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Presenting All Time Top Ten. Each week a new topic, a new guest, a new top ten list. Top Ten Songs About Madness? Nailed it. Top Ten Rock Trios? Easy. Join host Ben Eisen as he and a wide variety of guests discuss and play some of the best music on earth!

Presenting All Time Top Ten. Each week a new topic, a new guest, a new top ten list. Top Ten Songs About Madness? Nailed it. Top Ten Rock Trios? Easy. Join host Ben Eisen as he and a wide variety of guests discuss and play some of the best music on earth!
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Presenting All Time Top Ten. Each week a new topic, a new guest, a new top ten list. Top Ten Songs About Madness? Nailed it. Top Ten Rock Trios? Easy. Join host Ben Eisen as he and a wide variety of guests discuss and play some of the best music on earth!




Episode 308 - Top Ten Chuck Berry Covers w/Thad Wawro

This past year the world said goodbye to a man who arguably INVENTED rock n roll. Maybe someday Johnny B Goode's name will be in lights, but Chuck Berry's name is already plastered over every history book that has even a passing interest in rock. 200 years from now musicologists will be studying the guitar grooves of "Maybellene", the lyrical wit of "Almost Grown" and the storytelling masterworks of "You Never Can Tell" and "No Particular Place To Go". Rock journalist, author and...


Episode 307 - Top Ten Side Projects w/Brandon Schott

It's easy to see how some of the great musical talents of our time would feel the need to break away from themselves and try something different. Whether it's a chance to experiment self-indulgently at the expense of their record company, a whimsical opportunity to goof off, or an overpowering need to get something important off of their musical chest; sometimes the best option is a good old fashioned side project. These delightful diversions must be a great release for these semi-tortured...


Episode 306 - Top Ten Reverse Supergroups w/Kirsten Proffit and Manda Mosher of Calico The Band

The timeline of rock history is as confusing as one of those big cork boards from The Wire. As bands form and dissolve, players intersect and branch out constantly. For our purposes for this week's podcast, we're looking at this movement and especially the word branch. Using rock lineage as a tree reference, the bands we're highlighting today are the trunks of these trees, with band members 'branching' out to success, sometimes getting bigger than the band that they sprouted from. In...


March Extra Credit From The Archives - Episode 160 - Top Ten Songs About Marijuana w/Adam Sears

It's the first Friday of March, and that means it's Extra Credit time. Once a month we dip into our expansive archives (at and pull out something we think you might enjoy. Here's a podcast from 2015 that highlights one of our fave subjects, and since 2018 marked the start of cannibus being legal for recreational use here in sunny California, we thought we'd bring out this old nug of musical goodness. Enjoy, but don't drive afterwards! Call it what you will, 'the...


Episode 305 - Top Ten Songs About Cats And Dogs w/Karman Kruschke

If there were ever a pair of animals that deserve to have songs written about them, it's our old pals cats and dogs. If you read your history, you'll know that cats and dogs have been humanity's best and most constant link to the animal world since humanity began. We've forged special bonds with these amazing creatures and they fill our lives with fun, laughter, and tranquility in tough times. We here at ATTT think it's time to return the favor by counting down the best songs about these...


Episode 304 - Top Ten Secret Original Recordings Volume 2 w/Morty Coyle

When you're going on a musical deep dive, certain topics are like onions. The more layers you peel back, the more intriguing the discoveries. Back in 2014, All Time Top Ten bravely took on the task of unearthing some songs that even we didn't know existed - the secret original recordings of songs that you all know and love. These songs were made famous worldwide by some other schmo who brought them to light through a brilliant cover version. 4 years later, Ben is joined by the great Morty...


Episode 303 - Top Ten (Sincere & Not Cheesy) Love Songs Volume 7 w/Ryan Blake

It goes without saying that we here at ATTT wish each and every one of you lovebirds a happy Valentine's Day, so we're not gonna say it. We'll just say that if love truly is the engine that makes the world go round, than love songs are the lifeblood that make that engine move. The Old Boy Himself is back for a 7th go at our annual V-Day episode, bringing you 20 more of the best love songs that are certainly sincere and never ever cheesy. We hope yours is the best Valentine's Day ever....


