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Weekly podcasts about Ingress

Weekly podcasts about Ingress
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Weekly podcasts about Ingress






11: What do Link Lasers and Goldfish have in common? Episode 11

Agent Academy is talking about Goldfish and whether it’s just another scraper or something different as well as the usual topics you expect to hear on the show. Episode Notes: Agent Academy appeared in the Ingress Intel Remote Participation Event in Chicago: Operation Freyja – 99+Mmu Circle K – Still no responses from Circle… Read more

Duration: 01:03:03

10: Interview with Andrew Krug, Global Community Manager for Niantic Labs (Ingress)

Agent RedSoloCup, AKA Andrew Krug, the Global Community Manager for Niantic Labs joins the Agent Academy podcast to discuss his life working with Niantic and his love for Ingress. Links to Support the show: 240 Pack 16oz Red Solo Cup: Red Solo Cup (Album Version: Red Solo Cup SHOT GLASSES: Red Solo… Read more

Duration: 01:09:28

9: New Years Resonators

Ingress Discussions: Circle K promotion issues, 10 days of Passcodes (get them below), Investigations, Pokemon Go, Ingress in China, OPR and your comments and questions! 11 Passcodes from Niantic’s 10 day Countdown: 2018: nqn332018546fk 1: khx832018774uz 2: ftx462018549fu 3: kk2392018659me 4: mxo532018737qy 5: kgz532018299et 6: jnu552018776gt 7: qge862018583ch 8: xhn282018659xp 9: vnk692018829tg 10: bsf842018294sg Episode… Read more

Duration: 01:01:50

8: Christmas Special 2017

Ingress Holiday Special – Talking about Christmas ideas for the game, DrunkeFrog, V, Passcodes, PA Chapeau and Misty Lee Episode Links: Clean Ingress: Collin Williams on V: Christmas Op from Agent Delois2: $25 Gift Card Guess Form: AMA 12/11/2017: AMA 12/19/2017:...

Duration: 01:02:46

7: Quantum Capsule & Aegis Shield

Ingress Discussion about New Items: Quantum Capsule & Aegis Shield, Prime, Hank Interview, Camp Navarro and Your Comments and questions! Agent Agenda: New Video: Top 5 Ingress Christmas Gifts: Circle K The Poisoner: Interview with Head of NIA Hank: Weather Effects brought to PGO, could we...

Duration: 01:08:02

6: Ingress Prime

Ingress discussion, including Ingress Prime (ingress 2.0), leaked footage of prime from #EXO5 anomaly. Ideas for the games and listeners comments. SHOW LINKS Ingress Prime ► Verge Article: ► Sign up: ► Release Video: ►leaked videos #1: ► leaked video #2 ► #EXO5...

Duration: 01:00:49

5: Ingress Global Challenge, EX05 Anomaly and the end of Double AP

Ingress Talk about Hanks Global Challenge, The #EXO5 anomaly and your comments and calls on this episode of Agent Academy Podcast. Recorded on November 28st, 2017. New Video: PPP: Hank’s Global Intel Challenge – RES celebrate Ingress with Ooperation 5 – Niantic Logo Field Art – ENL Operation Belisama Situration Report:...

Duration: 00:58:32

4: Ingress 2.0, OPR AMA, BAF and all your ideas for the game!

Talking about the OPR AMA from Andrew Krug. Multiple BAFs being thrown across 9 states and of course ideas for the game. Impressive XFAC Peru field as well. We also discuss all the notables making their way to the San Francisco anomaly coming up in December.

Duration: 00:57:13

3: Five Years of Ingress

Ingress discussion about Andrew Krug’s weekly AMA, 5 year anniversary, double AP, Ideas for the game and comments by listeners.

Duration: 01:14:26

2: Ingress just Sharded

Welcome back to the show. We appreciate everyone telling their friends about the show and tweeting us @AgentAcademy. This week, we’re going to be talking about what we’ve been up to this past week, The Anomaly, Shards?

Duration: 00:43:56

1: Agent Induction

It’s Halloween and we’re talking about The Broker’s Guild, EXO5, Ingress 2.0, and your calls. So, pick up your scanners, start hacking those portals and listen to this week’s Agent Academy.

Duration: 00:53:57