00:39:58

Media Conversion and Digital Product Trends

David speaks with Nik Mohan, Affiliate Manager for Bootstrap Software Development, makers of media conversion/transfer products Media Widget and VideoWizard. Topics of discussion include Bootstraps media conversion products, how to find them and what they do, as well as an exploration of upcoming trends in the digital product space and affiliate marketing as a whole.

Duration: 00:29:25

Market Diversification and Globalization in 2010

David Kool hosts a roundtable discussion recapping Affiliate Summit West 2010, an in-depth discussion about the industry trend toward market diversification and globalization in 2010, and what affiliates can do to capitalize on these emerging opportunities over the course of the coming year.

Duration: 00:34:51