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This is no joke. Or is it? You be the judge. Every Tuesday... actor Greg Grunberg (from Heroes, Star Wars and Star Trek), comedian Kirk Fox (from The Test), and singer-songwriter Nick Marzock walk into a bar and don't leave until they've got it all figured out.

This is no joke. Or is it? You be the judge. Every Tuesday... actor Greg Grunberg (from Heroes, Star Wars and Star Trek), comedian Kirk Fox (from The Test), and singer-songwriter Nick Marzock walk into a bar and don't leave until they've got it all figured out.
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This is no joke. Or is it? You be the judge. Every Tuesday... actor Greg Grunberg (from Heroes, Star Wars and Star Trek), comedian Kirk Fox (from The Test), and singer-songwriter Nick Marzock walk into a bar and don't leave until they've got it all figured out.






Episode 18: (Joseph Reitman) Waking Up in Tijuana

The guys welcome a homeless man to the bar... wait no... that's incredible actor Joseph Reitman! A fellow Max Reload alum, as this podcast is obligated to promote at this point, Joe Ugly joins the guys for talks about dating strippers, concussions from football, poker, Joe's ex wife Shannon Elizabeth, the stock market, Joe's days of dealing coke and meth, and his new show Happy on SyFy! Greg eats the loudest food possible with pistachios. Sorry...


Episode 17: (Christopher Titus) The Realm of Being Correct

The guys welcome comedy superstar Christopher Titus to the bar! You better believe things are going to get controversial! Titus and Greg hate the current administration, Greg visits the Tiger Woods Learning Center and snuffs Bill Clinton, Billy Gardell is awesome (Nick loves a fellow Pittsburgher), and Christopher's movie Special Unit is discussed. Will you learn anything from this podcast? It's four guys in a bar... what do you think?


Episode 16: (Rebecca Field) Bone Broth

The guys welcome the lovely and talented actress Rebecca Field to the bar! Greg and Rebecca both appear in the upcoming Bradley Cooper/ Lady Gaga film "A Star is Born" and they might finally get this one right! The crew talks about Bradley Cooper, all meanings of bone broth, escape rooms, role play, virtual reality porn, David Caruso, and Greg is not a good hugger according to Kirk. Huge thanks to Rebecca for such a hilarious episode!


Episode 15: (Duff Goldman) Have Your Duff and Eat It Too!

The guys welcome Food Network star Duff Goldman, the Ace of Cakes! While it could have been inspirational and heartwarming to talk about the incredible career that Duff has made through his love of baking, that's just not what this podcast is! Duff's severed toes, Duff's feeling-less finger, fondant is cheating, Boy Scouts and Indian Guides (whatever that is), and Rex Tillerson are discussed this week! Also, listen to Duff play the bass... but not while singing. Join us for the ride.


Episode 14: (Lin Shaye) Into the FURTHER!!!

Greg and Nick are so excited to have Lin Shaye join them in the bar! Lin, actress extraordinaire from the Insidious franchise, There's Something About Mary, Kingpin, Dumb and Dumber, Ouija, and so many more, bless us with her incredible stories of growing up to become one of the most versatile talents in Hollywood. The three discuss bonding with costars, amazing immigrants, growing up in Detroit, our dependence on technology, Lin's brother Bob Shaye (founder of New Line Cinema), and her...


Episode 13: Smarter, Faster, Funnier (Hassie Harrison)

Finally, a female guest is brave enough to overtake this bar! Actress Hassie Harrison arrives at the start, Greg can't hug her because he is sitting down, and they're off! The integrated crew discusses the "new" Olympics according to FOX News, flu season, shooting pilots (TV shows, not uniformed airline captains), Tanya Harding, Airbnb, and domestic violence. Huge thanks to Frosty Heidi Frank show on 95.5 KLOS for bringing Greg and Nick on this week, and welcome new listeners! No pilots...


Episode 12: Coyotes Ugly

The guys don't need a guest this week because there's just so much happening... Greg's yard is invaded by coyotes trying to kill his dog, so he is armored up to take them on! His wife makes a surprise phone-in appearance, everyone is making Super Bowl plans, Nick has never been to a strip club, and Kirk understands shallow graves. Nick performs an original at the end with a very Motown feel!


