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Lacey's Hope Project - helping fight sex trafficking through education and awareness

Human trafficking is a global issue that affects close to 20.9 million people and is an estimated 150 billion dollar industry. Lacey’s Hope Project is breaking the silence on what sex trafficking and addiction look like. While not all trafficking is sex related, a significant percentage is, with women and minors being the main victims. Today we talk with Emmy Myers, the founder of Lacey’s Hope Project and a survivor of the sex trafficking industry. She shares her story and tells us how her...

Duration: 00:41:10

Katie's Krops - how 9 - 16yr olds are helping fight hunger across the U.S.

Katie’s Krops is helping to erase hunger across the United States. She is enlisting the help of kids ages 9-16 across the United States to start and maintain their own vegetable gardens. As of 2017 there are 100 Katie’s Krops gardens growing in 33 states. It all started when Katie Stagliano brought home a cabbage seedling in third grade. She planted it and spent a lot of time watering, fertilizing and generally looking after her plant. Eventually it grew to an incredible 40lbs. She brought...

Duration: 00:20:42

Prison Phoenix Trust

The Prison Phoenix trust encourages prisoners in their spiritual lives through yoga and meditation, working with silence and their breathe. They are a UK based charity, that offers personal support to prisoners through letter writing, teachings, workshops and books. They work in the UK and in Northern Ireland.

Duration: 00:27:00

End of Season one - thank you!

We officially bring to a close the first season of Altruistically Speaking. A huge thank goes out to everyone who has been a part of the show, and especially to all the listeners. It is because of people like you, our show is as successful as it is. Look for the second season to begin in the middle of September. If you haven't already done so, please join the community on Facebook and Instagram. See you soon! Dave

Duration: 00:01:38

Changing the world of cancer diagnosis and treatment

Jack Andraka is helping to change the world of cancer diagnosis and treatment. At thirteen he began developing an early detection test for pancreatic cancer. Now, at twenty, he is using nano robots and CRISPR to help with cancer treatment. Jack has also designed a postage stamp sized test that can detect up to twenty contaminants in water. He is exploring its use in the developing world.

Duration: 00:24:46

Vecinos - reducing barriers to education

Twenty-four percent of of Nicaragua’s children are not in school. Polly O’Keary is a woman helping to reduce the barriers to education in rural Nicaragua, near the city of Leon. Her completed projects include: repaired 80 desks at one school. Re-roofed another. Built a security fence around a school. Replaced windows and doors on a building, restoring it to functional space. Provide ongoing dental education and emergency extractions to five schools. Provide ongoing veterinary anti-parasite...

Duration: 00:30:32

Better World Books - helping to increase literacy around the world

Globally, about 250 million children are failing to acquire basic literacy skills. Also, about 2 billion pounds of books go to landfill every year. Better World Books is doing its part to keep books from landfill by donating books and money to literacy programs world wide. By collecting used books, they are able to send the them where they are needed most, both nationally and internationally. Better World Books is part of the B corporation movement, meaning they have social responsibility...

Duration: 00:22:14

Tiny crocheted octopus are helping preterm babies be more comfortable

Each year approximately fifteen million babies are born preterm. In 2013, a group in Denmark started making tiny crocheted octopus with twisted tentacles which seem to mimic the umbilical cord. The result is calmer and more comfortable babies, with breathing being easier and a more regular heartbeat. The Octo Project is now in 25 countries around the world, offering help to premature babies and their family. I talked with Ditte Fischer, the leader of the Octo Project. Picture supplied by...

Duration: 00:14:05

The Survival Guide to Bullying

Twenty eight percent of US students in grades six to twelve have experienced bullying, and approximately seventy percent of young people say they have witnessed bullying. Children as young as twelve have taken their own lives as a result of bullying. Aija Mayrock, the author of The Survival Guide to Bullying shares her story, and gives straight forward advice for anyone who is being bullied. Please allow up to thirty seconds for audio to start.

Duration: 00:31:19

Helping end early marriage and FGM in Maasai girls through education

Maasai girls can be married as young as ten, even though a Kenyan law prohibits marriage before eighteen. Many chiefs refuse to educate the women and girls on their rights. Coins for Change is working to educate women and girls, helping them become educated, and learn skills to be in control of their own future. They have set up a safe house allowing women and girls to escape unhealthy living situations. They want to help alleviate poverty, and sponsor children's education. Please allow up...

Duration: 00:33:08