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Hip-Hop & you a mixture of what you want and what you need!
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Hip-Hop & you a mixture of what you want and what you need!






Episode 105 : Buy More Music

"I maul y'all like a shopping centre..." - Guilty Simpson This month's title? Well, that is the overarching message of the podcast as a whole :) It's February once again, and as such we remember J Dilla, Big Pun, and Big L in the selection. We've got some brand new stuff, and some old classics. Turn the volume up for this one... Hope to see you all at the Camp Lo show in Manchester on March 17th - get tickets here! Twitter: @airadam13 Playlist/Notes J Dilla ft. Guilty Simpson :...


Episode 104 : Long Road 'Til Summer

"Making the most of the moment 'mong the living." - Glenn Lewis Apparently, it's not just me that feels like it's been a very long January indeed. That said, it didn't feel long while I was trying to decide what tracks to play! Here's the upcoming J Dilla tribute night in Manchester - February 22nd, hope to see you there! If you want one of the limited run of "Manchester Marauders" t-shirts, check out Eastern Bloc Records in Manchester Twitter : @airadam13 Playlist/Notes Run The...


Episode 103 : For The Culture

"So many thoughts in my mind, making it very hard to unwind..." - Abbey Smith As we come to the end of what has certainly an eventful year, to put it mildly, the Hip-Hop world lost two people who really committed to the culture; Combat Jack, and DJ Pam The Funkstress. They won't be with us going into 2018, so we need to keep pushing on on their behalf...let's get to it. Twitter: @airadam13 Playlist/Notes Ras Kass : Mike Jack A little something from Ras' 2009 "Quarterly" mixtape,...


Episode 102 : Play With Joy

"Give me a minute, I'll give you my spirit." - Konny Kon Another month, another mix to keep your ears nourished! Listen out for Juice Crew appearances and connections throughout the selection, after Manchester witnessed them tear up the stage this month. We've got some soulful numbers, turntable wizardry, and quotables for days. Let's get it started... Twitter : @airadam13 Playlist/Notes Cesar Comanche : A-Game With the intro and all that, this is a track that needs to be at the...


Episode 101 : Staying Power

"Gotta risk a life just in order to make a living." - Le$ This month, we keep things at a moderate-to-low tempo, allowing you to conserve some energy as autumn draws in; all you need to do is keep that head bobbing! If you're anywhere near Manchester, don't miss out on the Juice Crew on November 13th. Twitter: @airadam13 Playlist/Notes Redman : The Saga Continues (Da Countdown) Apologies for the sound quality - the vinyl I have sounds pretty grungy to begin with! This (from "Ill...


Episode 100 : We Made It.

"One hundred on the percentage, I don't talk split..." - Q-Ball Wow, what a milestone! In the early days of the show I didn't know we'd still be here after this long, but focusing on just producing one show at a time has paid off. Every month I feel like I must have run out of tunes, but one hundred months in....not quite yet ;) Thanks so much to all of you for taking the time to listen. Please spread this one far and wide! Twitter : @airadam13 For this month's charity draw (check the...


Episode 99 : Straight From The Sixth Ward

"Acknowledge the scholarship." - Sean Price One of the more challenging episodes I've released in the history of the show, thanks to an unexpected illness and subsequent surgery. I'm out now and on the mend, but the sound quality of the voiceover I recorded while in the hospital is somewhat rough, so apologies; will be back at podcast HQ for the 100th show! PS - it seriously was the sixth ward... Twitter : @airadam13 Playlist/Notes Sean Price ft. Illa Ghee and Head I.C.E. : Go...


Episode 98 : Straight Ahead

"I'm at the back of the wake, fe' re', selling my tape" - Rodney P Managed to pull myself through a busy, somewhat trying month to bring you another selection! We have one new release, some 80s soul picks, a Mobb Deep feature, and a bunch more - I'd be surprised if anyone, even the DJs, knew every single record. Let's get into it... Twitter : @airadam13 Playlist/Notes Skitz ft. Rodney P and Supanatchlus : The Killing A very downbeat few bars to begin the episode, with Skitz basing...


Episode 97 : In A Project Near You

"Permanent. Physical. Suffering." - Prodigy The eighth birthday of the podcast, but a rough month in the world. A last-minute change to the selection for this episode opened up the inclusion of some verses by Prodigy of Mobb Deep, who passed away just a few days ago. On top of the musical tribute, the title and artwork of this episode are inspired by Prodigy quotes from two different cuts - "G.O.D Pt. III" and "Mac 10 Handle" respectively. As always with a birthday episode, I like to...


