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You can guarantee that these guys will have their finger on the pulse when it comes to all things Adelaide, and that you’ll always hop out of the car, off the tram, train or O-Bahn with a giant smile on your face after listening to these two!

You can guarantee that these guys will have their finger on the pulse when it comes to all things Adelaide, and that you’ll always hop out of the car, off the tram, train or O-Bahn with a giant smile on your face after listening to these two!
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You can guarantee that these guys will have their finger on the pulse when it comes to all things Adelaide, and that you’ll always hop out of the car, off the tram, train or O-Bahn with a giant smile on your face after listening to these two!




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The New Crows Star Bryce Gibbs Joined The Team

The new crows star Bryce Gibbs joined the team for a get to know you session. Are you book smart but life dumb? The team did a review on the horror Veronica – what was the their verdict? Cat found out something that she feels she should have known already – what was it? What was your serendipitous chance meeting?


Tracey from Married At First Sight Chatted About The Rejection Of Dean

Victorious Liberal leader Steven Marshall dropped in to thank the team for all their support. Tracey from Married At First Sight called up to talk about the rejection of Dean. When did saying I Love You backfire? Did you ruin the plans? Are you our most true blue Aussie listener – wait til you hear Kev.


There Was Hot Debate Over The Male Pill – Yes Or No?

The team reflected on National Day of Action Against Bullying and featured The Project’s celeb compilation message. We will have you in stitches as we spoke to a myriad of Fringe acts including Kitty Flannagan, James McCann and Nick Cody – wait til you hear about Kitty’s bedroom rejection. There was hot debate over the Male Pill – yes or no?


Thursday 15th March 2018

Tracey from Married at First Sight called up for a chat. Stephen K Amos came in and chatted about all things Fringe and who’s going to set him up on a date. Amos’ new girlfriend Zoe has influenced his dietary requirements – did your partner change yours? The team reflect on the great life of Stephen Hawking and Amos had a revelation about parallel universes. Did you hear someone gossip about you behind your back?


Wednesday 14th March 2018

Angus interviewed Bill Shorten at an aged care facility to talk everything from aged care policies to Married at First Sight. Dean from Married at First Sight called up for a chat. The team stitched up Ben a youthful radio talent and made Angus look like a flog. What have you auditioned for? Mitchell Johnson had a horrific workout injury at the gym – what injuries have you had?


Tuesday 13th March 2018

The Race That Stopped The Station – Amos and Angus had a head start and raced a horse – who won, man or beast? We spoke to Fiona O’Loughlin who won “I’m a celebrity…Get me out of here” – how did she celebrate? Cat gave us an update on freezing her eggs – how many did they extract? Have you had a tantrum getting ready for an event? Did you do a degree that you’ve never used?


International Woman's Day 2018

The Hit Network celebrated International Women’s Day with a ladies lunch show, hosted by three of its high profile presenters. Kate Langbroek, Fifi Box and Em Rusciano teamed up for an hour-long special to spread positivity and empowerment. The theme for this years UN International Women’s Day is ‘Leave No Woman Behind’ and it was something that the three presenters spoke about across the duration of the show.


Friday 9th March 2018

Simone Holtznagel from I’m a celebrity…Get me out of here…joined the team after leaving the jungle. 90s rapper Coolio joined the team for a chat about all things rap and his love for Adelaide. Have you had an interesting or creative robbery? Angus told a personal story of a mis-sent text – who did he send it to? Did you have weird things happen during pregnancy – Cat has a story to tell.


Thursday 8th March 2018

Happy International Woman’s Day 2018! Cat asked her Mum some questions about how to sustain a long lasting marriage – the answers may shock you! Ellie Mobbs joins the team to talk about Endometriosis Australia and raising awareness nation wide. The 18YO CEO of Taboo Sanitary Products Eloise Hall spoke to the team about providing sanitary health care in third world countries. Kate Langbroek spoke about her son’s Leukemia and her recent home invasion! Angus went through rigorous fitness...


Wednesday 7th March 2018

Adelaide Fringe Ambassador Joel Creasey dropped in for a chat about the Fringe and Mardi Gras. Angus has acquired a new skill – guessing your pet based on your appearance. Amos is picking up a lady friend from the airport and Cat has great advice for him. Cat has an update on her eggs being frozen. Amos has your advice in – Ask Amos. Where you disappointed in your baby’s gender?


