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J.S.T. Andrews from Constant Comics and Kyle Kraus are comic book enthusiasts (a.k.a. nerds). Find the best upcoming comics from Marvel, DC, Image, and all indie publishers. Learn about great story arcs, trades, and series. Discover great writers and artists. All topics related to the industry will be covered including comic movies, pop culture, and cult films.




53 – New X-Men by Grant Morrison

This week on the Amazing Nerdcast you learn about Grant Morrison’s run on New X-Men. This includes his epic first story arc: E is for Extinction. We also over the fallout of Magneto as well as the Secret Wars variation on E is for Extinction.

Duration: 00:34:00

52 – Logan & Iron Fist

This week the Amazing Nerdcast reviews the final Wolverine movie: Logan. We also discuss Marvel’s latest Netflix Series: Iron Fist.

Duration: 00:54:05

51 – Red Thorn

The Amazing Nerds are back! This episode we review the Vertigo comic: Red Thorn. A fantasy comic that is embedded with Scottish folklore and Pagan rituals. It’s filled with twists and unique perspective on a war that has spanned millennia.

Duration: 00:35:22

50 – Damian Wayne

Damian Wayne is the son of Bruce Wayne, the current Robin, and the subsequent heir to the Cowl of Batman. He was trained by the League of Assassins and has little to no consideration for the lives of criminals. In this episode we overview Damian inside Super Sons (Rebirth) #1, Robin Rises Omega, and Robin […]

Duration: 00:36:39

49 – Jason Todd

In this episode we discuss Jason Todd and his role as Robin and also as the Red Hood. We review the infamous “A Death in the Family” story arc and “The Red Hood and the Outlaws” series from both the New 52 and Rebirth. While going down several philosophical rabbit holes involving the symbolism of […]

Duration: 00:46:28

48 – Dick Grayson

Dick Grayson has been apart of the Bat-Family since the beginning. He was the first Robin. Later he ascended to Nightwing and even took over as Batman for a time. Since then he’s been a secret agent before reacquiring the mantel of Nightwing. The nerds discuss his past and dive into his adventures as Agent […]

Duration: 00:40:01

47.2 – Joe Show: Nightwing & Spider-Man

One of the greatest sidekicks in the world has a secret: he’s better than Batman. Dick Grayson lives to protect, but can even Nightwing, the former Robin, live up to the legacy of the Bat? Also why doesn’t Spider-Man have organic webbing?

Duration: 00:11:10

47.1 – Joe Show: Professor X & Archie

Professor X has forever been the face of mutants in the Marvel Universe…but what led him on this path as a militant leader? Joe talks about the villainous nature of Professor Charles Xavier showcasing his exploits and manipulation. Also it’s 2017: Why do some comics insist on looking like Archie?

Duration: 00:07:44

46 – Legion

Legion is an Omega-Level mutant with unfathomable power. He’s also clinically insane. Every power that manifests is controlled by a separate personality. Each of these personalities surface unpredictably with new ones developing consistently. His primary ability is telepathy, a gift from his father.

Duration: 00:33:36

45 – Rando Comrissian

The first edition of Rando Comrissian where everyone picks a random comic book trade. Titles include Boom! Studio’s Translucid, Superman: Nightwing & Flamebird, and Joker’s Endgame. Also discussed is the state of the DC Rebirth including the Watchmen, the Multiverse, and Batman.

Duration: 00:51:45

44 – The Best Comics of 2016

2016 was a great year for comic books. There was a gratuitous amount of new indie comics, DC relaunched their universe with Rebirth, and Marvel’s Secret Wars spawned great stories and characters. Also there were a lot of great comic book movies. Now that 2017 is here we have a lot more to look forward […]

Duration: 01:09:02

43 – Marvel Noir: Spider-Man, Iron Man, Daredevil, Punisher & X-Men

Marvel Noir takes us to Earth-90214, a universe where many of our heroes emerge during the United States’ Great Depression. New York City is under prohibition, recovering from the first World War, and run by organized crime. It’s a dire world that requires darker “heroes” who are willing to venture through moral ambiguity.

Duration: 00:49:36

41 – Star Wars

Marvel has recently reacquired the publication of Star Wars comics. Since then they have done a phenomenal job creating and enriching the official cannon of the Star Wars Universe. In this episode we review Chewbacca by Gerry Duggan, Darth Vader by Kieron Gillen, Princess Leia by Mark Waid, Lando by Charles Soule, and the main […]

Duration: 01:01:24

40 – Southern Cross & Southern Bastards

A full episode including two new Marvel Now comics: Venom #1 and Ghost Rider #1. Also an overview of the epic space thriller Southern Cross by Becky Cloonan. Lastly a review of Southern Bastards by Jason Aaron and Jason LaTour. Comic Reviews 2:50 – Venom #1 9:13 – Ghost Rider #1 13:12 – Southern Cross […]

Duration: 00:54:58

37 – Serenity: Firefly Class 03-K64

Firefly and its follow-up movie Serenity became an instant fan favorite in the early 2000’s. Since then several comics have been published that are all within the same universe and timeline. Currently there are three volumes with another in production and set to release late 2016.

Duration: 00:51:58

36 – The Long Halloween

The Long Halloween, by Jeff Loeb and Tim Sale, is the definitive origin story for Two-Face. We all know Harvey Dent as the infamous Batman villain. This story explores what drove the proud District Attorney of Gotham City into this dark place. Perhaps he may have been heading there all along.

Duration: 00:45:28

35 – The Doctor Formerly Known as Strange

Reviews of several Sorcerer Supreme comics including Dr. Strange & Dr. Doom: Triumph & Torment, Dr. Strange: The Oath, and Dr. Strange: The Way of the Weird. Also a review of Infamous Iron Man #1.

Duration: 01:04:52

34 – Green Lantern: The Secret Origin(s) of Hal Jordan

Hal Jordan, like many of our beloved characters, has had several origin stories. In this episode we take a look at his first appearance in Showcase comics. We compare it to the character defining “Secret Origin” written by Geoff Johns. Also in this episode we review Champions #1, Death of X, and Hadrian’s Wall.

Duration: 00:51:13

33 – Sex Criminals

Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky created a pop culture icon with Sex Criminals. Suzie Dickson and Jon Johnson have extra ordinary abilities, fall in love, and have an axe to grind with BankCorp. Obviously the next logical step is to rob banks.

Duration: 00:43:41

32 – Superman: The Unchained Death Pool

Superman: Unchained was one of the greatest story arcs to come out of the New 52. This all-star mini-series was written by Scott Snyder and illustrated by Jim Lee. Decades ago the United States military obtained a powerful being, not unlike Superman. After years of using it as a covert weapon Superman realized he is […]

Duration: 00:47:58

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