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Ep 97: A War of Attrition (GW8-9)

Undoubtedly, the biggest takeaway from #GW8 is that Manchester City is irresistible. Josh and Brandon examine the Sky Blues, from strikers to midfielders to defenders, and how best to approach their #FPL assets. We're also reassessing the recent fad of the "Power 3" up front and whether it still holds much interest amid the chaos of injuries and blanks with Lukaku, Kane, Agüero, and Morata, among others. Stay tuned for heat checks on Zaha, Gabbiadini, and Abraham, as well as a preview of...

Duration: 01:15:29

Ep 96: Forest for the Trees (Break-GW8)

Emerging from another international break hibernation, Josh and Brandon are ready to get back to the business of #FPL. With injuries to both Agüero and Morata, there are lingering questions on how to best structure a robust front three lineup. There is also the matter the growing Raheem Sterling bandwagon and we compare his potential against the other Manchester City mids: Sané and David Silva. Later, we run team by team through the league table and give a status report on how each club...

Duration: 01:26:23

Sneak Peek: FPL Stats with Peter Blake

This week, heading into another international break, we're offering a sneak peek at our recent Patreon Supporters exclusive podcast featuring FPL stats analyst Peter Blake. The author of the Mathematically Safe blog joins us to discuss everything you wanted to know about FPL stats but were afraid to ask, including the data behind trending team formations, knowing how to interpret big chances, and the real justifications for a certain must-have Belgian striker. To hear the full episode...

Duration: 00:15:47

Ep 95: Unremarkable Hughes (GW6-7)

After a weekend full of goals from the #FPL's most expensive strikers, Josh and Brandon step in to discuss how best to select and squeeze in three heavy-hitting forwards. Kane, Lukaku, Morata, Lukaku, and Lacazette all have compelling cases for inclusion, but first we'll need to inspect fixtures and form. We also take a closer look at a range of Chelsea and Liverpool players before getting to our #GW7 preview with transfer targets, captaincy options, and nailed clean sheets. Hail Cheaters!...

Duration: 01:15:15

Ep 94: Open Road (GW5-6)

To summarize: Agüero Good, Davies Bad. After a wild #GW5 in which Manchester City poured it on and Spurs pulled the rug out from under many #FPL managers, now is a good time to pause and reflect. Always Cheating hosts Josh and Brandon seek to find a way to capitalize on City's form, while still not giving up on the likes of Kane and Lukaku. Do we have some genuine flops on our hands, or are managers knee-jerking some of these big-name players out of their squads too quickly? We also look...

Duration: 01:16:33

Ep 93: Man in the Mirror (GW4-5)

With GW4 goals from Kane, Lukaku, Agüero, Jesus, Morata, and Lacazette, it's high time Josh and Brandon discuss the ideal heavy hitting strikers for our #FPL squads. How do we choose both the best players and the best formation to suit an abundance of forward talent, but perhaps a dearth of mid-price midfield selections? We also examine Liverpool's prospects following Mané's red card, buying into Tottenham's epic run of fixtures, and Abdoulaye Doucouré vs. Pascal Groß. Stay tuned for...

Duration: 01:17:08

Ep 92: Crushin Fools (Break-GW4)

As we come out of the international break and prepare for the return of Premier League action, Josh and Brandon are discussing Deadline Day dealings and how those moves might impact your #FPL squad. From Bony, the Ox, and Renato Sanchez to Aurier, Zappacosta, and Gibbs, among others, who's straight in and who's a wait and see? And in preparation for #GW4, we debate the immediate potential of Hazard and Alexis, the standout mid-price midfielders, and other key questions from the listeners....

Duration: 01:20:23

Ep 91: The Wildcard Diaries (GW3-Break)

As #FPL heads into its first international break of the season, Always Cheating co-host Josh was also in need of a break. While he's on vacation, Brandon is joined by guest Luke Thunberg to recap a thrilling, if complex #GW3. We discuss the continuing August curse of Harry Kane and how he compares to emerging strikers like Firmino and Morata. Liverpool and Manchester United predictably dominate the midfield discussion, but we're also taking time to discuss the exploits of promoted...

Duration: 01:14:44

Ep 90: Jesé's Girl (Gw 2 Review/Gw 3 Preview)

In this week's episode, return guest David Weigner-Lodalh fills in for a Barbados-bound Brandon to discuss the week that was in FPL. What to do with Harry Kane and Manchester United's assets? When is too early to play your wildcard? We discuss those topics and everything else that happened in the Fantasy Premier League universe in this episode. We also look ahead to the Gameweek 3 fixtures, including captaincy options, score predictions, and a full slate of "pure watches" on Saturday. Hail...

Duration: 01:11:15

Ep 89: Hegazi's World (GW1-2)

The new #FPL season has finally kicked off. So what did we learn from GW1 apart from the fact that it was a pretty insane game week? Always Cheating hosts Josh and Brandon take a look at the key players and events from the opening round and discuss where their teams went right and where they went completely pear-shaped. Are we knee-jerking anyone in or out of our squads? Which midfielders in the £5.0-7.0 range might work for an emergency team surgery? Plus we're looking ahead to the GW2...

