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The Agnostic Tech Podcast is about all your tech options. The best tech for the job. Mobile, Tablets, Twitter, News, etc. John Wiskowski and Darren Cohen take you through the history of tech to what we use today. Not only what we use but why we use it. Nothing is off limits! Agnostic Tech Podcast is a member of thegeeksnetwork.com. Great podcasts and forums.




Episode 26: Air Buds

Yes we recorded a new show. Fair warning, there is a lot of Apple talk! We touch on other subjects as well of course. We will be recording a lot more often, so stick around as we break down the tech world one show at a time!

Duration: 00:43:03

Agnostic Tech Podcast

Podcasts have become more popular, but there is still no perfect technology around them. We have changed how and where and our shows are hosted so that means you will need to update your favorite way to listen with the new show information. At some point the old feed will show the new episodes, but why wait? We will be back later this week with new content. Apparently there are things going on in the tech world, and we need to talk about it! Thanks for staying patient, but in the meantime...

Duration: 00:01:27