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Making sure WE know YOU know everything you never knew you never needed to know.

Making sure WE know YOU know everything you never knew you never needed to know.
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Making sure WE know YOU know everything you never knew you never needed to know.






A Cunning Linguist Indeed

Hello all, in this weeks episode, Mike tackles language. Not like, physically tackles, more like theoretically? Have you ever thought about how you'd describe the sky, if you didn't have a word for the color blue? Hear about this and more in todays episode of All Things Popped! Please subscribe and let us know what you never knew you never needed to know! As always, listen and enjoy. For more info about this show, and all the others on the LCPN, head over to...


Suicide (Don't You Dare!!!)

It's V-Day, and there is no Victory, so what does that mean for the rest of us? Suicide is a real thing, no one is safe from its damn reach. So how do we get through it? What is this whole journey for? Well hear one man's perspective, and for the love of gah just hit me up and lets figure out this life thing. I'm here to chat if anyone needs me at or hit me up at that being said if you're thinking the awful...


The Guys Gotta Brand New Song!

Well well well, isn't this just not a normal episode!? That's right. Mike hops on to tell you guys about a new song that the boys in Sunnydale (Canon, Mike and John's band) have cooked up. Don't worry, there's a forced tie in about technology in there somewhere! Hope you dig the song though and don't forget to head over to and subscribe to the newsletter to get a copy of the song for free between now and next Thursday 2/16!


Kate Ferguson

What a joyous day. Canon of Sunnydale (, talks with writer/actress Kate Ferguson about the industry and emotions as a concept. You're not living right if you're not following lady Ferg's on Instagram and Twitter with @KateFerg. Some of Kate's fav movies worth a watch are The Shinning ( and The Royal Tenenbaums (, while two of Canon's are, Vanilla Sky...


Shh...Soylent on set!

Soylent, its that stuff you find in your belly button? NO STUPID! It's a revolutionary new product created by super nerds that allows you save time in your day by cutting out that whole pesky eating thing. Soylent is a complete replacement for all meals that provides you with all the nutrition and needs for the body in a given day. Say hello to the future and goodbye to the yummy stuff. Links to articles discussed during the podcast are: and...


Nightmare Muscle

WHAT?!? Where have we been? Well been busy with figuring out how to make life happen smoothly, but alas we are back at it. Today we talked with the guys from Nightmare Muscle, which is a workout/fitness lifestyle clothing company based out of Cali. Mike and Ryan join me on the phone for a rundown of their business and the industry as a whole. Be sure to head to there website ( and shop around! Don't be rude, and also go to their Facebook and throw them a friending...


Star Wars VIII NEWS mini-sode!

Guys, this is the most important news of the day. Star Wars Episode 8 has a name and damn it's perfect! Thanks for joining me on this super short episode where I can let you all know the most important topic of the day, screw the president nonsense, none of that matters now, because Star Wars has news! Be sure to listen to this show on its normal days every Tues/Thurs at


Tesla Tiles (ft. Baby Kylo and Lady Jade)

So you know how we talked about the Tesla Powerball a few episodes back? Well today Tesla has filled that void with the the Solar Tiles ( Read up and get informed so we can all move off the grid. Enjoy this more tipsy version of ALL THINGS POPPED as i've had a few to drink. As always learn more about this show at


Time Dilation (Mikey V Canon)

Today we dive into Time Dilation, Quantum Entanglement, and Paradoxes. They all work together with theoretical science, and all baffle the mind! After the mid show break Mikey and Canon get into a debate about how this stuff would work in theory and makes for a battle of the uneducated! Some of the articles we pull from are: (, (, and...


@Pixieflydust (and tragic Star Wars news)

Mikey and Canon got an amazing opportunity to talk with the always phenomenal Amanda Roberts or as she's better known on the interwebs as Pixieflydust. She has a Go Fund me at ( to help kickstart a very All Things Popped approved procedure (learn more during the podcast) as well as the many amazing groups she works with, most notably: (@Nerdbotmedia, @NerdbotGirls, @Nerd_Mafia_ Group). You can also find this great lady at: (FB: Amanda M. Roberts, IG:...


