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Podcast highlighting agriculture research

Podcast highlighting agriculture research
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Podcast highlighting agriculture research






Agriculture Science Today 013 – Vampire Plants

Follow Us Tim and Steph bring you a spooky Halloween episode on the parasitic plants named dodders that have the ability to thrive by sucking their nutritional needs out of a host plant. … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:59:39

Agriculture Science Today 011 – Colostrum: It’s Not Just For Antibodies

Follow Us This week Tim and Steph discuss colostrum, its importance to neonatal (baby) animals, and its role in extending the communication between mother and offspring outside of the uterus. What is Colostrum? It is the first milk an … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:25:02

Agriculture Science Today 010 – “Middens and Mariculture” The Science of An

Follow Us This week Tim and Steph interview Amy Groesbeck about research that she took part in on ancient clam beds on the coast of British Columbia. A seasoned “coastal girl” as she calls herself she had a lot of … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:49:59

Agriculture Science Today Episode 009: “Sneaky Staph”

Follow Us This week Tim and Steph talk about Staphylococcus Aureus which is a major pathogen for both humans and animals. We discuss briefly how it is handled in a human medicine setting as well as in agriculture, primarily from … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:57:57

Agriculture Science Today Episode 008: “Calf Smarts”

Follow Us Agriculture Science Today Episode 008 “Calf Smarts” This week Tim and Steph talk about group housing dairy calves and some new research that suggests the practice may help them be smarter cows better able to deal with … Continue reading →

Agriculture Science Today Episode 007: PEDv “The Sticky Virus”

Follow Us Agriculture Science Today Episode 007 PEDv “The Sticky Virus” This week Tim and Steph talk about the pig disease Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus or PEDv with Dr. Bob Morrison of the University of Minnesota. The virus is highly … Continue reading →

Agriculture Science Today 006: “Sexy Goats”

Follow Us Sexy Male Goats Today Tim and Steph discuss male goats and their unique (lady goats may say sexy) scent, also known as pheromones. They note the first pheromone discovered in moths in 1959 named bombykol and stink … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:40:35

Agriculture Science Today 005: “Chinese Bees”

Effects of landscape on bumblebees to ensure crop pollination This week we review a paper on the effects of different land use types surrounding squash fields on the ability of bumblebees in conjunction with honey bees to pollinate the crop. … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:02:01

Agriculture Science Today 004 : Phytase Research in Dairy Rations

Phytase and Nutrient Management This week wediscuss the enzyme phytase mostly as it relates to dairy nutrition but with a few nods to pigs and chickens. Nutrient management on farms and water pollution is a concern we discuss as it … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:09:03

Agriculture Science Today 003 : “The Daughter Difference” Sex Biased Milk P

This week we discuss the popular paper published in the open access journalPLOS ONEon fetal sex programming during pregnancy biasing milk yields of Holstein dairy cattle. The full paper can be viewed here. The study was a collaboration between Dr. … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:16:09

Agriculture Science Today 002 – The Flagellar Advantage

Tim and Stephanie discuss a paper by Martin Pion and others featured in the journal Applied Environmental Microbiology proposing a possible answer to why soil bacteria such as Pseudomonas spp. have flagella despite soil often being dry. You can see … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:01:35

Agriculture Science Today 001 : Why Hello There

Tim and Stephanie introduce their new podcast The Agriculture Science Today Podcast to their listeners and interview each other about their interests and backgrounds. What types of scientific topics will be covered on the show was discussed such as nutrition, … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:44:31