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Presenting All Time Top Ten. Each week a new topic, a new guest, a new top ten list. Top Ten Songs About Madness? Nailed it. Top Ten Rock Trios? Easy. Join host Ben Eisen as he and a wide variety of guests discuss and play some of the best music on earth!

Presenting All Time Top Ten. Each week a new topic, a new guest, a new top ten list. Top Ten Songs About Madness? Nailed it. Top Ten Rock Trios? Easy. Join host Ben Eisen as he and a wide variety of guests discuss and play some of the best music on earth!
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Presenting All Time Top Ten. Each week a new topic, a new guest, a new top ten list. Top Ten Songs About Madness? Nailed it. Top Ten Rock Trios? Easy. Join host Ben Eisen as he and a wide variety of guests discuss and play some of the best music on earth!




Episode 287 - Top Ten Songs About The Joy Of Playing Music And Singing w/Fuzzbee Morse

In these troubled times, there are very few things that can bring joy to people all over the world. Right up there at the top along with a good meal, a quality shoulder rub and a solid 8 hours of sleep is the act of playing a musical instrument or singing your guts out. The moment you pick up a guitar and strum a chord, the second you start banging away on a drum, and the instant you raise your voice to sing, you're experiencing one of the most crucial elements to living - pure unadulterated...

Duration: 01:55:43

Episode 286 - Top Ten Classic Baby-Making Slow Jams w/Ryan Blake

Some words from the great Marvin Gaye will help explain how we hope you'll receive this week's podcast: "Have your sex, it can be very exciting, if you're lucky. I hope the music I present here makes you lucky." Pioneered by legends like Marvin, Isaac and Barry, and taken to new levels by their predecessors through the years, the classic baby-making slow jam is a thing of beauty when done up right; featuring tasteful, lush arrangements, smooth grooves and over-the-top sexy vocals and lyrics....

Duration: 01:55:01

October Extra Credit From The Archives - Episode 47 - Top Ten Tom Petty Songs w/Mark Cofer

It's with a heavy heart that we post this month's bonus episode, and we hate that for the 2nd month in a row, it's there to acknowledge and celebrate the life and music of a dearly departed legend in rock n roll, but here we are again. Earlier this week we lost the irreplaceable Tom Petty and we know of no other way to pay tribute to the man than to repost our tribute to the man from back in 2012. Let's all just listen to a ton of Tom Petty music and remember him fondly for all he gave us....

Duration: 02:38:33

Episode 285 - Top Ten 2-Tone/2nd Wave Ska Songs w/Rick Torres

In a very concentrated era of history in a very localized spot on the globe, something strange and wonderful happened. In the late 1970's and early 1980's, the UK was swept up in a craze - a dance craze if you will - where the ska and reggae music being played by Jamaican immigrants mixed with rock music's latest obsession - punk. The resulting musical stew blended the best of reggae, ska, dance hall, dub and rock and brought people from different races, colors and genders together. In...

Duration: 01:53:11

Episode 284 - Top Ten All-Killer-No-Filler Albums Volume 1 w/Dustin Prince

From its origins as a legitimate art form 50+ years ago to today, the album format is considered sacred by music fanatics around the world. The elusive All-Killer-No-Filler album is holy scripture to be studied and celebrated. What we mean by AKNF is a great album from beginning to end. There's not one track on it you'd want to skip - gold from start to finish. A perfect piece of pop mastery, on a 12 inch platter of vinyl. Longtime Pal Of The Podcast Dustin Prince is back to help count...

Duration: 02:01:56

Episode 283 - Top Fifteen Punk Rock Love Songs w/Ryan Stockstad

There's there's a certain classic notion of a punk. Punks are people who live outside of societal norms, the downtrodden and defiant, people that get spat on just as much as they themselves spit on authority and the idea of a structured middle-of-the-road boring life. The idea of two of these people falling in love has a certain gutter romanticism to it that's fascinating. Behold the Punk Rock Love Song, in all of it's cynical yet heartfelt glory. Longtime Pal Of The Podcast Ryan Stockstad...

Duration: 02:45:04

Episode 282 - Top Ten Songs Written For Movies w/Matt Dinan

Out here in Hollyweird, movies come and go, and most are instantly forgettable. The rare few that stand the test of time have one or two things that make them memorable and keep you coming back for a 3rd, 4th, or 15th rewatch. Movie soundtracks have changed over time but not that long ago the mighty Movie Theme Song was a must for your flick to bust some serious blocks. A film writer and director himself, Sir Matt Dinan knows a thing or two about fine cinema, and he joins the podcast for...

