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#69 Jan 15th - Bizarre Time Travel Story-Eddy "The Chief" Clearwater-Taco Belluminati

This episode includes: 1. 1964 interview about a Time Travel Formula 2. Been abducted and have a date for Valentine's Day? Here's a tip 3. Hawaii's Missile Threat 4. Eddy "The Chief" Clearwater Rock and Blues Guitarist. 5. Taco Bell's Illuminati Commercial Track includes Overtime with our continued segment on the 1964 interview with George Van Tassel and his encounter with UFO men.

Duration: 01:01:55

#68 Jan 8th - Crazy Bigfoot Story - UFO Bros - The Space Pen

A crazy tale of Bigfoot and the Native Americans. The UFO Bros join us to talk about UFO Crash sites. We lost an astronaut :/ The Fisher Space Pen

Duration: 01:07:23

#67 - Jan 1st - Insane Abduction Story - UFO Disclosure - Bigfoot & Pigs + OT

A woman tells her tale about an experience you'll never forget. UFO disclosure from our government? The private sector may be leading us into space. Bigfoot likes pigs!

Duration: 00:50:27

Vixen Original Member Gayle Erickson DeMatoff Lead Singer-Bassist 1970-1983

After talking ghosts, we had to hear about her days in Vixen. Gayle tells a few tales here, but we're sure the book will reveal a whole lot more!

Duration: 00:05:11

#66 - Dec 18th - Human-Like Aliens - Vixen Ghost Stories - Flat Asteroid - Stoned Russian Soldiers

Are there human-like aliens among us? Vixen's Gayle Erickson Dematoff tells us a few ghost stories that will haunt you! Hey! That's not an asteroid! Or is it? Stoned Russian Soldiers?

Duration: 00:49:01

#65 - Dec 10th - Crazy Mantis Abduction Story -Sex With a Ghost - Sonar Calling - Rocketman update

Another journey into the unknown. First we hear from an alien abductee. Then the Rocketman talks! Sonar Calling! Maybe it's Real? Music from John Lennon, Sammy Hagar and Devo

Duration: 00:47:41

#64 Dec 4th - Strange UFO Abduction-Now This Heidi-Flat Earth Rocket Man-Ancient Aliens-MaybeitsReal

Aliens With Gass has changed its name to The Mothership Radio Show! Same show but now with more action! We talk about a man who wants to prove the earth is flat. Heidi makes it to a NOW THIS video on Facebook A.I. Lullaby? Maybe It's Real? Plus OVERTIME! This episode includes songs from The Wiley Ones from Phoenix, AZ and The Hoot Hoots from Seattle, Washington.

Duration: 00:51:52

#63 Nov 20th - Mutant Heidi-Jim Morrison-Giants-Trump-Aliens-UFO

Heidi tells us about her "mutant" ear. Another end of the world prediction? Jim Morrison of The Doors might have seen something else besides a dying Native American when he was traveling through New Mexico at an early age. Maybe It's Real, or Maybe It's Make-Believe?

Duration: 00:50:43

#62 Nov 13th -Snailmate-AfterLife-TomDelongeCarrot-UFO-Aliens-Overtime

Snailmate joins us in studio for another riveting conversation about life, aliens and music. They talk about their visit to Roswell, NM for the Annual UFO/Alien convention. We have overtime in this episode with Bobby and Fernando, the owners of Demi Coffee, where we recorded this show. We get a sneak peak into life in Mexico and UFO's.

Duration: 01:10:22

#61 Nov 6th - Psychonaut Trips w/Icarus - Reincarnation - Aliens -UFO's

Our first guest ever was Icarus, a psychonaut gearing up for his trip on ayahuasca. This show originally aired on Oct 15th, 2015 Part 2 is our show from Oct 22nd, 2015 where Heidi and Gass talk about reincarnation and other stuff! :)

Duration: 00:45:02

#60 Oct 30th - Alien Telepathy-Fake Moon-Roswell UFO and Alien Witness

Another track from our early days on the radio. This episode originally aired on Oct 8th 2015. We get our first phone call too!

Duration: 00:21:41

#59 Oct 23rd - Aliens With Gass in the Beginning

Aliens With Gass began Aug 20th 2015. The show originally aired on the radio show, "Driving With Gass...Man!" on 99.1FM FX Alternative Radio at 5pm every Thursday. This podcast includes our first two episodes! The comedian at the start of the podcast is Eddie Gossling!

Duration: 00:41:56

Alien Drugs - Alien and UFO Disclosure - Call From Vegas - Strange Ocean Lights

This track is from our first season on the radio. This aired on Oct 29th, 2015 on 99.1FM Alternative Radio in Phoenix. We're 2 months on the air and Heidi was late to the show and I got a call from a "Doc" in Vegas. lol

Duration: 00:14:38

#58 Oct 9th - We Saw a UFO - Aussie Knowls Family 1988 Strange Alien Encounter

Gass and Heidi saw a UFO on Sept 30th and talk about their experience. We also dive into the strange phenomenon that happened in 1988 in South Australia when a UFO made contact with the Knowls Family as they were driving. Maybe it's real? Or Maybe it's make-believe? Check out this vid too...

Duration: 00:48:20

#57 Oct 2nd - Inept Hero-Dulce Underground Bunkers-432 Frequency

Punk-Metal band Inept Hero was our guest this week. We talked about Phillip Schnieder's claim of alien life underground in New Mexico. The human species, is there only 1? 440 or 432 frequency of sound? We have 2 moons?

Duration: 00:49:59

#56 Sept 23rd - Lance Lopez UFO Witness and Outer-body Experience on Mars

Blues/Rock star Lance Lopez calls in and tells us about his UFO experience as well as an outer-body one he had on Mars. Oh, and the end of the world was supposed to happen, but....

Duration: 00:55:33

#55 Sept 18th - Carmine Appice Vanilla Fudge-PlanetX-OTGhosts

Legendary Rock and Roll drummer, Carmine Appice calls in to talk about the unknown mysteries of aliens and ufo's. But first, we get introduced to his dryer! ;) We also have overtime with Heidi's haunted workplace.

Duration: 00:59:08

#54 Sept 11th - Author Mark O'Connell "Close Encounters Man" Dr. J Allen Hynek

Author Mark O'Connell calls in for an intriguing conversation about Dr J. Allen Hynek We also talk about about Antarctica and new, unknown life forms.

Duration: 00:50:50

#53 Sept 4th - Paul Nelson Johnny Winter Guitarist - Near Miss Asteroid-UFO and Aliens

Grammy Winner Paul Nelson joins us to tell is interest in aliens and the universe. He played guitar for Johnny Winter and talks about his 10 years with the legendary blues player. We also talk about "near-misses" for asteroids.

Duration: 00:49:36

#52 AUG 28 Greg Kihn's UFO Experience + Gremlins and Debunking New Phoenix Lights Video

Greg Kihn, from The Greg Kihn Band joins us and tells his story of a close encounter with a flying saucer. We talk debunking the Phoenix Lights new video from Aug 18th 2017 Are small aliens real? Gremlins in Mexico and Chile? Comedian Prescot Wilson sits in with us too.

Duration: 00:51:40

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