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Brian The Wrigley Field DJ

Brian interviews Brian Hlavacek, the ballpark DJ at infamous Wrigley Field for the Chicago Cubs home baseball games. He plays all the player walk-up music, along with whatever gets the crowd going during inning breaks. Hear the crazy reason he got this job and find out which superstitious player only enters the batters box on a specific beat in this episode from Happy Camper in Chicago. Universal Brian questions at (22:45)

Duration: 00:28:50

Brian The MTV Promo Guy

Brian interviews Brian Havig, a brand writer/director at MTV and comedian who makes all sort of offbeat promos for his job and funny social experiments for himself. They include being a Comic-Con man on the really wrong street and seriously committing to a Thunderstruck dance routine around the city while wearing a “Brian” shirt. Universal Brian questions at (22:00)

Duration: 00:38:04

Brian The Beer Writer

Brian interviews Bryan* Roth, the director of the North American Guild of Beer Writers and writer for publications like All About Beer, Beer Advocate, etc. and his own site, Find out which beer would most represent a Brian in this episode from Fullsteam Brewery in Raleigh, NC. *This podcast is forging an alliance between Brians and Bryans

Duration: 00:45:25

Brian The Public High School Teacher

Brian interviews Brian Cohen, a Brooklyn public high school math teacher who’d give up pie before pi. He’s also an avid travel hacker so after he gives us a lesson on the New York public school system, he tells us how to beat the system when it comes to travel.

Duration: 01:10:17

Brian The Double Bassist

Brian interviews Brian Ellingsen, a double bassist who somehow makes a living as a classical musician. He performs at festivals around the world and as a chamber musician of the Carnegie Hall affiliate ensemble, Decoda.

Duration: 00:52:14