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S02 E09 Sex Talk w/ Nomi's brother Tattoo MF Al

On a very NSFW episode of Allegedly NYC, Nomi's brother Tattoo MF Al gives the girls his raunchy perspective on past Sex Talks. Grab your 40oz's and take notes Xx

Duration: 01:26:05

S02 E08 Sex Magic Playlist

On S02 E08 Ava & Nomi bring you yet another playlist for your listening pleasure. This time it's the soundtrack to their sex lives. Enjoy this Sex Magic playlist and listen to tons of tea as they spill it all over themselves.

Duration: 01:20:41

S02 E07 Are Hoop Earrings For Everyone or only POC? And WTF Is Pearling?!

On S02 E07 of Allegedly NYC we discuss the recent controversy at Pitzer College over white women wearing hoop earrings which some Latinx students feel are symbols of resistance. We also drag Deadmau5 for calling ball room culture racist and ask why does YouTube's restrictions option make LGBTQ+ content disappear?? On SexTalk we address the recent We-Vibe sex toy scandal and WTF is Pearling?!

Duration: 01:07:33


On E06 we celebrate International Woman's Day by saluting 10 of our favorite female's in music who helped shape us! Join us as we count down, play some of our favorite tunes and of course spill tons of tea.

Duration: 01:42:18

S02 E05 Love & Sex w/ a Sociopath

S02 E05 Love & Sex w/ a Sociopath by Allegedly NYC

Duration: 01:02:53

S02 E04 We have some Honey w/ our Tea, Honey Dijon that is ;)

On E04 we welcome international dance floor DJ Honey Dijon. We dive deep into her Chicago roots and explore club culture through her hometown experience and as a young rising star in the New York nightclub scene. Along the way Honey shares her views on the ever evolving concept of gender and on Sex Talk we explore the health benefits of practicing BDSM. We also sum up the current political climate through pop culture and on We spill all the tea on party monster Michael Alig. Plus new music...

Duration: 01:59:56

S02 E03 All About ANOHNI Xx

On a very special episode of Allegedly we are joined by ANOHNI who's album Hopelessness was released last year to critical acclaim. We speak about the essence of trans identity from bridging the gap to womanhood, to the desexualization of the trans artist, the sexual & emotional traumas trans women often face and the untamable spirit of the trans child. She also shares how performing under a veil liberated her, clarify's her Oscar nomination drama and teaches us how to not let politics...

Duration: 01:41:13

S02 E02 Netflix Sense 8 starlet Jamie Clayton joins us for some tea!

On S02 E02 we are joined by Sense 8 starlet Jamie Clayton who shares her road to success and finally addresses those pesky Keanu Reeves rumors! She then sticks around for Sex Talk where we discuss how to cast spells with your orgasm using Sex Magick. We also debut a new segment called APPathy where we review our favorite online dating profiles. Plus on Tons Of Tea: Trump vs The Rockettes, Azalea Banks vs Nicki Minaj, Lena Dunham wishes she had an abortion and New Music from A Tribe Called...

Duration: 01:46:15

Episode 10: Just Us Girls! Allegedly Season Finale Sex Talk Recap

On Episode 10 of Allegedly, we say goodbye to enjoy summers end but leave you with Tons Of Tea before we do so. Johnny Jewel & Mike Simonetti get caught up in our segment Bitch Stole My Sound, Marina Abramovic puts her foot in her mouth, Selena Gomez shuts Biebers Instagram down, new unreleased music from our resident tea spiller Nomi and we take a trip down memory lane, sharing the lessons we've learned through 9 episodes of Sex Talk.

Duration: 01:59:23

Episode 9: We laugh up a storm with downtown IT girl Pebbles Russell aka Pebbles Van Peebles

On Episode 9 of Allegedly, Frank Ocean wins Stunt Queen of the year, Hari Nef puts Caitlyn Jenner in her place, Justin Bieber turns down same sex sex scene, we run down a list of the Worst Places in NYC, and new music from Animal Feelings and Wild Beasts. We are also joined by downtown IT girl Pebbles Russell who fill us in on her past work as an art curator, her philosophy on NY nightlife, what makes a party pop and Sex Talk goes Cyber as we all dish on our favorite Hook Up/Dating apps...

Duration: 02:19:55

Episode 5: Our 1st guest Martine heats up Allegedly with Art & Oral!

On Episode 5 Calvin Klein takes us to Krash, Kanye shuts down the streets of NY, the Apple store gets mopped, 'Good English' band chopped after supporting Stanford Rapist, Bobby Brown tips over the tea kettle, Justin Bieber sparks up Bitch Stole My Sound and our 1st guest Martine Gutierrez schools us on art, music, romance and blow jobs!

Duration: 01:54:07