Duration: 01:57:40

Episode 281 - Top Ten Yacht Rock Songs w/David Daskal

Smooth. That's the best one-word description possible to describe the soft rock sounds of 1976-1982 which was known as the 'west coast sound' at the time. Some years later this genre of music that featured some of the greatest songwriters, producers, singers and session musicians the world has ever known would be christened 'yacht rock' in a sort of tongue-in-cheek way by some smartasses on YouTube and the moniker stuck. In the past 7 or 8 years a whole new generation of fans have been...

Duration: 02:06:28

Episode 280 - Top Ten Unpopular Opinions In Music w/Jeff Gray

All Time Top Ten's Aggro August is winding down and we're still feeling salty, and so we have one more podcast to present before we take the proverbial chill pill and move on. Much like all the great thinkers of human history - Socrates, Albert Einstein, Frank Costanza - we march to the beat of our own drums. We have opinions on music that may not gel with the masses but that's how we like it. GoodList Studios is proud to welcome music supervisor, music copyright specialist, rugged...

Duration: 02:22:36

Episode 279 - Top Ten Songs For Donald Trump Volume 2 w/Nina Jo Smith & Rain Perry

All Time Top Ten's #AggroAugust hits its stride with our 3rd airing of grievances on the most irritating, hot-and-sticky, about-to-go-back-to-school month of the year; and boy do we have a lot to be aggravated about. First-time podcast guests, stalwart free-thinkers and righteous babes Nina Jo Smith and Rain Perry grace GoodList Studios with another batch of songs directed at and reflected in our dear leader, 45, with songs about liars, con-artists, megalomaniacs and racists. We really...

Duration: 01:59:55

Episode 278 - Top Ten Rage-Inducing Songs Volume 3 w/Adam Sears & Diane Stroud

Since 2011, we here at ATTT pride ourselves on providing only the most quality of music for your earholes. However, once in a while we like to revel in the fact that there are tons of songs out there that are seemingly written only to piss us off due to sheer terribleness. These are songs that are so awful and/or irritating that we can't help but be filled with white hot RAGE. Aggro August takes things up a notch with the 3rd installment of Top Ten Rage-Inducing Songs, and who better to...

Duration: 02:18:22

Episode 277 - Top Ten Rock N Roll Screamers w/Mike Dawson

It's August. In other words, it's oppressively hot and sticky and school is right around the corner. In other words, we're aggravated. ATTT is trying out another theme month for size and we'd like to welcome you to Aggro August. If that name pisses you off, good. You're in the right frame of mind. We're kicking AA off with a podcast about the greatest rock frontmen and women who specialize in a vocal style best described as a mighty ear-piercing blood-curdling scream. Top Ten Rock N Roll...

Duration: 02:07:15

Episode 276 - Top Ten Song Interpreters w/Chrissy Olsen

There's something to be said for complete originality in rock n' roll. In fact, it's almost everything. Even if they never write a single song in their lifetimes, original artists shine with a sound and/or feel that's 100% their own. Often these unique talents are best served as interpreters of other people's songs. This is a gift that shouldn't be taken lightly. Whether or not you have your own songs, being adept at interpreting the songs of others is a skill we should all revere. After...

Duration: 02:12:58

Episode 275 - Point/Counterpoint - Early 90s vs Late 90s w/Shannon Hurley

The music of the 1990s is as diverse as any decade. It followed an evolution that took us from the final years of bad 80s overproduced crap and the death spiral of hair metal all the way to nu metal and the glittering pop stars that inhabited the next decade. What happened in between was pretty great - the heyday of hip hop, the Seattle sound, Brit pop, the early years of EDM, and rock n roll's last vital years. Special guest singer/songwriter extraordinaire Shannon Hurley joins the...

Duration: 02:23:29

Episode 274 - Top Ten Existential Songs Volume 2 w/Gabe Scalone

Do we exist? Yes, we're pretty sure of this fact. What's forever unclear is the question of WHY we exist. Philosophers and scholars have been debating this for centuries and it's no surprise that some amazing songwriters have just as many compelling answers. Existentialism in music is a veritable gold mine of great songs. The irreplaceable Gabe Scalone begins and ends his whirlwind farewell tour here. Gabe is departing the sunny skies of Los Angeles for the bug-filled hellscapes of...

Duration: 02:29:19

Episode 273 - Top Ten Songs About Growing Up w/Geoff Pearlman

Whether you're looking back at it, hopelessly in the middle of it, or daydreaming of what it will be like, the act of growing up is something we all go through. Some of us grow up faster than others, some of us aren't quite there yet. There's no winners or losers in this race, in fact it's not even a race. Coming of age and all that goes with it is a potential goldmine to a thoughtful songwriter, and ATTT has the best of the best submitted for your approval. Ben is joined by first-time...

Duration: 01:43:28