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Today we face issues never before seen on this planet. Toxins, stress, diet, pollution, chemicals, and pesticides – all have changed the human playing field. Traditional medical approaches developed 20, 30 or 50 years ago simply can’t respond to the changes in our food chain, our air, our environment. The keys to anti-aging techniques and optimum health are directly related to our food choices, fitness level and to bioidentical hormone therapy. Take the first step.





We were saddened to learn that Alicia Stanton recently lost her battle against breast cancer. All of us on the WebTalkRadio team admired her passion, commitment and zest for life. Jim LaMarca, her broadcast coach said “Alicia had a real gift for communicating her thoughts and connecting with her audience. She was not only an accomplished professional in her field … Read more about this episode...

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Aging Without Limits – Stress and Weight Gain – The Walking Meditation to R

In my book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Hormone Weight Loss, I discuss Principle #4, Energize with Stress Reduction and Sleep. Stress causes a rise in cortisol, one of our fight or flight hormones. Listen in as I discuss the connection between stress, cortisol, insulin and weight gain. Then, our expert, Manuela Stoerzer Vogt, will teach us the… Read more about this episode...

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Aging Without Limits – Your Inner Pharmacy and Your Passion100311

This week, I have two great guests who will share their knowledge with us! Dr. Robert Blaich, the author of Your Inner Pharmacy, will discuss our innate abilities to maintain balance in our bodies. How can we make our own anti-inflammatory chemicals? How can we train our bodies to burn fat? Dr. Blaich has those answers. My second… Read more about this episode...

Aging Without Limits – Eating Right – Why Our Current Diets Don’t Work

Obesity is rising and our current way of eating is not working well for us. What is the problem? Our genes were not designed to handle our current food choices. We have an overabundance of some hormones and not enough of others. How does this all fit together and what can we do to make our diet work better for… Read more about this episode...

Aging Without Limits – Exercise – It’s More Than Just Moving Around

We know that exercise is important for our health. But why? It’s more than just moving around, it’s about building muscle and increasing your vitality. What’s the big deal about muscle and what is the best way to build it up? Find out why exercise is one of the Principles for Hormone Weight Loss you’ll find in my newest book.… Read more about this episode...

Aging Without Limits – Toxin-free Health and Beauty Secrets

In my new book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Hormone Weight Loss, one of the principles I focus on is the elimination of toxins. Toxins can enter our bodies through our food and drink, the air we breathe, cleaning prodcuts and our health and beauty products. My guest, Louisa McCann-Graves, has been modeling in Hollywood for… Read more about this episode...

Aging Without Limits – Living By Design and Honoring the Energy of the Body

Many of us wonder if we’re really doing the right things for our bodies as we age. There is so much information out there about what to eat, what type of exercise we should do and how we should approach many aspects of our lives. But, what is right for you? My guest today, Lynn Hargis, is… Read more about this episode...

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Aging Without Limits – Finances and Difficult Relationships

Two of the most stressful things we can have in our lives are financial concerns and relationships that are difficult. What are we supposed to do in an ecomony like this? My first guest, Sylvia Guinan is a Financial Advisor at Wells Fargo in Essex CT who specializes in working with peope in transition to help them… Read more about this episode...

Aging Without Limits – Transformation – Part II

Life coach, Marge Piccini, and I had so much information to share that we needed a second show! Many of us think about transforming our lives when we’re not happy with how they’re going. However, as we discussed last week, my life was amazing and I suddenly received a diagnosis of breast cancer with its unsolicited invitation for… Read more about this episode...

Aging Without Limits – Transformation – What if Life is Going Well and Thin

We often think about transformation and change when things aren’t going as well as we want with our lives or careers. What about when things are fantastic and you’re faced with an involuntary life changing event? On May 30th, my first book had just won another award, my second book was due out in a few months and I had… Read more about this episode...

Aging Without Limits – Fatigue With Your Life – Are You Living Your Passion

It’s interesting how events in our life can influence our career choices. Both of my guests today had a series of life events that put them onto their current career paths. My first guest, Dr. Linda Clever, is an internal medicine physician who wrote The Fatigue Prescription. This is not about your everyday fatigue; it’s about moving forward… Read more about this episode...

Aging Without Limits – Real Age and Drive Time Yoga

Today, we’re going to hear from two experts with great opportunities to help you make a difference in your life starting today. Keith Roach, MD is the Chief Medical Officer of RealAge, a groundbreaking test you can do online that allows you to determine how old your body thinks you are. This free test has been taken by… Read more about this episode...

Aging Without Limits – Pain and Fatigue

I am currently lecturing to physicians in Germany so I wanted to post one of my favorite previously recorded shows for you this week. How many of us need to hit the snooze alarm a few times in the morning? Ten per cent of us complain of “persistant” tiredness at any given time. For most of us, it is bothersome.… Read more about this episode...

Aging Without Limits – The Heart and the Prostate

This week, I have three amazing interviews! Dr. Janet Brill is going to talk about heart healthy eating for men and women. I know what you’re thinkng… no fat, no cholesterol, no fun… Well, you’re wrong! You’ll love Dr. Brill’s suggestions. Dr Jim Occhiogrosso, a naturopath and master herbalist, will discuss prostate health and other [...]

Aging Without Limits – Compounding Medications – It’s More Than Just Hormon

We often hear about compounding pharmacies in the news – and it is usually related to a story about hormone therapy. Bio-identical hormone therapy has put compounding pharmacies “on the map.” However, pharmacies have been making specialized medications for hundreds of years. My guest, pharmacist Nat Jones, was speaking at a PCCA (Professional Compounding Centers [...]

Aging Without Limits – Exercise – Why and How

We all know that exercise is very important to our overall health. Yet, many of us aren’t quite sure, aside from burning calories, exactly why it’s important for us to move every day. Does it really make a difference? There are many types of exercises out there and it seems like everyone is an expert. [...]

Aging Without Limits – New Angles on Old Topics: Diet and Career

This week, we’re going to focus on new angles for common concerns: Diet and Jobs. Depending on which survey you read, 56-66% of Americans are on a diet at any given time. However, obesity continues to rise. My first guest, Sumner Brooks, the owner of Not On A Diet in Redondo Beach, CA, embraces a [...]

Aging Without Limits – Plant Based Medicines

Did you know that there are over 50,000 types of plants that are used as medicines around the world. There is such controversy regarding the safety of supplementation of vitamins and herbs. My guest, Chris Kilham, is a Medicine Hunter and Explorer who has trekked to over 20 countries in search of botanical medicines with [...]
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