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David Zublick is the Doctor of the Republic – a true American patriot. He interviews the newsmakers, newsbreakers and the people who influence business, society and culture. Dynamic, provocative, spontaneous. David explores the hottest topics with the names in and behind the headlines. His hard-hitting, take no prisoners interview style gets to the very heart of the issues.






America Talks 09-23-2017

NFL ratings and attendance are in the tank. Could the player protests be fueling the huge drop? We’ll examine it. Meanwhile…8-year-olds take a knee to protest the national anthem at their peewee football game. We’ll give you the facts. A new poll shows nearly a fifth of students support the use of violence to shut down free speech. We’ll examine it. A radio talk show host is fired for exercising her right to free speech by criticizing gay adoption on Facebook. We’ll break it down. A...

Duration: 02:54:00

America Talks 09-16-2017

Is Donald Trump having his ‘read my lips’ moment with regard to DACA? We’ll discuss it. What are the 9 lies about the Dream Act that Trump is buying into? We’ll break it down. Hillary Clinton blames everybody and everything for her election loss…except herself. You’ll hear it in her own words. Antifa activists say violence is necessary to get their goals accomplished. We’ll give you the facts. A new report says Donald Trump won’t look Gary Cohn in the eye. We’ll talk about it. Steve Bannon...

Duration: 02:54:08

America Talks 09-09-2017

Necessity is the mother of invention. Political correctness may help drive the free market to new heights. We’ll rant. A new Senate Obamacare repeal bill is due Monday. Will it happen? And if so, what are the chances it gets a vote? We’ll break it down. House conservatives are planning a revolt to remove Paul Ryan as Speaker. We’ll give you the facts. Nancy Pelosi says Donald Trump promised her he would sign the Dream Act. Is she delusional? We’ll discuss it. Robert Mueller reportedly...

Duration: 02:54:00