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#005 - Talking games with James

In this episode we have our very first guest on: Mr James! He schools us on Minecraft, tells us about his love for Zelda and brings up some topics for discussion. Could games be considered a sport? Are games art? In the top 3 we talk about our favorite game trailers, and decipher what makes a trailer good. I hope you will enjoy it. Next episode is going to be a Christmas special, so stay tuned! If you enjoyed this episode please leave a rating, and if you have any questions, comments or...

Duration: 01:40:01

#004 - What game would we make?

We talk about the types of games we would, or could, make. In a incoherent, thinking out loud style we discuss how constraints can nurture creativity, who's hottest in Friends, the expectations of three act story telling before finally reaching the other end with a loose idea of a game; The London commute simulator! In the second part the quiz returns, with Theo as the quiz master. Will there be more obscure sound effects? Will Ola win again? Making him the ultimate champion of the quiz and...

Duration: 01:36:11

#003 - What happened to Rare?

We go down memory lane and talk about how much the games from Rare's golden era has meant to video games, and us personally. Was being acquired by Microsoft in 2002 the key event or could the reason for the fall of this game developer giant be found elsewhere? We can't promise any definitive answers to either of those questions, but hope our nostalgic talk can trigger you to brush the dust off that old N64 and invite your friends over for a competitive round of GoldenEye, or Perfect Dark.....

Duration: 01:49:20

#002 - Favuorites from the 16-bit era

We talk our way through memorable games from the 16-bit era, and derail widely off track in both directions; ending up talking about games as old as Nintendo's Game & Watch Donkey Kong all the way to modern classics like World of Warcraft. In the second segment Phil has prepared a quiz for Theo and Ola. The winner get's bragging rights, while the loser has to play Phil's favourite game from the 16 bit era. If you enjoyed this episode please leave a rating, and if you have any questions,...

Duration: 01:20:12

#001 - Films based on games

First episode! We talk about games that have made it to the silver screen, and why most of them end up being very underwhelming. Listen in as Phil breaks down the highly surreal Super Mario Bros film, and we discuss the possibility that Jeremy Irons might be an avid gamer. And opinions are divided about the casting for the upcoming Tomb Raider film. In the second part we present our top three NPC's, Download and listen now to find out which NPC made it onto all three lists!

Duration: 01:15:30