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'After Reading This And That' is a long-form conversational podcast where an awesome British couple, Ryan and Samantha, talk about the thought-provoking things they’ve recently read online. From there, the discussion expands and branches out in a bunch of fascinating other directions. It's sometimes serious, sometimes lighthearted, and everything inbetween! We *aim* to release a new episode about 2 weeks after the last one. We are ARTATpodcast on Twitter, Instagram, etc - come follow us! If you have any comments or feedback, feel free to email us at




Ep 21 - Pizza Debacle, Taking RudyCat to the Vet, Vampires, How Weird is Sleep?, & Homeless People

"Better late than never", cry the habitually tardy. Hey, maybe it's even true! We discuss our pizza debacle story, taking our cat to the vet, which fictional vampires are the best, how weird sleep & dreaming is (1:46:38), and homeless people (3:01:19)

Duration: 04:00:26

Ep 20 - Autographs, RIP PoppyCat, Living Through Your Camera & Suppressing 'Offensive' Fiction

This ep is *so* rad that THE MAN almost didn't let us publish it. Good thing THE MAN is partial to cookies. We discuss autograph hunting, PoppyCat's passing, if cameraphone overuse is wise (1:31:07) & if those offended by fiction get to veto it (2:30:07)

Duration: 03:49:30

Ep 19 - Attending Fan Conventions, Movies, & We Answer (Most of) The 36 Questions That Lead to Love

In the psychosphere, there are two schools of thought about this episode. Either it endearingly over-delivers on content or it's obnoxiously long. But we're 2cool4school(s), so, like, whatevs. We discuss fan cons, movies & answer mucho questions (1:07:50)

Duration: 04:05:26

Ep 18 (feat. Steph) - Comparing UK & USA, Keeping Secrets, & Religious Liberty vs Non-discrimination

Weird... some cool Cali chick just wandered in... good thing we had mics handy! We discuss fun differences between the UK & US (1:19:53), our thoughts on secret-keeping (2:18:57), & whether religious freedom trumps non-discrimination protections (3:06:34)

Duration: 03:40:17

Ep 17 - The Perils of VR Porn & Sexbots, Is Cultural Appropriation Bad?, & Examining Radical Evil

This one's a doozy, folks! I mean, they're all great, but yeah, whew! We discuss the potential downsides of VR porn & advanced sex dolls (1:15:30), is cultural appropriation always negative (2:11:54), and how to think about extreme evildoers (2:42:23)

Duration: 03:25:02

Ep 16 - Insect Encounters, Kids Using Social Media, Is Makeup Deceptive? & Depicting Rape On-screen

Samantha got sick the day after recording this - damn you, podcast-flu! We discuss insect attacks, the perils of kids using social media (44:26), the different reasons people wear makeup (1:44:09), and whether depicting rape on-screen is okay (2:36:47).

Duration: 03:27:39

Ep 15 - Eating Disorders, Enjoying Food, Does Alien Life Exist?, and Self-Defense & Owning Guns

This is officially our longest episode by... uh, one minute. Never stop achieving! We discuss living with eating disorders and enjoying food (47:48), if extraterrestrial life exists (1:55:09), and the right to self-defense and firearm ownership (2:44:54).

Duration: 03:35:38

Ep 14 (feat. Matthew) - Becoming Cyborgs, Juries & The Death Penalty, and Legalising Prostitution

So... we finally drew an unsuspecting outsider into our madness, shh! No-one can know, apart from you! Come listen to us discuss our transhumanist future, whether juries can judge emotion, whether the death penalty makes sense, and legalising prostitution

Duration: 02:57:21

Ep 12 - Horror Movies, Abolish The Monarchy?, Outrage Over Jokes, and Should All Drugs Be Legalised?

I guess we're just, like, totally a three hour podcast now? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Anyway, here we are again! And we discuss scary films, getting rid of the monarchy, whether being outraged over jokes is okay, and whether all drugs should be legal.

Duration: 03:01:13

Ep 11 - Exploring Space, Privacy, Is Having A Constitution Better?, & Are Virtual Zoos More Ethical?

Here's yet more sweet, sweet podcast-y awesomeness! On this episode, we discuss exploring space and settling offworld, what privacy means today, the pros and cons of having a written constitution, and whether a VR zoo would be ethically superior.

Duration: 03:07:34

Ep 10 - A Better Democracy?, Polluting The Earth, Cycling In London, and Designing Unborn Babies

On this episode, we talk about representative democracy vs. direct democracy, why humanity pollutes the Earth, what it's like cycling in London, and the ethics of editing the DNA of unborn babies.

Duration: 03:03:44

Ep 9 - Pets, Living With A BF/GF, Do Smart Robots Deserve Rights? and Can You Punch Hateful People?

♪ We like big podcasts and we cannot lie ♪ Anyway... we talk about pet ownership, what it's like to move in with a SO, whether intelligent robots/AI will deserve rights, and whether or not it's okay to violently respond to people who spread hate.

Duration: 03:34:31

Ep 8 - Is Female Nudity Empowering? Reporting On Killers, Do Smartphones Waste Our Time?, and MORE!

Woah. Our longest episode yet! Replete with sleep-deprived silliness throughout. We talk about whether smartphones are a benefit or a hindrance, whether different forms of female nudity are empowering, if murderers are newsworthy, and MORE!

Duration: 00:44:12

Ep 7 - Religious Education, Self-Image, OCD, Dehumanizing Celebrities & Banning Murder in VR?

We're back! On another HYYUGE episode, we talk about going to a religious school, does our self-image reflect reality, OCD anecdotes, how laughing at celebrities in meltdown has become normalized, and whether killing in virtual reality should be banned.

Duration: 00:40:34

Ep 6 - President Trump, People Who Oppose LGBTQ, Is Regret Useful? and Cryonically Freezing Yourself

A veritable bonanza of podcast goodness! Wait, what's a bonanza again? No matter. On this episode, we discuss Donald Trump being elected, the mental/ethical gymnastics of the anti-LGBTQ crowd, whether regret is actually useful, and freezing oneself.

Duration: 00:40:40

Episode 5 - RIP Vine, Male Contraception, First Alien Contact and Being Conspicuously Bookish

Another giant episode: we talk about Vine's demise and social media platforms being merely temporary canvases, the advent of male contraception and its significance, books as status symbols, and what the first contact with aliens will mean.

Duration: 02:35:12

Episode 4 - Fighting Fat Shaming, Men Discussing Abortion, Living to 115?, and MORE!

A mammoth episode! We talk about the importance of body positivity and how fat shaming can be combated, whether it's permissible for men to publicly discuss abortions, what the strange consequences of humans living much longer lives might be, and more!

Duration: 02:33:34

Episode 2 - Releasing Footage of Police Shootings, Abandoned When Mugged and The Two-Party System

In this episode, Ryan and Samantha discuss when the police should release footage of controversial shootings, what one's partner should do during a mugging, and how the #NeverTrump/#NeverHillary phenomenon aids the two-party system's durability.

Duration: 01:34:17

Episode 1 - Teens Sexting, Cultural Appropriation, Contemplating Death, and MORE!

In this first episode of the podcast, Ryan and Samantha talk about the sometimes dire consequences of teens sexting, cultural appropriation in the realm of art, the difficulty of properly contemplating death, and more!

Duration: 01:54:55