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Multiply Your Leads in Four Easy Steps Part 1

Multiply Your Leads in Four Easy Steps Part 1. The second string of the 6 Strings of Marketing for Business Growth is Lead Generation. Once you've got your message out there with Visibility, you've got to work on Generating Leads. This is a process. Do it the wrong way and you can waste your time and money, do it right way and you can Amplify Your Business.


Key Steps to Increase Your Visibility

Before anyone will ever choose you or your business, the must first know you exist. They must understand the value you provide. You must be Visible. The first string in The 6 Strings of Marketing for Business Growth is Your Visibility. Tune into this session and begin creating a strategy to grow your visibility and increase your opportunities today.


Rock The Six Strings of Marketing for Business Growth

The Six Strings of Marketing are the KPIs, Key Performance Indicators, that if you put your time and attention to grow them, your business will grow to be super profitable. Quit wasting time on areas of your business that don't move the needle. Rock your six strings. The Six Strings of Marketing Are: 1) Visibility 2) Average Number of Leads 3) Average Number of Conversions 4) Average Number of Transactions Per Customer 5) Average Dollar Sale Per Customer 6) Profit Margin Improving in these...


Creating SMART Goals to Achieve Results

Creating SMART Goals to Achieve Results. Effective and efficient people know what they want and then take the actions needed to get it. Your future is an open book. You can have anything you want but first, you need to know what it is. But knowing is not enough. You need to make it happen. Follow this session to learn the process for creating SMART goals to create goals that will set the stage for success to achieving your goals and making real progress. You may have heard of the SMART...


How to Define The Values of Your Personal Brand

Tuning Into The Values of Your Personal Brand. Your personal brand shines out a signal that attracts like minds and opportunities. Your Values are the very foundation of your personal brand. You can use your values to guide your decisions and actions and ensure you are broadcasting a clear and authentic signal. Learn how one of our country's founding fathers used a technique to develop his character by focusing on his values with purpose and intent.


Understanding Reasoned Motivation - Your Why

Understanding Reasoned Motivation - Your Why


How to Establish Your Inspired Mission

When setting the stage for success in your business it is important to define your Inspired Mission. Tapping into the power of your mission not only enhances your drive and commitment to achieving your goals, it also has the power to ignite buy-in from your team, your customers and your community. Craft an inspired mission that is worth buying into and communicate it to your team.


Think Big & Take BOLD Action : Build an Empire Not a Dog House

As we continue to Set the Stage for Success and define a BOLD Vision to strive towards achieving, it's important to Begin with the End in Mind to start taking off by the right actions and keeping focused on what you're really aiming to achieve. If you're aiming to build a skyscraper. How many dog houses do you have to build before you can build a skyscraper? Are you building dog houses? Are you playing small? Challenge yourself to think big and take big steps. Think Big & Take BOLD Action....


Defining Your Bold Vision

The first step to achieving your desired results it so Define Your Bold Vision. When you have a BOLD Vision and really know what it is you want and why you want it, you can begin taking the, needed actions to get it. In this session Kenny walks you through the steps to Define Your BOLD Vision to inspire you and guide you to achieve success.


Setting the Stage for Success

Setting the Stage to Amplify Your Business, Kenny Harper introduces concepts from his best-selling book Amplify Your Business: The Rockstar Professional's Guide to Marketing Success - Volume 1. This podcast is dedicate to you, the entrepreneur with the Attitude, Expertise and Drive to Thrive in life using your unique gifts, following your true passion and serving a higher purpose. In this session Kenny introduces the concept of the book and the core topics and provides an actionable...


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