Duration: 01:15:56

Bonus Pod: Introducing Starting 11 Daily Fantasy

In a special bonus episode, we welcome Thomas Braun, co-founder of the new Starting 11 daily fantasy app. Starting 11 offers a new mobile fantasy experience in which you can challenge your friends, fans at your local bar, or other managers around the world. Utilizing a unique scoring system and organic, real-time player substitutions, the app will change the way fantasy managers watch live Premier League matches. Download the Starting 11 app to your iOS or Android phone and then, starting...

Duration: 00:35:44

Ep 88: Friendly Thoughts (GW1 Preview)

We are now a few short days away from the 2017/18 #FPL season kick-off and Always Cheating is here for one last preview episode. Josh and Brandon reveal their own team sheets, which will surely go through many more changes before the deadline. We tackle some big questions about must-have strikers and expensive wing backs, as well as some lingering feelings about recent pre-season results. Finally, we look at the clean sheet and captaincy potential in all #GW1 fixtures. Good luck to all of...

Duration: 01:10:09

Ep 87: Scouting Man City to West Ham (2017/18 Preview)

Continuing with Always Cheating's pre-season #FPL coverage, Josh and Brandon are scouting all twenty Premier League clubs. This week features the second half of the alphabet, previewing Manchester City, Manchester United, Newcastle, Southampton, Stoke City, Swansea, Tottenham, Watford, West Brom, and West Ham. Stay tuned for our next episode when we will be going in depth on #GW1 and our team lineups. Hail Cheaters! Become a Patreon supporter: Follow us on...

Duration: 01:26:17

Ep 86: Scouting Arsenal to Liverpool (2017/18 Preview)

Continuing with Always Cheating's pre-season #FPL coverage, Josh and Brandon are scouting all twenty Premier League clubs. This week features the first half of the alphabet, previewing Arsenal, Bournemouth, Brighton, Burnley, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Everton, Huddersfield, Leicester, and Liverpool. Stay tuned for our next episode in which we'll discuss the remaining teams. Hail Cheaters! Become a Patreon supporter: Follow us on Twitter:...

Duration: 01:25:54

Ep 85: Live FPL Draft Team Selection (2017/18 Preview)

In this special bonus episode of Always Cheating, Josh and Brandon are testing out the new #FPL draft game. In frenzied fashion, battling countdown clocks and each other's indulgent banter, the hosts draft their own 15-player squads live on the podcast and describe everything you need to know to conduct your own FPL draft session. Always Cheating will be back later this week with more 2017/18 season preview episodes focused on the regular FPL game—which, of course, will continue to be the...

Duration: 00:55:20

Ep 84: Ten Rules for FPL Success (2017/18 Preview)

Ahead of the new Fantasy Premier League season, there are some rookie managers that could use a road map. And, let's face it, many of us veteran #FPL managers are in need of a tune-up when it comes to broader strategies for the game. In this episode, Josh and Brandon outline ten baseline rules (from statistical awareness and the herd mentality to squad depth and the role of luck) to help guide you through a successful season. Hail Cheaters!

Duration: 00:59:17

Ep 83: First Impressions (2017/18 Preview)

The FPL site for 2017/18 has officially launched and Always Cheating is jumping in with initial impressions, including some of our listeners' reactions. We discuss the new "Free Hit" chip, some overpriced and underpriced players, and provide a quick rundown of first thoughts on all 20 teams in the Premier League. Stay tuned for more preview podcasts and content in the weeks to come. Hail Cheaters!

Duration: 01:25:14

Ep 82: Pre-Season Price Predictions (2017/18 Preview)

Always Cheating is back for a special mid-summer episode. With Premier League transfer news pouring in, we decided to review some of the key new arrivals (including Bernardo, Lindelof, Sandro, Salah, Lacazette, and more) and then predict what their starting FPL prices could be. Josh and Brandon also look back at the top five players in each position from last season (the likes of Heaton, Alonso, Dele, and Lukaku) and guess the size of their price tags ahead of the new FPL site launch,...

Duration: 01:00:40

Ep 81: Ragnarok (2016/17 Season Recap)

Here's to another FPL season in the history books. Always Cheating hosts Josh and Brandon take a look back at personal highs and lows, our best transfers, the most frustrating players, and what valuable lessons were learned. Thanks to all of our listeners for sticking with us through an incredible year. We'll be back later in the summer to preview next season and do this all over again. Hail Cheaters! We're offering a special 25% discount on print subscriptions to Fantasy Football...

Duration: 01:02:38

Ep 80: Micro Troll (GW37-38)

With fifteen fixtures played and a billion goals between Alexis, Kane, and Jesus, GW37 was truly one for the ages. Josh and Brandon recap the high scores and memorable moments before moving on to strategies for this season's final round. We look at differential budget picks and captain options, determining which approach will help you overtake your mini league leader in GW38 or, conversely, hold off the chasing competition. Good luck and Hail Cheaters! We're offering a special 25% discount...

Duration: 01:01:51

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