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018 – The American Identity – Live from SXSW

Who is American Enough under this Administration? The Deputy Director of the ACLU, the actor & co-producer of the Netflix-distributed documentary "Meet the Patels", and the nation's youngest & openly gay mayor to be shortlisted as a presidential contender, all join Vikrum Aiyer on the podcast stage at South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas, to examine the American identity. Guest bios: Ravi Vasant Patel is an American actor, who recently wrote & directed with his sister, an...


017 – The Rise of Women Does Not Need to Be at the Expense of Men – with Rachel Payne

When a successful entrepreneur steps into the political arena to reclaim American decency... What do Orange County, comedian Chelsea Handler, and Emily's List all have in common? They are tectonic forces that are powering Rachel Payne's campaign in California's 48th congressional district. Traditionally a Republican stronghold, Payne -- a former philanthropist and entrepreneur -- tells us why she is stepping out of private life and leaning into public life to reclaim American decency,...


016 – Public Service > Scandals

What happens to faith in career civil servants and institutions when scandals hit public service? It's easy to lose faith in public officials, political appointees, and inner aides to any President when you see a drip and drab of headlines, gossip, and resignations. On the heels of Trump's 34th senior departure (in Gary Cohn), host Vikrum Aiyer reflects on his own missteps as a political appointee, and describes how trust in public service and institutions should not be lost due to the...


015 – American Dream Feel Out of Reach? Lace Up & Run for Office. – with Sam Jammal (Congressional Candidate for California’s 39th District)

How do you represent your community in Washington, when it's been said that Washington stopped representing the people a long time ago? Sam Jammal, the son of Arab and Latino immigrants, and candidate for Congress in southern California's 39th congressional district, joins the pod to discuss why running for something can help restore our trust and values in the American Dream. Jammal is a lawyer and candidate for Orange County's 39th Congressional District. As the son of Latino and Arab...


014 – Challenging Identity and Progression of Women – with Tina Tchen, Michelle Obama’s Chief of Staff

Why have so many of us failed to support opportunities for women and girls? Michelle Obama's chief of staff and long time civil rights attorney, Tina Tchen, highlights how everything from systemic work place policies, harassment, and backwards health care laws have challenged the identity and progression of American women, and the responsibility all of us (especially men) have in creating. Christina M. "Tina" Tchen is an American lawyer who most recently served as Assistant to the...


013 – The American Immigrant Experience – with Smithsonian Filmmaker Frank Chi

Bending the arc of social justice through story telling... When statements of American values and principles get boiled down to bumper stickers, sound bytes, or 140-character quips, the moral clarity of what we stand for can quickly get lost. For film maker & media strategist Frank Chi, video content still remains the preeminent way we can learn about one another, share stories, bring art & design to animate discussion around some of the most vexing challenges of our generation. With work...


012 – The Jihad on Fake News – with Reporters Timothy Burger and Daniel Lippman

Fake news: How do journalists do their work, when the very concept of a free press gets attacked for being fake, daily? POLITICO reporter and Playbook co-author, Daniel Lippman, and long time contributor to TIME, Bloomberg, VICE Media and the NYDaily news, Timothy Burger, join the podcast to discuss how the identity of America's free press is being shaped in an era where the truthiness of sourcing is challenged by the Oval Office Daniel Lippman is a reporter for POLITICO and a co-author of...


011 – The Risk to America’s Security Strength – with Ned Price

What happens when a spy for the CIA & national security advisor doesn't like their boss -- the President of the United States? In the case of Ned Price, he quit. Like many patriots who serve clandestine roles for our nation’s defense, military, and national security apparatus — Ned was trained to quarterback the play a coach called, regardless of party or politics. But within the first few months of this Administration, everything from our National Security Advisor resigning, to the...


010 – The Identity of the Internet – with Ambassador Daniel Sepulveda

Net neutrality with Ambassador Daniel Sepulveda... Does the Internet need rules? From AOL instant messenger to Sunday night's with Netflix to Twitter trolls -- the world wide web has facilitated everything from global trade & dating to a modern information revolution. For many, it's even shaped our perception of cultures in the world around us. But if the Internet is part of your identity -- membership is about to get a lot more expensive. New "net neutrality" rules governing how to access...


009 – “The Real Americans” – with Playwright Dan Hoyle

How theater questions political and ideological assumptions, with playwright Dan Hoyle ... At a time where SNL, Late Night talkshows, and Broadway shows like Hamilton use comedy and ensemble casts to deliver biting commentary on culture & politics -- award winning playwright Dan Hoyle takes a different approach: he likes to get lost in the middle of the country first. Hoyle boards trains, drives aimlessly in a van, and gets on planes to stop off in cities he's never heard of -- and to meet...


