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'ALL OF WHINE AND SPACE' present 'WHINECAST'! @ChrisSykes108 and @billowl are two cheeky geeks who love to share their musings with the world. Join us for discussions on Lost, Doctor Who, James Bond, life, the universe and everything!




All of Whine and Space- 'Craig, Daniel Craig' podcast


Duration: 01:13:45

All of Whine and Space- 'Twin Peaks revival- Part 14' review

We’re getting into the final stages of Twin Peaks season 3 and things are well and truly hotting up - as shown by our complete inability to deliver a normal length episode! So, if you’ve got the stones to go the distance, buckle up for a rollercoaster ride as Andy meets another member of the emergency services, Gordon dreams of Belluci and Sarah Palmer hits the town for a messy night out

Duration: 01:28:50

All of Whine and Space- 'Twin Peaks revival- Part 13' review

Is it future or is it past? That's the question on our lips this week, as we wonder if Lynch and Frost have begun to show their hand on a story that will no doubt span all of time and space. But, moving past such frivolous theorising, we focus on the real meat of the episode: Sonny-Jim gets a jungle-Jim, Dougie gets a car, James gets ideas above his station, Mister C eyes up a nice new TV, Sarah freshens up her drink and Ed has some lovely soup.

Duration: 01:08:17

All of Whine and Space- 'Twin Peaks revival- Part 12' review


Duration: 01:00:05

All of Whine and Space- 'Twin Peaks revival- Part 11' review

Another dull as dishwater episode of TV’s Twin Peaks - LOL JK. In fact, things were ruddy action packed this week, with us witnessing Becky go on a roaring rampage of revenge against her weasel of a husband, Agent Cole get sucked through a vortex to enjoy a house party with some woodsmen and, most importantly, Dougie Jones enjoying some damn good cherry pie.

Duration: 01:22:19

The Stephen King Adaption Project- 'The Running Man' commentary

WHINE+SPACE are going for something a bit different in this month's Stephen King Adaptation entry, moving away from the many faithful adaptations we've featured throughout the project and focusing on 'The Running Man', an adaptation that differs significantly from its source material. But which do we prefer? Why do we think the filmmakers made the decisions they did? And which one of us gets to dress up as Dynamo for Halloween?

Duration: 01:48:55

All of Whine and Space- 'Twin Peaks Revival- part 10'

#BoxWatch! It's hard to believe it, but we're all the way to Part 10 of this revived, renewed, returning season 3 of Twin Peaks - but the show isn't slowing down, if anything it's speeding up like Richard Horne at a stop light. This is one of those episodes where Lynch and Frost decide to show us ALL the things, so expect a multitude of topics discussed including doorway cameos from Laura Palmer, more beaten women than you can shake a woman at, and the Doppelgänger showing off his box!

Duration: 01:05:21

All of Whine and Space- 'The Thirteenth Doctor'

It's that time again! WHINE+SPACE are bringing you the hottest of hot takes as we sit down and become the FIRST people on the entire internet to react to the news of Jodie Whittaker being cast as the next incarnation of the Doctor or, as Peter Capaldi would have it - 'Doctor Who'. Can a woman be entrusted with the controls of the Tardis? Can a woman be entrusted with becoming a doctor? Should women ever have been allowed the vote? Find out the answer to all these and many more questions...

Duration: 01:08:23

All of Whine and Space- 'Twin Peaks Revival- part 9' review

And we’re back! After being cooked in the fires of a nuclear blast and then left to cool off for a couple of weeks, we’re finally returning to the wonderful and weird world of Twin Peaks season 3: The Revival of The Return. How will the Doppelgänger react to life without his soul mate? Who will win in Andy and Lucy’s titanic, eons long conflict between good and evil? Most importantly, what messages from the great beyond do you intend to leave for your children in the furniture?

Duration: 01:10:48

All of Whine and Space- 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' review

He's coming home! Yes, everyone's favorite webslinger is swinging back into cinemas - but is it back into our hearts? After all, Spidey's had a troubled few years at the multiplex, so the question on everyone's mind is whether Penis Parker's entry into the MCU will grant this lad the strong and stable cinematic franchise he so deserves. Join ALL OF WHINE AND SPACE on a journey through the tangled web of Peter Parker's cinematic adventures - and hope that he's finally found a place to call...

Duration: 01:40:18

All of Whine and Space- 'Audio Cascades: The Copper Cascade Chronicles- A VirulentBlurb audiobook' review

And now for something completely different! It's obvious to anyone that WHINE+SPACE are stuck in a creative rut. Commentaries? Film? TV? It's old hat. We need new frontiers and, fortunately, listener and talented voice artist RJ Bayley provided these frontiers by suggesting we take a look at the recent work he did on audiobook 'Audio Cascades: The Copper Cascade Chronicles' part of the ever expanding Virulent Blurb universe. So, join us as we tackle our first ever audiobook, diving into...