Wednesday 7th March 2018

Amos went to his old high school to get training tips for their big race versus a horse on Adelaide Cup day – is he ready? Port Power Jack Watts came in to have a chat and found he couldn’t remember the lyrics to the Power club song! Did Nick Xenophon really take Jacqui Lambie out on a date to KFC? Where have you been on a date? Comedian Nurse Georgie Carroll joined the team to talk Fringe and parenting teenagers – hilarious! Qantas have sent around a memo of words to avoid when...


Thursday 1st March 2018

The drive team Hughesy and Kate joined the team to talk everything from Cat’s egg freezing to Angus’… “Vegtervention”. Are you in a relationship and don’t stay at your partner’s house? Angus thinks he can beat a horse in a race – what have they got planned? Do you take too many pics on Instagram? Amos has a friend visiting – how did you get the house ready for her arrival?


Tuesday 20th January 2018

Cat got a little flustered whilst reading Mills and Boon. Rose Callaghan chatted to the team about her show: “Will You Accept This Rose” and the trials of staying at Amos’ place. Cat chats to the team about backhanded compliments. Tracey from Married At First Sight previously dated Blake from The Bachelor – do you have bad taste in men? News presenter Emma Charlton had her first marital argument over joint bank accounts. The ATO have advocated dobbing in workmates for lengthy lunches...


Friday 16th February 2018

Crows star Rory Atkins joined the team and discussed an interesting online gaming event he encountered. Funny man Peter Helliar is in Adelaide and talked all things Fringe. Did you forget Valentine’s Day? The team had you covered! Angus talked about his New Years’ resolutions: a good deed gone bad. Amos lost a body part. There was a heated discussion as Cat was put on the spot for a relationship test. What’s your top 5 “Cadbury Favourites”?


Thursday 15th February 2018

The team successfully solved Adelaide’s man problem at their Man Drought party – who matched up with who? Keith Urban called up for a chat to talk about his new single “Parallel Line” co-written by Ed Sheeran. Cat had a nervous Valentine’s Day when her boyfriend didn’t reciprocate her messages. Have you suffered an adult tantrum? Is it ok to raise a child without the father knowing? Long distance relationships – can the premiere save yours?


Wednesday 14th February 2018

We asked our listeners – do you have an outstanding Valentine’s Day love story? What are the most ridiculous relationship “pet names”? Amos gives his wisdom when the Ask Amos emails are checked. Dr Zac Turner explains if you can die from a broken heart. After Amos’ bike was written off a kind fan offered him a free bike.


Tuesday 13th January 2018

Matt Preston joined the team to discuss the filming of Master Chef in Adelaide. Natt Bassingthwaighte rejoins Neighbours and acted a scene Angus wrote. Did you swap partners? Cat discusses a new word: “coregasm”. Weird things your parents have in their house. Angus got naked during facetime.


Monday 12th February 2018

We spoke to Tiffany, the first celeb who was voted out of the jungle in I’m a celebrity, get me out of here! The team got hot tips in relation to food and alcohol from Nutritional Scientist Katie Kiosses. What did you have lost in the post? Amos took a comment to heart from a fan during the RnB Vine Days. Cat is a self-confessed crazy dog lady after puppy sitting her friends’ two dogs. Natalie Joyce apparently confronted Barnaby’s mistress and called her a homewrecker – who have you...


Friday 9th February 2018

We had an exclusive chat with Liam Payne from One D about his new song For You and everything 50 Shades Freed. Brad Ebert read another sensual reading…this time scripted by Amos. Have you had your partner stolen? Wait til you hear the first caller! Have you had an embarrassing mate or plus 1? This week’s Top 5 was all about best female actresses. We spoke to Laura, a new hotty for our Man Drought Party.


Thursday 8th February 2018

Port Power star Brad Ebert joined the team to do a sensual reading of 50 Shades Freed. We get to the real reason - why do men sleep with the nanny? How badly have you been stood up? Are the young tradies soft – we get your say. Do you have a work wife or husband? The team took to the streets to recruit some tradies for our Man Drought party.


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