Episode 11: The Cut of Your Jib

The guys are back together! They invite Wings star Steven Weber to the bar to really get into some heavy shit! Heavy like... Human Centipede heavy. Heavy like... his and Greg's vasectomy stories heavy. Heavy like... Steven's Korean War veteran/ comedy manager father heavy. Goat yoga (that's a thing), Don Rickles, and mustaches heavy!! Plus, Nick plays a sappy song with a blown-out voice. Enjoy!


Episode 10: Lifestyles of the Poor and Ignored

Greg and Nick, no Kirk, welcome actor Rob Benedict to the bar for a Felicity reunion! In addition to being a fabulous actor, Rob is also a fabulous musician, so everyone will be treated to some great performances! Greg is still obsessed with harmony, where does bourbon whiskey really come from, Rob has great fans from his role on Supernatural, you can get weed in the supermarket in Cali, and what it's like to be an acting journeyman! Kirk will return next week!


Episode 9: Making No Sense At All

No guest needed for this week's podcast, although child actor extraordinaire Brad Savage pops in for a second to talk about his past endeavors. The guys discuss stress, mormon underwear, Kirk with no mustache, a Teen Mom star who gets into adult films, flying cars, Greg making his son cook for him, tattoo removals, and many other un-related things. How does this all make sense? It doesn't... but come along for the ride! Nick performs an original that he recorded with music legend Nile...


Episode 8: A Whiskey State of Mind

Greg and Nick welcome actor and musician Mark Hildreth to the bar! Mark is a ridiculous piano player/ singer, and blows the guys away with some Billy Joel, Elton John and a tasty original. The guys sip Cadee Rye as they discuss disabilities, England, Canadian actors, and a film that Mark and Nick both starred in... well, Mark at least starred in it. P.S. if anyone has seen Kirk, please let him know we love him.


Episode 7: Meet the Cast!

The guys welcome in the cast of the upcoming film "Max Reload and the Nether Blasters" for an on-air introduction! Greg, who will be producing the film and starring, brings everybody to the bar to get acquainted on the air as Kirk and Nick finangle their way into the project, as long as Kirk can see the script first. Everyone's favorite cult classics are revealed, and Nick still can barely get a word in. Co-directors and writers Scott Conditt and Jeremy Tremp join via Skype while actors...


Episode 6: A Lotta Dudes

The bar is a sausage fest this week! Actor Kevin Weisman (The Runaways, Alias, Scorpion) and singer/ songwriter Oscar Bugarin join the guys for some killer live music by Oscar, plus everyone's artistic influences, the U.S. Military, getting to be a fly on the wall for cool conversations, and new underwear for Greg's son! Kirk hasn't bought new ones in a while...


Episode 5: Calling Our Shots

The guys welcome special guest comedian Steven Brody Stevens to the bar. Jewish baseball players are in high demand, apple cider vinegar can help you poop, Google is tracking Steven's movements, and what exactly constitutes pedophilia? Does Steven's Periscope account have all the answers? Find out today!


Episode 4: This Bar is on Fire

While wildfires scorch the wilderness surrounding the bar, the guys crank up the heat to tell stories about meeting their flames, fire up the Skype line to take a call from one of Greg's fans, flare up the conversation about rescue dogs, and a group performance of a 70's tune goes up in smoke. Get it?


Episode 3: Nuthin' but a Jew Thang

The guys welcome comedian Mat Edgar to the bar as a special guest! Greg discusses Jewish traditions and how Kirk should address Jewish people, the guys review the latest in entertainment sexual allegations, Mat Edgar's mom doesn't know how to spell 'Matt', and everybody loves Sinbad. Nick performs an original song.


Episode 2: A Gay Old Time

Greg, Kirk and Nick welcome comedian special guest Scott Silverman to the bar, and not just to hear him rant on what cars are driven by gay men. The guys also discuss smoking (both a holiday turkey and weed), play a game of live 'Name That Tune', and bid adieu to a notorious serial killer in the most sincere way possible.


Episode 1: Launch Party

Greg Grunberg, Kirk Fox and Nick Marzock sit down for the inaugural episode of An Actor, a Comedian and a Musician Walk Into a Bar...! The guys try to pick a theme for the show, discuss the adventures that lead to each guy meeting, badger the sole guest of the program, and talk about major life decisions.


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