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After Hours with Jeff The Producer, Jimmy "The Iron Bull" Pellechia and Pete The Intern!

After Hours with Jeff The Producer, Jimmy "The Iron Bull" Pellechia and Pete The Intern!
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After Hours with Jeff The Producer, Jimmy "The Iron Bull" Pellechia and Pete The Intern!




After Hours Radio 9-7-12

Did Jimmy "The Inventive Bull" Pellechia miss yet another opportunity to make millions on an invention? What was it this time? A rubberized condom? A toilet seat with a butt massage? You'll be surprised how practical and useful his idea would have been! Pete the Intern mentions an obscure Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, that prompts both Jimmy the Bull and Jeff The Producer to break out in impersonations! Both Jeff and Jimmy agree that there's one line other than "I'll be back" that Arnold...

Duration: 01:06:00

After Hours 8-10-12

Jeff The Producer Hosts! Jimmy "The Missing Bull" Pellechia hasn't answered his phone in a week! Where is he? Is he still alive? JTP attempts to reach Jimmy on his cell phone! Jeff The Producer then gives his thoughts on why IFBB Pros switch contest prep coaches, his reaction to the forum posts and gives some behind the scenes insight into a recent change-up that seemed to get everyone's attention! Pete The Intern makes JTP watch a couple of youtube videos and Pete finally comes clean...

Duration: 00:40:19

After Hours 7-21-12

Jeff The Producer hosts this latest episode of After Hours! What's dragging Pete The Intern out of the RXMUSCLE studios and over to an undisclosed location in New Jersey? Jeff The Producer tries to get Pete to spill the beans on this top-secret meeting with a mystery date! While JTP is waiting for Jimmy The Bull to get home from work, he shares his experience hanging out at a recent BBQ held at a top IFBB Pro's house! It was filled with other competing NPC athletes and IFBB Pros,...

Duration: 01:18:42

After Hours 7-13-12

Dave Palumbo rejoins the After Hours crew as your faithful host and delves right into the sh*tty end of things, as he and Jimmy "Where's the toilet paper" Pellechia get into a very intense discussion about what to use when you don't have the proper wipes! Dave then reveals that there's something appealing about a large woman to him, while Jimmy tries to figure out how to find the target in an oversized lady's body! Dave also suggests that Pete the Intern may have a hidden fetish for...

Duration: 01:01:02

After Hours 7-6-12

Jimmy "The Overworked Bull" Pellechia makes it back to the studio to tell a hysterical story about his friend, whose worst enemy is his very small pet dog! You won't believe what these two do to each other! What's up with Pete The Intern's voice? Jeff The Producer tries to get him to read a few lines from a popular movie, but things don't turned out as planned! Jimmy the Bull is fed up with drivers who don't signal when they want to make a turn! JTP and Jimmy go on a rant to see which...

Duration: 01:04:12

After Hours LIVE 6-29-12

Jeff The Producer brings you another edition of AFTER HOURS LIVE on RXMUSCLE.COM! This week's LIVE broadcast featured a special call in from Jimmy The Bull live from work! Listen in as Jimmy weaves in and out of traffic in his massive truck, travels through Brooklyn, Staten Island and Long Island, pushing aside other motorists and scaring the crap out of people with his extremely loud horn! Jimmy fills us in on why exactly he was missing in action for the last couple of weeks, and what his...

Duration: 00:59:53

After Hours 6-15-12

Jeff the Producer hosts the second ever LIVE After Hours Radio on RXMUSCLE.COM! Pete the Intern joins in as he and Jeff try to figure out where Jimmy "The MIA Bull" Pellechia is! Jeff can't believe what he's hearing when Pete says he consumes 500 grams of carbohydrates in a day. Where does Pete put it in his sub 200 pound frame? Is he a genetic mutant, or is he exaggerating? Pete the Intern describes his ideal woman to Jeff the Producer! Do you think you're that special someone who will...

Duration: 01:07:04

After Hours 6-1-12

Dave Palumbo and Jeff The Producer discuss whether or not Magnus The Magnificent used RXMUSCLE simply as a promotional vehicle to promote his best selling book, "It's 5 o'clock and All Is Well"! Jimmy "The Drugged Up Bull" Pellechia then literally barges into the studio, destroying microphones, wires and anything else in his path! What's got the Bull so ampd up? Listen in and find out! Dave then attempts to share some news items with everyone in the studio, and Jimmy goes bananas! Wait...

Duration: 00:59:49


When Dave Palumbo brings up the notion of "swingers", Jimmy "The Loveless Bull" Pellechia gives his very strong opinion of love and relationships! Dave then offeres Jimmy The Bull an opportunity to get a role in one of John Travolta's movies, but there's a catch. How far will Jimmy go to get an acting credit in one of Travolta's movies? Pete the Intern has some interesting questions for The President, and Jeff The Producer joins in as always on another episode of After Hours featuring the...

