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Episode 49 - THE FINAL EPISODE with David Leach

David Leach, the head of UVic Writing, sat down with us on this, the final episode of All The Write Stuff. We read him his RateMyProf's, made him do an impression of himself, and got real. It's been a pleasure. Also, nostril lighting.

Duration: 01:03:47

44 I Almost Got Got By A Tinderbot With Rylan Gladson

Local filmmaker and $40 haircut Rylan Gladson comes by to discuss his work on “Biketown YYJ”, “We Eat Garbage”, and “VRevolution”. Spencer tries to get a job on “Windfall”, the film James and Rylan are co-directing. later on, we discuss our personal approaches to writing braided narratives for the screen. Rate and subscribe.

Duration: 00:56:33

41 Speaking Of Topics On The Podcast... with Kaitlyn Kokoska

Returning champ, Kaitlyn Kokoska stops by to talk about her work with Martlet, including her duties as co-host of the Martlet Podcast. After a brief revisitation on the subject of Cormac O’Brien’s aversion to fruit, we get down to business and talk about the My Uvic Student Life Blog, freestyle rapping, political correctness, and so much more! Rate and subscribe.

Duration: 01:26:23

This is 40… Like the Movie, with Cormac O’Brien

Martlet staff writer Cormac O’Brien is with us to talk about his role as co-host of the Martlet Podcast, the upcoming sex and gender issue of the Martlet, and The O’Brien Family Band. Later on, a confrontation about the fact that Cormac won’t eat fruit culminates in everybody trying out Cormac’s favourite fun-time snack! Rate and subscribe.

Duration: 01:11:02

39 Live Accidentally from a MacBook Microphone!

Things get a bit spicy on the latest episode as Spencer and James actually manage to talk about writing. Topics include Joan MacLeod’s upcoming play Gracie, writing braided narratives, the new CW show Riverdale, and the development of our new sitcom Bitch Better Have My Money! Also the search for our new podcast format continues with a few more ideas. And despite our best efforts, the conversation turns to our frustration with recent political events. Rate and subscribe.

Duration: 01:15:03

38 The Premise Of A Shotgun Wedding

No guest, No problem. Spencer and James prove that they don’t need to rely on big names to make a good episode. In preparation for their imminent graduation taking away easy access to guests from the writing program, the boys take time to discuss what direction to take the podcast in and ask you, the listener, to weigh in! There’s laughs, there’s tears, and there’s in-depth discussion of basic bodily functions. Rate and subscribe.

Duration: 01:12:00

37 Citizen Kanye with Myles Sauer

Martlet Editor in Chief, Myles Sauer drops by to give us the scoop on how the paper is running under his watch, A certain Martlet staffer’s aversion to fruit, and the Martlet Podcast. Other topics include: cults, ghosts, and the mechanics of buttered popcorn.

Duration: 01:09:07

Episode 36 - Awkward New Years with Alistair Ogden

Martlet Staff Writer and all-around British person, Alistair Ogden stopped by our Larchwood studio to discuss New Years, app ideas, and his true identity on the latest episode of Alt The Right Stuff. Theme song by Noah Edwards Music, mixer provided by UVic Fine Arts.

Duration: 01:07:54

33 ...and then I puked! with Scott Secco

Master of the mountain bike video, Scott Secco drops by to talk about his recent trip to Japan to work on a video for GoPro and his involvement with the Writ 420 VR Film, Knot for Sale. Later on, Scott helps James and Spencer get to the bottom of pressing issues behind what defines a champaign birthday, illegal tinting, writer fatigue, and many more.

Duration: 00:55:44

30 The Return of the Chan

The prodigal cohost is back in the saddle for an action-packed episode where we talk about this coming year of school, desk fans, and VR filmmaking. Follow us on Twitter @writestuffpod ! Rate and review us on iTunes. We're crazy for this one, Rick.

Duration: 00:46:27

28 Sympathy for the Devil with Lee Henderson

Spencer and James are joined by Lee Henderson (Author of “The Man Game”, “The Road Narrows As You Go”, and “The Broken Record Technique”) to discuss writing unsympathetic characters. Other topics include writing and drafting practices, emerging platforms for writers, and Lee’s encounter with Justin Trudeau in a Denny’s bathroom.

Duration: 01:28:44

27 The Difference Between a Scoff and a Cough with Brett Derouin

Brett Derouin, co-founder of Nudity House, pops by to discuss his poetry and shed some light on the seedy underbelly of the internet domain market. Other topics include James' strange texting habits, Ghandi, and a sizable amount of time dedicated to our first super-fan, Michelle!

Duration: 01:01:04

26 Kat Taddei

Kat Taddei pops by to sit in with boys and discuss the upcoming Fringe Festival production of her play “Art of the Eight Limbs” before delving into topics such as equity in theater and writing from a gender/race neutral perspective. Then the real nitty gritty gets going with discussions on Canadian vs American spelling, the subtlety of slasher flicks, and the temerity of song birds.

Duration: 01:01:00

25 Two in the Bush

No guest this week but we do cover the Scream TV series, some quality bits, the Simple Jack Theory, and some genuine talk about what we're writing. I've never had a podcast like this since I was 11. Christ, does anyone?

Duration: 01:06:53

24 Mark Leiren - Young

Mark Leiren-Young sits in! We discuss his upcoming book "Moby Doll: The Whale that Changed the World", his play Shylock's opening in Prague, the state of journalism. Plus, do baseball players need steroids? Are ropes are legitimate business idea? And much much more!

Duration: 01:13:20

23 Samir Bhimji

Uvic writer Samir Bhimji drops by to talk about his experience in the Young Adults writing class and to help us define the format of our show. Stick around to hear Spencer asking us to Guess the Phobia, everyone asking How Old is James, and Checking in with Chan.

Duration: 01:03:07

22 Kate McCallum

Aspiring filmmaker Kate McCallum drops by this week to discuss her upcoming trip to Tanzania, where she will b working on a documentary for Actuality Media. Spencer continues his stellar streak of confounding business pitches, James swears off Tinder, and the spirit of Chandler returns in a new segment.

Duration: 00:55:30

Episode 21 - Brock Zawila

On Episode 21, Brock Zawila pops by to talk summer writing and reading, including what we're working on, Books we wish were taught in high school English classes, and Brock's work with Continental Shelf. Later on, Spencer gives us a taste of his latest business pitches.

Duration: 01:00:55

20 Bayley Young

It’s the 20th Episode Extravaganza! Fresh off a night of overindulgence, James brings fellow UVic writer (and drinking buddy) Bayley Young to pester Spencer as he laments the energy drink left forgotten in the freezer. It doesn’t take long for the topic to veer towards the efficacy of alcohol when it comes to the creative process. And as always, there are oh so many more tangents for the boys to go off on.

Duration: 00:57:24

19 Just The Two Of Us

Our famous author guest left us hanging and we learned that we don't need anyone but ourselves to be happy. We talked about books, the internet, scooby doo, and much much more. Follow us on twitter @writestuffpod and keep on being you, you lovely people.

Duration: 00:39:35

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