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Amherst Live is the new live magazine show bringing you news and insight, ideas and inspiration, from the heart of one small town. Produced by professionals, performed by rank amateurs, each quarterly show collects the best in local politics, poetry, nature, and music—together with two terse but edgy talks that will change the way you view the town you thought you knew. This show was inspired by the people who live here: an extraordinary amalgam of poets and writers, farmers and ag people, students and retirees, professors and basement techies, and diverse ethinic communities. Ultimately, the richness that one finds here is simply too great to leave untapped. By pairing members of our community with a team of media professionals, our hope is to help make the town of Amherst newly available to itself, and enable every one of us to benefit from our collective experience. We see this as a kind of municipal service: a sensible, pragmatic way to make the most of living here. Which is why we aspire to offer Amherst Live on a quarterly basis, so that your own town will forever be revealing itself to you, and so you will always have a place where you can go to meet your neighbors, and kick around some cool ideas.




Issue No. 4 - Winter 2015

FROM THE EDITOR Host Oliver Broudy reintroduces us to the New England town that we call home. ARCHITECTURE Brutalism apologist Max Page makes the case for ugly buildings. SEX Local sex therapist Margery Noel answers the questions you’ve been carrying around for way, way too long. HORROR Seng Ty survived the Khmer Rouge. Then he arrived in Amherst. AND YOU THOUGHT CSAS COULD SAVE US Pete McLean explains what comes next in the food revolution. MUSIC Local chanteuse Carrie Ferguson with Emily...

Duration: 01:55:38

Issue No. 3 - Fall 2014

FROM THE EDITORHost Oliver Broudy reintroduces us to the New England town that we call home. DEPARTMENTSNature Lizard king Alan Richmond revels in the abiding delights of wanton herpetology. Yes, herpetology. Aeronautics Please dont bomb us! Sgt. Andrew Briscoe, of Westover Air Force Base, demystifies that noisy breadloaf of the skies, the C5. Education Barbara Madeloni, newly elected president of the MA Teachers Association and Big Eds worst nightmare, redraws the battle lines in the...

Duration: 02:05:08