Top Ten Tech T-List (Alliteration)

Ho Ho Ho everyone, and thanks for checking out another episode! Mike get's all Late Nite and goes in deep with a top ten list to tickle your toes! What? Check out what's hot and practical this holiday season while Mike talks to you about his picks on what's cool in tech gadget gifts. As always, listen and enjoy, and for more info on this, or other shows on the LCPN, head over to and don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date! Happy...



What a lucky day for us here at All Things Popped. I got a chance to have a phone interview with the lovely and talented Chelsea or better known in the cosplay world as, Bandit Spurs ( and (Instagram: @Bandit_Spurs w/ Twitter: @ChelsamusPrime). She is part of an online community called Share My Cosplay (, and after messaging back and forth we decided a conversation MUST happen. Mrs. Bandit tells of the past, present, and future of not...


Powerwall (ft. Mountain Man)

G'day mates! Today Canon and Mikey, Mikey and Canon, tell you all the things you never KNEW you never needed to know about the Tesla Powerwall. Start saving money and harnessing the power of the sun like a damn Superman with this future tech! Also be sure to stay to the end of the podcast to hear the song, "Mountain Man", that we reference within this episode. To read up on the Tesla Powerwall go to ( and as always, to learn more about this show and others...


Do or Do Not Bot!

Mike, still alone in the world, seeks out friendship of a different kind... of the robot arm kind... Checking out the kickstarter from Robotic Arm developer, DoBot! Listen and enjoy, and as always, to learn about this and the other podcasts on our network, check out Until next time.


Black Cyber Video Games Day!

Well well well, are you in for a treat. Instead of the lovely ramblings of Canon and Mike over various tech and science topics, Canon was no where to be found. Instead, Mike had to call his ol' pal John Carter (Netted Flicks) and talk about the only thing they know how to talk about... video games. That's right, it was Thanksgiving last week, and you know what that means, Black Cyber Friday Monday sales! Which means cheap video games for all. Get in their heads, and hope to god Canon is...


Going Viral w/ Gaius

Mikey and Canon get all viral today w/ special call in guest, Gaius Bolling. He is an internet genius and knows how to use it in the most efficient way, so we decided to get him on the line and figure out how that whole thing works. Follow the man on instagram @g_reelz ( and the website he writes movie news & reviews for as at: ( Finally you can also follow him on Twitter @g_reelz ( To learn more...


Flip that Nintendo

On ATP we take on the Nintendo and all its glory. Are you on board for the Flip. Are you flopping? Is this a Flip Flop situation? Lets find out on todays episode. We talk history of Nintendo. We talk best sellers. We talk all the things you never knew you NEVER needed to know. To learn more about this show and others on the network, head over to and while you're over there sign up for our newsletter at the bottom, and stay in the know of all...


Ray and The Blue Marble

Ray, a server from Raleighwood Cinema Grill, comes and hangs out with Canon on the podcast today. We dive into a planet called The Blue Marble. With winds up to 5400 mph with molten glass flying around make it a deadly yet beautiful planet. Also get to know this man Ray. As always, to learn more about this show and others on the network at


Vanta-Ben Redux

Remember that last episode we did? Vantablack? Well just so happens through a series of events, we were able to schedule a phone interview with Ben, the Founder of Surrey Nano System ( He tells us a more detailed story of how his team came up with the darkest substance made, and shared some intel on some applications that have been proposed for it. We are super grateful to Ben, and be sure to give him a follow on Instagram at:



Darker than any other substance, Vantablack plays with your mind and sense of depth and perception. Listen in as we take Vantablack to town. If you want to see or research more about Vantablack go to ( and as always to learn more about this show and others on the network, head over to and while you're there, give that "subscribe to our newsletter" button a hit, and stay in the know of all our...


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