008 – Sexual Misconduct and a Crumbling Moral Compass – with Tim Miller

Sexual misconduct. Self-segregating communities. And a crumbling moral compass. In these moments its easy to point to the other guy, blame them, or even mock them. But Tim Miller — a long time Republican Operative, Pod Save America contributor, and presidential campaign strategist — is taking a stand against his own party’s president, and in support of the values that have often defined the best of America’s spirit. Tim Miller specializes in communications and digital strategy. He served...


007 – Julie Lythcott-Haims – Real Americans, Skin Color, and Tough Truths

How is American Identity shaped, when you grow up here -- and succeed here — yet still get asked “where you’re from”? New York Times best-selling author Julie Lythcott-Haims joins American Enough to discuss how skin color, values, and tough truths about our nation have shaped what it means to be a Real American. As the descendant of slave owners and the daughter of a bi-racial marriage, Julie often states that she’s So American It Hurts. In her most recent book, she highlights the racism,...


006 – Working for Both Trump & Obama – with Maya Uppaluru

What’s it like working for President Trump after working for President Obama? Former White House policy advisor Maya Uppaluru speaks to the energy of both white houses, the initiatives that persist despite the new President, and what it’s like to be a working mom in these roles... Maya Uppaluru was a policy advisor in both the President Obama White House and President Trump White House. Maya joined the White House in 2015, in the Office of Science and Technology Policy, launching the...


005 – How Words & Tech Shape a Presidency & Identity – Aneesh Raman

Do The Words A President Uses Really Matter? Former Obama Speech Writer, and CNN Reporter, Aneesh Raman joins American Enough for a discussion on how words can shape the heartbeat of the country and inform the trust American’s have for the White House. From his time covering presidents, to writing for them, to leveraging technology for a new-media revolution, Aneesh opines on the challenges that presidential rhetoric are presenting to everything from childhood education to cultural...


004 – Messages of Division – with Steve Schmidt

Former John McCain Presidential Campaign Senior Strategist Steve Schmidt on messages of division... In a discussion about trust in American institutions, Russia meddling, and how we counter messages of division — American Enough is joined by Republican strategist Steve Schmidt, and former senior strategist to the 2008 presidential campaign of Senator John McCain & Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin. He is currently a political analyst for MSNBC, and has appeared frequently on Real...


003 – America’s Moral Authority in Shaping Global Democracy – with Kevin Xu

Unpacking the role of America’s moral authority in shaping democracies around the world with former White House communications & press advisor Kevin Xu... Myanmar has seen a massive shift to democracy in recent years, but is being accused of ethnic cleansing and genocide against an ethnic minority in the region. Just a few years prior, Kevin Xu helped planned President Obama’s trip to Myanmar, in which the US praised the country’s shift to a democracy but Obama also cautioned that violence...


September 24, 2017 – Trump Bullies the NFL

Why President Trump's statements on NFL player protests are not American enough... In the last 24 hours. President Trump has criticized members and players of the National Football League who refuse to stand for the National Anthem all while dumping on NBA Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry as well as NBA star LeBron James. Wouldn't you love to see one of these owners of the NFL Trump decried when somebody disrespects our flag to get that son of the bitch off the field right now? Tell...


002 – What America’s Health System Should Look Like – with Emma Sandoe

What Should America's Health System Look Like? Vikrum speaks with Emma Sandoe (profile), who previously worked for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services serving as the Medicaid spokesperson and working on communications as well as the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation. Center. She also worked in the Department of Health and Human Services Budget Office as the Affordable Care Act coordinator and at the Center for American Progress. The Capitol Hill health...


001 – Town Hall – September 9, 2017

Host Vikrum Aiyer addresses call-in questions and comments from listeners in a town hall style conversation on everything from FEMA, equality, positivity in politics, cultural variety, whether we are regressing as countrymen, and what it means to be an American. Call in with your question or comment for future town hall episodes to 844-484-5786.


August 10, 2017 – North Korea & Former Pentagon Speechwriter Kevin Sammy

Who defines how forceful American rhetoric has to be when we talked to our adversaries or allies around the world? Today we spoke with former Pentagon Speechwriter to the Secretary of Defense, Kevin Sammy (bio), about how a shift in the words we use with North Korea can redefine our foreign policy doctrine; and can beg the question of how far our allies need to go to remain American Enough to our President. ​


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