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A global, membership based community and resource center for women professionals and entrepreneurs. We support women that are starting, fixing and building their businesses with web tv and radio shows, coaching, mastermind meetings, tele-classes, seminars and live events. We teach you how to network, obtain speaking engagements, sponsors, joint ventures and affiliates. Create your own products, programs, services, radio and TV shows. Produce live events, become a published author and how to monetize your social media. Everything you need to gain more credibility, visibility and revenue streams. Perfect for all women in business.






HomWork, our first live-in Laguna Niguel member inquiry!!!

I am SO EXCITED! Chatting with our first inquiry to live in HomWork, Laguna Niguel. Listen in! Live where you WORK. Work where you LIVE. Anywhwere in the world! www.HomWork.com 818-865-8563 Info@HomWork.com

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Desiree Today, Trish Steel

Event for Mothers day

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desiee today

event om may

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Desiree Today, Create a PROFITABLE Real Estate Investment with Monick Halm

Learn how to create a PROFITABLE investment business with: (1) No Money Down (2) Systems to Find Motivated Sellers, and (3) Access to Off-Market Investments. Its time to stop watching house-flipping shows, and start really figuring out how to retire early from your real estate investing! Bring plenty of business cards to network! Learn how to get your written real estate investment plan. Special Guest Speakers including yours truly, Lanisha Stubbs, Broker at Wesity Real Estate Group. Alex...

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Desiree interviews Shulanda Mosley, The value of having a Mentor

Shulanda is stating a new business and has engaged me, Desiree as her mentor. Before noon she has already seen the value of having someone who sees more in her than she does That realizes that she is ready and has all that she needs to start Will be by her side to coach, encourage and celebrate! That's what we do!!! To learn more contact me at Desiree@AnEmpoweredWoman.com www.AnEmpoweredWoman.com

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women in business

to be determined

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Desiree Today with Debra Faris and Arvee Robinson

more detials to follow

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Desiree Interviews Dr. Barbara Young

Women Power Brokers Summit Transformation For Success for Women in Business Special event this Friday evening August 26th and Saturday August 27th from 9:00 ~ 4:00pm in Canyon Lake, Ca. Hosted by Dr. Barbara Young, Founder, Radio & TV show host For more details (951.244.4700) info@TransformationForSuccess.com See you then!

Duration: 00:14:58

Desiree Today - Terri Billups, SBA Emerging Leaders Initiative

If your business is generating $400.00 or more... This is a must! I was speaking to long time member and financial expert Kimberly Rolfe and she was sharing her involvement and experiences with the SBA and how it had significantly impacted her business, I was shocked and had to know more. She kindly referred me to Terri Billups, the program director for the Emerging Leaders Initivate who gave me more details as well as ALL of the many programs the SBA offers for FREE. I just had to share...

Duration: 00:24:24

Desiree interviews Mary Lamborn and Sadie Sadeghi on CREATING WEALTH in 2016!

Mary Lamborn, known as the cash flow strategist and Sadie Sadeghi, known for preserving your wealth share... * How to have a compressive protection plan for your personal and business assets. * Programs that are designed based on your lifestyle, budget and long term goals. Through their education you'll learn, How to take advantage of the vehicles that will allow you to save taxes The many ways you can start where you are and secure additional income and your financial future Plans that...

Duration: 00:20:01

Desiree interviews Kevin Willoughby, New Business Manager with American Airlines

We welcome American Airlines as one of our partners. Kevin shares the advantages of enrolling in American Airlines, Business Extra Program and the vendor opportunities offered to women owned businesses, minority owned businesses and veteran owned businesses. Overview: The Business Extra program is a corporate incentive travel program that rewards companies like yours for their loyalty to American. As a Business Extra member, your company can earn valuable points towards exciting awards –...

Duration: 00:18:45

Desiree & Linda Hollander, Discover How to Fund Your Dreams with Sponsors.

