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ABOUT ANITA HEIDEMA I am many things to many people but mostly a Mindset Coach and Business Strategist to entrepreneurs who want to live powerful, passionate, rich free life. It all starts with knowing where you are with our “Rich Life and Business” download here http://anitaheidema.com/richlife/ I am also a speaker, TV Host, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Author to Amazon best-seller Vitality Knocks, creator of Mind Your Business Class, Mind School & Ah-ha! Business Academy for entrepreneurs, 21-Day Journey to Success and various meditations and other programs for business and leadership success. As Hypnotherapist and Travel creator of “Getaway to Find Your Way”, I create programs and destination getaways and online programs that build your mindset and strategies for business and leadership success. I have a personal passion of promoting awareness for Lewy Body Dementia to as many people as possible as early diagnosis is extremely important. I have created a foundation “The Fenna Heidema Lewy Body Foundation” in my mother’s name. I love sharing and learning about cooking, travel, books, personal mind control, business strategies, health with special attention to brain health, our aging population and memory and brain power issues. My Motto is “Instill an internal legacy to live life fully and to your true potential. Learn, experience and love”. I live this in my life and business everyday and love helping others. I created tools and programs to create Ah-ha! moments for entrepreneurs and their business that produce the riches and freedom they desire. I was a 27-year professional, corporate management advocate that had the bottom pulled out from under me. With this ah-ha moment I knew what I was made of. My mindset and strategies created the business I am leading and the financial freedom and time I desired. I am never looking back. I share all the tools I have in all my programs so you can have all you desire as well. I bring true joy and passion to everything I do. I love seei



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