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10: Doug Christie with Deuce and Mo

Former Kings guard and current Kings analyst Doug Christie joined Deuce and Mo (1:20), what he liked about the win over the Suns (2:20), what Z-Bo is doing at 36 years old (4:00), what changed for Buddy coming off the bench (7:00), adjusting to a role coming off the bench (8:50), why he wants Fox to use his speed 24/7 (10:45), Bogi running the offense (13:20), what Skal is going through in year two (15:30), they look ahead to the Kings 4-game road trip (18:20), why he believes the T-Wolves...

Duration: 00:39:36

9: The Story of G-Man

In this audio documentary, we take a look at the love of sports radio play-by-play and Gary Gerould's journey to becoming a legendary voice in basketball. Featuring interviews with G-Man, Chris Webber, Doug Christie, Marv Albert, Grant Napear and more.

Duration: 00:52:38

8: Jerry Reynolds joins Deuce and Mo

Deuce and Morgan catch up with Kings analyst Jerry Reynolds to discuss what's jumped out to him in recent game (1:40), Willie's improvement (3:30), what he's liked from Frank Mason and De'Aaron Fox (5:50), why he loves everything about Bogi (7:30), the recent play on the road (10:35), why Jerry says LeBron is the greatest of all-time (12:30), what has surprised him about this NBA season (15:40), what impresses him about Danny Ainge and why he knew he'd be a good gm (17:50) and they ask...

Duration: 00:38:04

7: Bogi's Game-Winner, Growing Pains and Hack-A-Player

Deuce and Mo look back at the last week of Kings basketball (00:30), the win over the Lakers (00:50), how Doris Burke agrees with Morgan (2:40), the home loss to the Clippers and Buddy Hield's 4th quarter (3:45), why the win over the Warriors was the best win of the season (6:25), Deuce doesn't think the Warriors fans were that loud (8:10), what they did well against Golden State (10:30), Bogi's game-winner on Draymond (14:00), the tough loss to the Bucks and what went wrong (16:00), Kings...

Duration: 00:44:19

6: ESPNs Doris Burke with Deuce and Mo

Deuce and Mo catch up with ESPN NBA analyst Doris Burke prior to the Kings-Lakers game and Morgan tells her about the time she chased down Doris in Sacramento (00:35), Doris talked about the Kings young core and what impresses her about De'Aaron Fox (1:10), her early views on the rookie class and how the NBA has become a 365-day sport (3:35), if she's ready to say Fox and Ball is a rivalry (6:10), what she enjoyed about the early 2000s Kings (7:51), her favorite players to watch in the NBA...

Duration: 00:11:53

5: Deuce and Mo preview Kings-Lakers, Fox-Ball and What They're Thankful As Basketball Fans

Deuce starts the show comparing himself to Bogdan Bogdanovic (00:40), they look back at the loss to the Nuggets (1:30), Willie's new role coming off the bench (8:00), they looked ahead to the Kings-Lakers game and why it's more exciting this season (9:30), what to expect from the Fox-Ball matchup (10:40), Deuce thinks it could be a breakout game for Fox (13:15), if LaVar Ball will be at the game (15:20), what the Lakers bring to the table (16:20), they discussed why the Clippers are...

Duration: 00:35:54

4: Kings Road Woes, NBA Diets and Skal's Dog

Deuce and Mo reflect on the Kings road trip and Deuce relates the Hawks loss to drinking bad chocolate milk (00:30), Joerger says the Kings have to do a better job competing (5:00), why the Kings shouldn't be nice on the court (6:00), what Kings fans want to see (10:00), the movie the Kings should watch to feel better (12:00), Buddy's adjustment to coming off the bench (14:40), more NBA players are turning Vegan and how diets have changed the game (19:10) and they answer questions from...

Duration: 00:28:48

3: Kings Beat OKC, Kings Insider James Ham and What's Next

Deuce and Mo return and are joined by NBC Sports California's Kings Insider James Ham to talk about the Kings nice win over OKC (1:00), Buddy's impact off the bench and the teammate that's helped him a lot (4:00), Justin Jackson's breakout game (5:52), the young guys playing late in a close game (8:00), what James is seeing with George Hill's game (12:10), OKC's new-look and why so many NBA teams are struggling out of the gate (14:50), what they liked in the win over OKC (17:00), they...

Duration: 00:37:32

2: Kings Road Trip, Other Young Cores and Best Basketball Movie

Deuce and Mo talk about the Kings recent losing skid and what went right in Boston (1:00), Buddy enjoyed coming off the bench (3:00), getting to the line more often (4:40), Joerger's outlook with this young roster (8:00), how this young team compares to others in similar situations throughout NBA history (11:10), Deuce somehow brings up baby giraffes in relation to a young team (14:10), they look ahead to the upcoming games (20:00) and they close with random basketball questions including...

Duration: 00:30:21

1: All Things Kings Preview

Deuce Mason and Morgan Ragan discuss Sacramento Kings and NBA topics weekly with players, coaches and special guests.

Duration: 00:00:38