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So I Never Wanna Grow Up

Millenials are still at home because they can't afford to live on their own due to their large student debt. So what's a parent and student to do? Aaron talks more about that in this podcast. College Liftoff emerged from Aaron’s desire to help students learn to treat education like an investment, accounting for the career, academic, and financial factors that shape this decision. He has also forged a debt control calculation to set student loan debt limits for each student. College Liftoff...

Duration: 00:06:50

ACWAG5 - College Is A Tool Pt. 2

So, should I be paying for my child's college at all? This is another question many parents ask. Many parents did put themselves through college with jobs waiting tables and similar jobs. So why can't this generation of college-aged students just do that? The answer is that, due to the fact that the cost of college has risen so disproportionately over wages, it's nearly impossible for students to do that. And while students can afford to take on some debt, the student loan crisis has...

Duration: 00:04:37

ACWAG4 - College Is A Tool Pt. 1

It's the million dollar question. Do you have enough money saved to send your child to college? How much do I need to have saved? In this eye-opening podcast, Aaron Greene invalidates this question because "it's the wrong question to ask." Rather, he says, we should be asking ourselves, "What SHOULD I be SPENDING on college?" As Aaron discusses in this podcast, college is a consumer purchase--and should be treated as an investment. Families should be empowered to spend based on what the...

Duration: 00:05:21

ACWAG1 - Free College

Should college be free? It's a hot-button topic given our political climate and upcoming election, and we can all agree that the costs associated with college have gone through the roof. But is making college free the best solution for our nation's families and students? In this non-partisan and non-political podcast, Aaron Greene breaks down the facts to shed truth and light to the us an eye-opening answer and empowering solution. During each podcast episode Aaron Greene,...

Duration: 00:07:12