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You've now tuned in to a steamy hot program that can very well enable your inner most kinkiest fantasies to come alive!






Acne Annihilated: 100% Natural Skin Care Cream (Promo)

More "Acne Annihilated: 100% Natural Skin Care Cream" Unlike the numerous amounts of Toxic ingredients that are found in most commercial brands of skin care products, Acne Annihilated, is packed with multiple, skin-friendly, organic ingredients that will deeply penetrate your skin, resulting in your skin feeling extremely soft, looking visibly healthier, all while destroying acne in it's tracks. Our First Line of 'Acne Annihilated: 100% Natural Skin Care Cream' is (Citrus...

Duration: 00:02:41

Sleeping With My StepMom

Dad is away, as he put it, "on a business trip" and my stepmom has been left in charge to tackle the Thanksgiving festivities for me and my other family members. However, to my surprise, my stepmom also apparently have in mind to take charge in other ways as well that involves me obeying her every command. Personally, I'm up for the challenge, but I'm not so sure about how dear ole' dad will react to this if he somehow happens to find out about what's going on between me and his estranged...

Duration: 00:05:02

Silent Treatment: Episode 1

Lately, every little situation that arises seems to result in Nya and I getting into a heated feud with one another. Just the other day, Nya got upset with me all because I decided to hang out with the fellas for the weekend. If Nya believes that her ploy of "No Sex, No Talking, No Touching" will make me fold under pressure and give in to her then Nya has another thing coming!

Duration: 00:06:45

I'm Her 1st (Part 1: Amanda's Request)

More Amanda and I have been friends ever since we attended middle school together. I know the in's and out's about her and vice versa. However, I would have never guessed in a million years that she would someday drop the bombshell on me by requesting that I'd be her 1st.

Duration: 00:07:28