Episode 96 : A City United

"It's not the world, it's the people in it..." - LaPeace What a month it has ended up being. Manchester suffered a terrible blow, and the figurative reverberations will be felt for a long time to come. It has been something to see how people have come together in the wake of the attack, and hopefully that spirit is something that can be carried forward. While I wasn't able to completely re-do this month's show, I hope it's a pleasant listen for anyone who has the time to give it an ear....


Episode 95 : Record Store Way

"Studying my sickness like the Tuskegee Experiment." - Ilajide In a world with all kinds of options for DJs, there's a lot to be said for just two turntables, a mixer, and some crates! This month's show has more new releases than the average episode, including some local heat. We also have a track from the late Guru (RIP always), and one or two of my headphone favourites finally coming out into the light! Upcoming Manchester shows mentioned; London Posse @ Rebellion, May 23rd Kool G...


Episode 94 : The Illest

"...yo' ass lie like the president!" - Ice Cube This month marks twenty years since the death of Biggie Smalls - and yet it somehow doesn't feel like that long ago. The B.I.G man's influence still looms large over the culture and this show is no exception. Several Biggie tracks and others inspired by him dot the episode, alongside choices from the discographies of the late Phife and Nate Dogg. Besides those, a few classics and some fairly modern gems you may have missed! Catch me DJing...


Episode 93 : (for small values of infinity)

"All that happy, 'let's be friends' shit? Yo, this is the opposite." - Konny Kon As usual, we pay tribute to J Dilla, Big L, and Big Pun this month, but also two giants from a previous generation who both made a massive impact on Hip-Hop; Clyde Stubblefield and David Axelrod, who both passed in the last few weeks. Besides that, we have some great recent tracks from Manchester, some US classics and a few tracks that may have passed you by! Let's get it going... Twitter :...


Episode 92 : Signals

"...make you feel as if the Bill of Rights was counterfeit." - Cuban Link This month has just been hitting us over the head with "WTF?" moments on a daily basis, but in between I managed to put the show together - as you can tell, the finishing touches only made it in close to the end-of-month buzzer! While this is an all-Hip-Hop episode, I feel fairly confident that there won't be many people who know every track, so there'll be at least one new gem here for everyone. Let's run down...


Episode 91 : Make Things Happen.

"Children of a lesser god when your melanin's got a tint." - Pusha I don't think I'm alone in being glad to see 2016 out of the door. We close out the year with some of the best tracks of the last twelve months mixed in with a bunch of older heat from the collection. Let's hope 2017 has some better days in store for us... Playlist/Notes Ras Kass ft. Sean Price and General Steele : Paypal The Feature From the recent "Intellectual Property" release comes this stomping tune (big up...


Episode 90 : Hate & Love

"I've seen the streets... you're walking down." - Tyler "Power to the people and the beats" - Chuck D What a month. The result of the US Presidential election has the world in turmoil, and legions of hateful people now feel emboldened to act out in public - it feels like the Brexit result turned up way past 10. On a personal note, I had to relocate the whole podcast studio and music library, but committed to getting an episode out on time and have just about managed it; this month of...


Episode 89 : Fear Gas

"Penitentiary's the plan to plant the new plantation." - Treach I'm currently getting ready to relocate the podcast studio but still got this episode out on time. Round of applause? As the autumn begins, the feel starts to get a little darker - not a full-on Halloween episode, but touching on everything from zombies to the upcoming US election (well, kind of) and finishing with a track from a long-time supporter of the show! As promised, here are some charities helping Hurricane...


Episode 88 : Know Your Role, Slow Your Roll

"We're an ice machine." - Grace Jones A combination of the tail end of summer and the recent upgrade of my car audio has prompted me to put together something I've been wanting to do for a long while - a low-tempo mix to ride slow to! The obvious thing would have been to go heavy on the Houston, Screwed Up Click style, but there's actually only one tune here that really fits that description; overall it's a very varied selection which will hopefully keep you entertained and impressed all...


Episode 87 : All-City

"You get that, money?" - Sean Price Back with another episode, fresh off a trip to the Mecca of Hip-Hop, New York City! I didn't pick up any new vinyl on the trip but I did get a bunch of inspiration for the selection this month - I think you'll enjoy it. As promised, here are some of my photos from NYC, and here is a full album just of the Tools Of War Diggers Delight jam - it deserved its own extended coverage! Playlist/Notes Cam'ron ft. Jay-Z and Juelz Santana: Welcome To New...


Episode 86 : Significant Figures

"I speak to your soul, and that's above money..." - Pusha T A rough month out there. With yet more killings of unarmed Black people by police hitting the news and galvanising protests worldwide, the issue feeds into some of this month's selection. Overall, I've got a couple of good local tracks, one song almost everyone will know...and a stack of stuff you probably don't! It's certainly not an exclusively human rights/political selection, so hopefully I'm not out of line with this...


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