Duration: 00:59:27


Dave Palumbo can't get enough Fresh Balls, and has Jimmy "The Obviously Drunk" Bull Pellechia try it out for the first time. Jimmy seems to think it's the greatest thing since Bolognese! Jeremy the Casting Director decides to show up after a long hiatus, and gives an update on Magnus The Superstar! He also brings a pineapple and feeds Dave and Jimmy throughout the show! Pete the Intern tries to contribute and Jeff The Producer joins in as always, only on After Hours with the Whack Pack!

Duration: 00:59:35


Jimmy The "I Don't Need To Impress Her" Bull Pellechia teaches Pete the Intern the one secret to keeping the woman of his dreams. Or, at least how to get her to think you're worth a second date! Jeff the Producer introduces Jimmy the Bull to Dave Palumbo's new favorite product: Fresh Balls. Meanwhile, Jimmy gets to try out his brand new bar, "The Crazy Bull Bar" for the first time. Does he like it? Will he try to make it a retail hit? Find out tonight, as Jeff The Producer hosts this...

Duration: 01:01:09


Dave Palumbo isn't afraid to admit he needs to have "Fresh Balls". That's why he purchased a tube of a product with that same name and gets Pete the Intern to test it on himself. What are the results? Dave isn't afraid to tell the world how much he hates Kim Kardashian, and Jeff The Producer asks him why he has such an aversion towards the reality-tv star! Although Jimmy "The Inventive Bull" Pellechia couldn't make it to the studio, his "Angry Bull" supplement bars have arrived and the...

Duration: 00:55:49


Jeff The Producer finally asks Jimmy "THE OUTRAGED BULL" Pellechia why he has such hatred towards pick-up coach Jeff Magic, and sets the parameters for their upcoming "challenge" to see who can get Pete to pick up more women! Jimmy then tells Pete the Intern about a clever method he uses to determine whether an Italian restuarant is good or not. When Jeff The Producer asks one simple question about a dish he mentions, Jimmy goes absolutely insane, as he never has before! You gotta hear it...

Duration: 01:02:12


Dave Palumbo has a new hobby, and it's salt water fish! He installed a brand new 250 pound tank in his home office, and Jimmy "The Creative Bull" Pellechia suggests that a stripper should be living in the tank being fed sushi during the show! Pete The Intern continues to pick up women using the now infamous "Jeff Magic" method, and Jimmy thinks Jeff Magic is backing off of the challenge on who can make Pete get more women! Dave brings up the fact that Charles Manson is on Parole, and...

Duration: 01:01:38


Jimmy the Bull Pellechia can't stand Jeff Magic, and his anger rages to an even higher level this week! Pete the Intern calls Jimmy out on it, and says maybe a direct one-on-one challenege is in order! Pete sets up the rules and Dave demands that it gets filmed! Dave Palumbo quizzes Pete, Jimmy and Jeff The Producer on random facts about the United States, and gets a feel for the Whack Pack's taste in movies! Things get a little crazy as always, only on After Hours with the Whack Pack!

Duration: 00:55:18


Jimmy "Grab the Bull By The Horns" Pellechia shares an "almost gay" experience that tops any other story he's ever shared on the air. Wait until you hear how this one turns out! Pete The Intern is still hard at work with dating coach (and Children's Magician) Jeff Magic! Jimmy the Bull can't stomach some of the approaches to picking up women that Pete shares and challenges Jeff Magic to a one-on-one duel on camera too see whose pick-up methods work better! Dave Palumbo has Pete read...

Duration: 01:03:32


Dave Palumbo discusses his preference for Asian Doctors, Jimmy "The Bull" Pellechia prefers Italians, Jeff The Producer wants a qualified Doctor, and Pete The Intern just wants a prescription! Dave also shows everyone his new penis extension device, while Jimmy and Pete try to figure out the small print on this new pump that Palumbo will be offering for sale on his website! Finally, Jeremy The Casting Director shows up and receives his new RXMUSCLE Biker Vest and worries about wearing it...

Duration: 01:06:37


After a malfunction at the RXMUSCLE.COM studios, Jeff The Producer and Jimmy The Bull are forced to head to Dave Palumbo's makeshift backup studio and record a last minute After Hours Radio show! Jimmy "The Iron Bull" Pellechia ponders the reasons why he and Jeff The Producer weren't sent to the Arnold Classic with the rest of the crew, currently in Columbus, Ohio. Plus, he tells two crazy stories about his time in the military, including his experience at a gay bar! Jeff The Producer...

Duration: 01:11:54