Episode 302 - Top Ten Great Songs We'd Like To See Retired w/Brad Watson

Are you sitting down? You'll want to sit down for this. Look, we all know you're a great song. That's why we put the word "great" in the title of this episode. It's just that... well... we're sick of you. It's not your fault. You didn't ask to be played on a loop on 500 different radio stations once an hour every hour for 40 years. You were just minding your own business, being a great song and all... Let me lay it out for you. You're not fired, you just need to go away. Let's call it a...


Episode 301 - Top Ten Rock Intros Volume 1 w/Nick Baker

Crafting a great rock intro is a subtle art form. You need to capture a listener's attention instantly and create a mood, gearing up the listener for a life-changing piece of music. Some of the best rock intros ever made contain all-time classic moments in music history and have made legends out of the writers, producers and performers. The fabulous Nick Baker returns to All Time Top Ten to count down the first of many volumes of the best intros to ever kick off some of the greatest rock...


Episode 300 - Top Ten Feel Good Songs Volume 2 w/Ryan Blake

Hey everybody! All Time Top Ten is celebrating 300 episodes by bringing back the topic and guest that started it all back in the fall of 2011. Ryan Blake has been a constantly constant presence on this here podcast, and for good reason. The Old Boy Himself was the original co-host of the show and ever since he's been our go-to guy for instant classic episodes. This week's topic is Volume 2 of our very first episode - Top Ten Feel Good Songs. Ben and Ryan do a bit of reminiscing and then...


Episode 299 - Top Ten Beatle-esque Songs w/Maurice Bursztynski

Why even try to deny it? The Beatles were and are the greatest and most powerful life force popular music has ever known. Their influence will stretch on as long as three things exist - guitars, electricity and the human ear. Over the decades, many artists that can be considered legends in their own right have been mining the components of the Beatles sound and have made incredible music that has become rock and pop canon right alongside some of the Fab Four's greatest work. This isn't...


Episode 298 - Top Ten Songs Of 2017 Part 2 (5-1) w/Shannon Hurley, David Daskal & Linda Trujillo

Looking back, it might be true that the best thing about last year was the art. High quality movies, tv shows and music thrived in 2017, but you had to know where to look and listen. Ben, Shannon, David and Linda wrap up their review of the best songs of the year in part 2 of this ridiculously lengthy podcast, revealing picks 5-1. Things get a little loose in this second half, but the music is as stellar as ever, and we wrap up what was otherwise a forgettable and occasionally regrettable...


Episode 297 - Top Ten Songs Of 2017 Part 1 (10-6) w/Shannon Hurley, David Daskal & Linda Trujillo

For those of us who got out of 2017 alive, it will always be looked back on with some trepidation. As the history books will show, the world has been put through the wringer and now faces what could be even more insanity ahead. For the moment, we can breathe, and listen. Listen to what? The best songs to come out of a tumultuous year. These songs in many ways echoed our joy, our anxiety, our anger and our hope for a better future, should that decide to come. There was a ton of great music...


Episode 296 - 2017 In Memoriam w/Paul Larson

Death, taxes, lists. There are some things that are inevitable but necessary to keep this big blue marble spinning around. As the baby boomers age, many musical heroes from that generation are departing this world, and some of those heroes are the architects of rock n roll as we know it. But death comes to all of us, and this was a heavy year for rock, pop, jazz, funk, soul, and hip-hop luminaries of all ages that took their final curtain calls in 2017. Singer/songwriter/producer Paul...


Episode 294 - Top Ten Electric Light Orchestra Songs w/Jeff Axelrod and Jan Berkeley

The initial goal of the musical project founded by Jeff Lynne and Roy Wood called the Electric Light Orchestra was to take the psychedelic pop framework that The Beatles created with songs like “I Am The Walrus”, and expand on that sound to create compact pop rock symphonies. Thanks to the sheer songwriting brilliance and sonic perfection of Jeff Lynne, ELO became bigger and grander than anyone could have anticipated. With the release of one classic album after another, they became one of...


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