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"Who's Paying Attention?" is a weekly audio podcast giving you Alonzo Bodden's take on what's going on in the world.




#194: It's Not That Difficult. Just Don’t Be An A**hole.

1- 9/11: We remember and thank you to the heroes. 2- Hurricanes bring out the worst, the best, and the worst again. 3- 8 year old hanged. That's attempted murder. 4- BLM leadership, Lets pick the worst person again. 5- It IS rocket science. 6- Respect the working dog. 7- One good asshole.

Duration: 00:25:29

Whos Paying Attn ep 193

Do The Opposite 1- Have a wonderful flood 2- That’s what the Government does 3- Lock the church there’s a flood out there 4- The Big Lie is just that 5- Don’t take away my Dream 6- My sword is bigger than yours

Duration: 00:29:17

Nothing to See here ep 192

Nothing to See here ep 192 by Alonzo Bodden

Duration: 00:23:59

#191: Charlottesville New But Not New

1- Uncivil war. 2- Trump: the alt-President. 3- They need us. We don’t need them. 4- Stupid in all colors.

Duration: 00:19:11

#190: While I Was Out

1- Oh Canada. 2- What I did this summer. 3- Healthcare: here, gone, and back again. 4- W.W.E. Trump wants war. 5- Opiod… Crisis? 6- Some good news. 7- Then there’s Florida...

Duration: 00:27:32

#189: Live From Montreal

1- Canadian news. 2- Were you at the meeting? 3- Secret plans. 4- Just For Laughs.

Duration: 00:15:48

#188: Tweeting Is For The Birds

1- Twitter fight as news is fake news. 2- Unexpected high road. 3- Independence Is Un’merrikkkan. 4- Left vs Right, right? 5- We OD’d on Party Before solution. 6- Thou Shalt Not Steal, not even for a hobby.

Duration: 00:25:26

#187: I'm Sick Of Healthcare

1- CNN No. 2- Insult. Lie. Repeat. 3- Justice for "lady parts." 4- Healthcare reform is sick. 5- Just get a better job. 6- I don't understand. 7- We’re #1. 8- Deadly Stupid. 9- Goodbye and Good Luck, CP3.

Duration: 00:22:29

#186: The 1%

1- 'Dem chickens done come home. 2- Outrage? No, just mildly upset. 3- Black Lives Matter. We will not go away. 4- Beauregard, this here black woman’s got some questions for you. 5- Are you 1%? Check your paystub here. 6- Ultimate Fathers Day gift.

Duration: 00:24:12

#185: Stupid Don't Get Tired

1- Comey talks. We listen. Nothing changes. 2- It's tough to be president the first time. 3- Educated brainwashing (you got it, right kids?). 4- Green Cards made in China. 5- Ethics, now there’s a high bar, laying on the ground. 6- Don’t get sick, Ohio. We need your votes. 7- Fly 'em if ya got 'em. Damn that government control. 8- House what? 9- Captain Obvious goes to science class. 10- Nascar, here we come.

Duration: 00:40:41

#183: Sad Times: The Price Of Life

1- Another terror attack. 2- Goodbye, Nicky Hayden. 3- Pro Life for all Life. 4- Just got back from Middle East. 5- I promise not to keep promises. 6- Black lives still don’t matter. 7- The Elephant in the room is called Justice.

Duration: 00:25:35

#182: Not So Fast

1- Showboatin' with big hands will get you fired. 2- Hey Russia, guess what I heard. 3- Putin says he’ll tell you about secret conversation with no secrets. 4- Russia Smussia, are my taxes going down? 5- Remember the good ol' days when a potato could bring you down? 6- Escape to the NBA.

Duration: 00:18:25

#181: You See What Happened Had Was

1- Vive Le France! 2- Sally Yates owns Cruz. 3- Comey fired. Yeah, it was the emails. 4- Hiding in the bushes. 5- SNL can’t keep up. 6- Sorry, Swami. Condolences to Chris Berman.

Duration: 00:18:28

#180: The Pakistani Diet

1- 100 days of nothing. 2- Can we get that Constitution out of the way? 3- Pakistan is in me and out of me. 4- Boston Racist? Uh YEAH. 5- Apple, I just don’t have enough devices. 6- My FB advice is don’t take FB advice.

Duration: 00:18:10

#179: Back To The 50's

1- I need a "Where’s my Carrier?" app. 2- Let's go back to the 50’s. 3- Segregation and secretarial pools. 4- No Latinos, no Muslims, and just a few commies. 5- Reefer Madness. 6- You don’t need the internet that you’re using to listen to this. 7- Yoga: Exercise for heathens. You find God in church where he belongs. 8- I’m going to Pakistan.

Duration: 00:15:54

#178: If Someone Tells You Who They Are, Listen

1- Don’t bomb Syria. Save it for me. 2- Real Presidents drop bombs. 3- Coming to a Holocaust Center near you. 4- United: You paid for a seat, the police beatings are free. 5- Supreme Court Justice thanks the Senate. Now we know who you are. 6- Obama forcing Trump to play golf repeatedly at our expense. Trump knows who we are.

Duration: 00:24:54

#176: I'm Watching The Game

1- You sick people are not Making America Great. 2- I’ll investigate, if its ok with you, boss. 3- Hey, Tomi, turns out they hate women too. Who knew?! 4- No leggings except on supermodels. 5- Our bad service is better than your bad service. 6- Everything great in 7.1 seconds. 7- Vegas, baby, Vegas! Get the handcuffs. 8- Swipe right for NBA.

Duration: 00:26:34

#174: Tournament Time

1- Sorry about Trump... That’s False. 2- You’re Fired. 3– Captain Obvious. Hey, I’m in jail. 4- Get Out, King Kong. 5- Billion Dollar bracket. 6- Customer is king.

Duration: 00:26:30

#173: I Was Having A Good Day

1- Trump behaved... 2- Well... for 2 days then Obama tapped something. 3- Who didn’t talk to Russia?! 4- Ben Carson: Now my day is ruined. 5- Repeal healthcare, my day is worse. 6- Burlington was nice. 7- In my country, Glock equals confidence. 8- Did I mention that asshole Ben Carson?

Duration: 00:18:27

#172:And The Oscar Goes To...

1- Great show I didn’t see. 2- Gary from Chicago is da man. 3- I wouldn't do dinner and neither will he. 4- You don’t agree. 5- What level is your racism? 6- I agree with W. 7- Shaqtin' a fool.

Duration: 00:23:40

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