Duration: 00:45:37

All of Whine and Space- 'The Doctor Falls' review

Wowsers, after an incredible first part in the shape of ‘World Enough and Time’, old Stevie Merkin’ Moffat’s back to tie up series 10 - but will the old scoundrel stick to his patented method of following an intriguing set-up with a misguided whimper of a conclusion? Well, it turns out, pretty much no! Moffat presents us with a surprisingly straightforward story that gave all of its primary characters moments to shine. But how did we feel about the departure of Pearl Mackie’s Bill? Are we...

Duration: 01:20:32

All of Whine and Space- 'Twin Peaks Revival- part 8' review

Things get Lit As Fuck this week, as WHINE+SPACE try and pick our jaws off the floor and our brains off the wall to make sense of a episode of Twin Peaks that has, it's fair to say, taken us a little bit by surprise! Strap on your theorizing pants and get ready for Frost and Lynch to take us on a journey through time and space, causing us to ask such fundamental questions as are nukes good for creativity, is it proper to ask permission before you kiss your crush and will SOMEONE get this...

Duration: 01:12:37

All of Whine and Space- 'World Enough and Time

Now that’s more like it! WHINE+SPACE return to discuss the penultime episode of Doctor Who series 10 and, reassuringly, it’s a bit of a blinder. Reuniting Rachael Talalay behind the camera and Steven ‘Merkin’ Moffat on the pen, we start to see the end game of Capaldi’s tenure fall into place. How did The Master get from his showdown with the Time Lords to his persona of Mister Razor? Where do Missy’s true loyalties lie? Most importantly, how badly will Moffat mess up the story’s conclusion?

Duration: 01:04:24

All of Whine and Space- The Stephen King Adaption Project- 'The Shawshank Redemption' commentary

You thought we were quittin', but we were just gone a stretch - a LONG stretch. But the Stephen King Adaptation Project is tunneling back up from hibernation once again, and this time we're taking a look at 'The Shawshank Redemption', one of the very best regarded films based on King's work - and HECK - just one of the very best regarded films, period. Yet, with nary a blood splatter or a timey wimey-ness in sight, 'Shawshank' doesn't typify what many viewers may initially expect from a...

Duration: 02:29:32

All of Whine and Space- 'Twin Peaks Revival- part 7' review

It’s a barnstormer of an episode for the Twin Peaks revival this week, as we cover a heckin’ plethora of plot points. Dougie gets his action hero moment to act like a coiled snake. Bad Coop has a heartwarming reunion with Diane. Plus, Hawk and David Lynch are on a mission to make ‘Fire Walk With Me’ indispensable viewing! The biggest question is can the WHINE+SPACE boys possibly keep up with all these developments? There’s only one way to find out!

Duration: 01:09:23

All of Whine and Space- 'The Eaters of Light' review

Well. We’re just a few episodes away from the end of Peter Capaldi’s run playing the character he likes to refer to as Doctor Who. But, arguably more importantly, we’re just as close to the end of the road for Steven Moffat’s mega-run as grand czar of everything Who-related. So, what type of story are we offered at this late stage of the game? A pretty average, nondescript one, it would seem! So, join us as we try and discern if there’s an entertaining episode behind the bland competency...

Duration: 01:08:12

All of Whine and Space- 'Twin Peaks Revival- part 6' review

HellllloooOooo! After an unfortunate delay, WHINE+SPACE are back to discuss Part 6 of the new Twin Peaks, and heck, there was a lot to discuss this episode! Do small children have electricity inside them? Is Dougie Jones the new Don Draper? Does Andy stash erotic fiction inside toilet stalls? Find out the answer to all these questions and many, many more - in the latest offering from ALL OF WHINE AND SPACE

Duration: 01:25:35

All of Whine and Space- 'Empress of Mars' review

Ice to see you! Yes, after what we can all agree was the middling to rubbish return of the (n)Ice Warriors in ‘Cold War’ Mark Gatiss is having another bite at the apple - and as you might expect, it has a historical bent. HOW did these Victorian soldiers end up on Mars? HOW will they get home? WILL we even be sure of the answer by the episode’s end? Find out the answer to all these questions and many, many more - as we ride the Mars Express!

Duration: 00:55:45

All of Whine and Space- 'Twin Peaks Revival- Part 5' review

Grab your phone, rapidly punch it numbers and page Argentina - WHINE+SPACE are back to discuss the latest part in David Frost’s 18-part magnum mega-opus! We’re dealing with a packed episode this week as we try and get a handle on just what the hell the relationship is between Bob, Bad Coop, Coop, Major Briggs, Dougie, Coop, Bad Coop and also Coop. In other news, will Amanda Seydfried be the next Laura Palmer? Does being unsure how to urinate make you irresistible to women? Most...

Duration: 01:19:54

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