Sponsor Secrets Seminar on October 6-8, 2015 in Los Angeles At the Sponsor Secrets Seminar, we'll package you for success with sponsors, you'll create your customized sponsor action plan and you'll meet the sponsors. Sponsors will spend over $20 billion dollars this year on people just like you, even if you're just starting out. Meet these Sponsors at this Annual Live Event You can talk face-to-face with sponsors and industry experts at this amazing empowerment event. You'll leave with a...

Duration: 00:17:33

Fast Path to Cash with Desiree Doubrox & Shaune Arnold

A few weeks ago I introduced my business training workshop called Fast Path to CASH! In this program, students learn strategic business planning and cash flow systems to help them build a solid foundation for their business. The sold out program is set to run later this month. I really want you to have a deeper experience of what Fast Path to CASH! can do for you. For this reason I'm excited to invite you to a complementary 1-day Fast Path to CASH! introductory workshop event that will...

Duration: 00:12:58

When's the last time you flew over 450 miles per hour?

~ I want to get into the mind of whats goes through her mind because car is great and fun, they're going about 200 miles a hour max usually, air racing she's going about 400 plus, and it's wingtip to wingtip around these pylons in the air with these guys testosterone just blowing out of the cockpit. It's just so exciting, It's so AMAZING! Skychick, Ramona Cox. CLICK HERE to watch the video! Watch the Darkstar Team of women pilots, make history this weekend! More about the Darkstar TEAM.

Duration: 00:06:06

How to create a budget for your film with Jennifer Hutchins

As a seasoned industry producer Jennifer shares with you some on the most important aspects of your production... YOUR BUDGET! The things that will either make or break you in the industry. Take a listen. To be featured on a future podcast, contact us at 818-865-8563 Info@AnEmpoweredWoman.com We look forward to hearing from you soon. Until then...Stay Empowered!

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Desiree and Kathy Bee are calling it a Girls Nite Out!

Pardon the delay in the beginning, some audio twerts, listen in! Visit wwwTheWellnessWay.com for all of the details. Speakers, Networking, free massages, expo, raffels, refreshments and more. I will also be sharing the ..."Power of Seven, tools to gain more credibility, visibility and revenue streams" Desiree Doubrox is a radio and TV show host, speaker, author, Founder of An Empowered Woman and most recently Producer & Publisher of “Let’s Talk Success” a digital magazine, TV & podcasts...

Duration: 00:12:31

How to Ignite Your Genius, Stand Out as the Authority and Lead Your Movement

Next week, I'll be speaking at Speak Your Genius 2.0 Experience. And because I am on a featured panel, I've been gifted 5 complimentary registrations (normally $997). The startling fact is that less than 10% of coaches make more than $100,000 a year and less than 5% make less than $1M a year. How would you like to be in the top 10% or top 5%? Eiji “A.G." Morishita is the leader of this unique transformational experience, and he'll be teaching you " * Ignite Your Genius in what makes you...

Duration: 00:19:18

Desiree & Desiree Patno, National Association of Women in Real Estate

Are you a woman in the housing economy? This includes all products and services for the entire housing continuum of women business owners, private and non-profit businesses, women’s organizations, and federal agencies. Desiree Patno, Founder of NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN IN REAL ESTATE BUSINESSES invites you to join us at their Annual NAWRB Conference from August 17th-19th, 2015! They made history last year; just imagine what we can do this year! NAWRB has collaborated with multiple...

Duration: 00:21:36

Speaking, Sponsors, Affiliates, Webinars, Radio & TV shows and Live Events 4 $$$

I'm pretty jazzed about the awesome response we recieved fom the Google Hangout we did yesterday. On this webinar I shared the many ways you can create your first or an additional $100,000 utilizing your expertise. Quick and easy!!! I'd love to send you a copy and get your feedback, with hopes you'll walk away with information you can use to get started today. CLICK HERE for your complimentry replay of our webinar and an opportunity to schedule a complimentary call with me. Looking forward...

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Desiree interviews Dr. Suzan Starler,

We're always looking for women who are starting, fixing and building their businesses. Let's schedule a time to learn more about your business so we can share your message with the world in our next series. www.AnEmpoweredWoman.com/podcasts to schedule. Until then...Stay Empowered! www.AnEmpoweredWoman.com

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