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Ahmet's House is where we gather each Sunday night at 7PM ET on wbkm.org to celebrate the legendary founder and visionary of Atlantic Records, Ahmet Ertegun. Join host Tony Galluci each week for great music. Come listen...come learn.




Ahmet's House August 13, 2017

Hot Dogs, Alley Cats and Catching some Ray's...August in Ahmet's House! A variety show tonight assembled as I thought of the dog (and cat) days of Summer. Let's hope for cool breezes, rays of sunshine and hot jazz! Welcome to Ahmet's House.

Duration: 00:56:39

Ahmet's House August 6, 2017

Hot Dogs, Alley Cats and Catching some Ray's...August in Ahmet's House! A variety show tonight assembled as I thought of the dog (and cat) days of Summer. Let's hope for cool breezes, rays of sunshine and hot jazz! Welcome to Ahmet's House.

Duration: 00:57:51

Ahmet's House July 16, 2017

A Day for Song...Ahmet's House this Sunday Playing the great, playing the genius of virtuoso musicians. This is Ahmet's House, the place where big dreams came true...every day! Long and short form combined tonight. We hope you enjoy!

Duration: 01:00:11

Ahmet's House July 9, 2017

It's Summertime in Ahmet's House Hello again everyone! After taking some time off, its good to see all of you once again here in this great house. It's Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, so let's enjoy and escape the dull, and the difficult...let's dance!

Duration: 00:59:55

Ahmet's House May 28, 2017

Brothers...In Memoriam, Gregg Allman In memoriam...Gregg Allman. Singer, songwriter...blues man, Brother. Thank you for the decades. Your big brother has missed you for a long time...go run, find him! Then call Ahmet and Jerry and tell them you're ready for the next gig. What a time it will be...peace and love. Tonight, its all Brothers Kinda Music.

Duration: 00:59:30

Ahmet's House April 30, 2017

Willie Nelson...."Still Not Dead Again Today!" That's right, the good news is that we still have the one and only Willie Nelson with us on this side of the river! With a birthday just yesterday, a brand new album and endless energy...let's celebrate Willie, Jerry Wexler and the lasting importance of this American icon. It's Ahmet's House on WBKM!

Duration: 00:56:06

Ahmet's House April 23, 2017

So Many Songs...So Much Time! Taking Ahmet's House around and around tonight. Let's explore....

Duration: 00:59:51

Ahmet's House April 16, 2017

It is...True Spring...Easter and Passover, 2017 Good evening everyone! And welcome to another episode of Ahmet's House. Families, friends and even the lonely are welcome here...this is a house where all can find what they need. You can't always get what you want....but...you know...here comes more great Atlantic Records music!

Duration: 00:51:19

Ahmet's House April 9, 2017

All Good People...in Ahmet's House Yes...Yes indeed! What a great night to celebrate the music of Atlantic Records. Let's look at just some of the great inductees that are honored in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Forty three of the two hundred and fifteen artists...a pretty sizable proportion...are Atlantic! Let's celebrate...Aretha to Zeppelin tonight.

Duration: 00:25:58

Ahmet's House March 12, 2017

Whole Lotta...Everything! That's Ahmet's House! Welcome back everyone, and welcome into this great house. It's still very cold in the Winter regions, so you need a house, made warm and cozy with the deep and passionate Atlantic Records catalog. Your host, Tony.

Duration: 01:00:08

Ahmet's House March 5, 2017

Digging for Diamonds...back in Ahmet's House! Looking for great hits and deep, deep veins of rich content...it's easy in the Atlantic catalog. Come celebrate the one and only Ahmet Ertegun, and his team of music lovers. Bundle up baby, it's still cold outside...

Duration: 00:19:58

Ahmet's House January 29, 2017

TONIGHT: A MUSLIM AND A JEW WALK INTO A BAR... ...and they find the Gospel and Soul music that white America wants and needs! Ain't that a hopeful sign in this day? Nothing new under the Sun...and it can heal us again. "Ahmet's House" opens the door. Thank you all...let's come together! Nothing can divide us if we do not allow it.

Duration: 01:02:24

Ahmet's House February 5, 2017

Progressive! The Sound of Rock's Mature Side in Ahmet's House As the show started to come together for tonight, we heard of the passing of bassist John Wetton...another great loss to the music of Atlantic Records. As so much of what John created affected the progressive rock world, the song list took its own way. Tonight, some of the great work of John, and a sampling of the progressive catalog of Atlantic! It's all in Ahmet's House.

Duration: 00:56:51

Ahmet's House February 19, 2017

Another Night...With You! Ahmet's House for February 19, 2017 Another Night...With You! It's time to dive deep into this great collection of music, in honor of those who lived it, who created it! It's Ahmet's House, something special that we do together. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:00:08

Ahmet's House January 22, 2017

It's only love! That's all...just songs about love. Isn't it time? We think so. Ahmet's House...tonight on WBKM.org.

Duration: 00:59:02

Ahmet's House January 15, 2017

Tonight...the Music of Jerry Wexler...Oh, Boy! Asked during an interview many years before his death what he wanted inscribed on his tombstone, Wexler stated simply, "Two words...more bass!" What he got was something that simply read, "He Changed the World." That says a lot of what Mr. Wexler was all about...tonight in honor of his birthday of January 10th (his 100th!) we will play a sliver of the sound he brought us all...thank you so very, very much!

Duration: 00:58:58

Ahmet's House January 8, 2017

A New Day...A New Year...And A New Season in Ahmet's House! Welcome to 2017! New and old combining and clashing...but the music lives on, as does the legacy of Atlantic Records founder, Ahmet Ertegun! We have new recordings from old friends, and of course, the endless catalog itself. Let's begin anew...tonight in Ahmet's House.

Duration: 00:58:29

Ahmet's House December 18, 2016

On the eve of Christmas, 2016...in Ahmet's House! Another equinox around the corner...and other Christmas dreams too...let's dream, and listen and hope. The final Ahmet's House for 2016. Looking to a great future in 2017. How great to see you here!

Duration: 00:59:33

Ahmet's House December 11, 2016

Ten Years Gone...in Memory of Ahmet Ertegun 1923-2006 It's been ten long years since we lost "the greatest record man of all time". Tonight, in memory of Ahmet's passing on December 14, 2006 and in memory of his legacy we look back, we look forward and we say thank you, Mr. Ertegun. One dream, so fully lived.

Duration: 01:00:10

Ahmet's House December 4, 2016

TONIGHT! Chuck Leavell Talks Stones, Trees, Havana and the Desert...in Ahmet's House Once again our good friend Chuck Leavell is with us talking about this last extraordinary year he has had...Cuba, Desert Trip and a new Stones album. Plus we hear a Christmas tune too! All tonight in this great House.

Duration: 00:58:47

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