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S2 Ep6 - Product Placement

Welcome back to another episode of Amateur Curators, presented by Mennen (but not really)! This week's topic explores the world of product placement. Dive neck deep and then some into the theories behind the use of product placement, where it has success with regards to its use, and whether or not it is a truly viable and hall of fame worthy marketing campaign or technique. Rate, review, and subscribe now on major podcast platforms, and follow on social media @AmateurCurators!

Duration: 00:42:43

S2 Ep5 - Fast Food Marketing

Apologies to our fans for the last week, as due to major power outages in the Northeastern US, we were unable to get you your episode. We are back this week though with a look at the massive world that is the marketing of fast food products. Everything from naming, to commercials, to overall impact is discussed, with the usual level of seriousness you've come to expect from the Curators. Rate, review, and subscribe now on all social media and major podcast platforms @AmateurCurators!

Duration: 00:41:25

S2 Ep4 - The iPod

Welcome back Curators! This week, dive deep into the marketing and build behind the product with Mike and Corey which gave us arguably the entire mobile device ecosystem that we have today! Remember the days of yore, when your phone was actually used exclusively for calls? Well, many do not, but for those who do, we can recall having our phones (which were massive), our portable CD players (which were massive) and our book of CDs (which were also massive), and we considered this to be...

Duration: 00:51:26

S2 Ep3 - Celebrity Endorsements

Celebrities. We love them, we hate them. Mostly, we hate them, but we'd all love to be them it would seem. So much so that we spend our hard earned money on products simply because they tell us to. Is it effective for business and others to pay public figures to pimp products to the masses? This sounds like a case for the Curators to solve. Find out all about this method, and whether or not we believe it has a chance to be inducted in our season ending Hall of Fame episode! Subscribe now...

Duration: 00:47:32

S2 Ep2 - New Coke

Hey everyone! It's that time once again! The Curators have returned, fresh from their seasonal depressi...I mean hiatus to provide a new hall of fame for everyone to attend (metaphorically speaking). This season kicks off with a product that, throughout the research process, seemed destined for greatness. Look back with us as we dive into the marketing blunders that inevitably took down a product from one of America's greatest companies! Will this make the Marketing hall of fame?! Find out...

Duration: 00:38:12

S2 Ep1 - Introduction

Fans of curation! Welcome to the introduction Season Two of Amateur Curators! This season, things will go a little bit differently than before. We plan to focus our seasons on a specific topic, and work within it to develop our latest halls of fame. Check out this episode now to find out more about the season and upcoming episodes! Subscribe now on all major podcast platforms!

Duration: 00:18:18