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In each episode, comedian Jarlath Regan is joined by a well known Irish writer, actor, performer, sports person or public figure to discuss their life and shared experience of moving abroad.

In each episode, comedian Jarlath Regan is joined by a well known Irish writer, actor, performer, sports person or public figure to discuss their life and shared experience of moving abroad.
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In each episode, comedian Jarlath Regan is joined by a well known Irish writer, actor, performer, sports person or public figure to discuss their life and shared experience of moving abroad.




Jason Sherlock: Episode 221

Jason Sherlock is undoubtedly one of the biggest household names in Dublin’s sporting history. This week, Jason spoke openly to Jarlath about the racial abuse that he experienced from a manager (17:00), the hysteria that surrounded him at the age of 19 (24:00) and the battle with finding a sustainable model for professionalism in the GAA (39:00). From his advice to the Mayo team (56:00), to how he was not going to the gym at the peak of his success (28:00), his thoughts on Dublin’s...

Duration: 01:09:53

Blindboy Boatclub: Episode 220

Having recently embarked on his own podcasting journey, this week, the Rubberbandits artist, activist and all-round legend Blindboy Boatclub joined Jarlath to discuss his theory of podcasting (3:00), why he became disillusioned with the success of Horse Outside (6:00) and how The Rubberbandits deliberately set out to lose fans (8:00). Jarlath talks about his fond memories of The Bandits’ earliest prank phone calls before the bags went on the heads. Blindboy talks about the philosophy,...

Duration: 01:15:24

Glen Hansard & Fr. Peter McVerry: Episode 219

This week’s episode focuses on the deepening homelessness crisis in Ireland. When Jarlath spoke to Father Peter McVerry and Glen Hansard during the Apollo House occupation last year, it was believed to be the worst imaginable homelessness situation the country had ever faced and that things could only get better. Instead of improving, today’s figures show more people than ever before are now homeless in Ireland. Father Peter McVerry discusses the lengths that the public need to go to in...

Duration: 01:06:03

Shay Given: Episode 218

This week Irish footballing legend Shay Given invited Jarlath to his home to talk about the lonely business of goalkeeping (8:00), turning down Alex Ferguson (14:00), being used as a pawn in the business of football (24:00) and the players who wouldn’t even open their own post (1:00:00). From the mistakes that haunted him throughout his career (11:00) to the lies that Newcastle United told to the media about his departure from the club (23:00) and why he believes Mancini was sacked from...

Duration: 01:17:05

Angela Scanlon (returns): Episode 217

This week Angela Scanlon returns to An Irishman Abroad after 3 years to discuss her incredible journey to, becoming a household name in both Ireland and the UK. Angela opens up about the pressures of the modern culture of online shaming (3:00), the ominous sense that she got while meeting Harvey Weinstein (28:00) and why she believes that fashion advice no longer has a place on television (27:00). From her attempts to disarm Katie Hopkins who she finds “frankly, quite repulsive” (38:00)...

Duration: 01:00:34

Kevin Kilbane: Episode 216

This week, Irish footballing legend Kevin Kilbane joined Jarlath for an incredibly frank conversation about his life and career. Kevin opens up about the insecurities that he felt throughout his career (28:00) and ’that’ nightmare game against Iceland that left him inconsolable (33:00). Kevin also explains why he believes that Ireland could have reached the World Cup semi finals if Roy Keane had not left Saipan (1:11:00) and why it’s a travesty that Brian Kerr isn’t part of the Irish...

Duration: 01:23:25

Pat Kenny: Episode 215

This week Pat Kenny sat down with Jarlath to discuss his story from lecturing in DIT (17:00) to becoming a household name in Ireland as well as his upbringing, the story of which much of the public have the wrong perception (8:00). Pat explains why he thinks the price George Hook paid for his recent comments on Newstalk was too high (46:00), how he believed that the Late Late Show should have died with Gay Byrne (37:00) and what his one ‘niggle’ is having left the show (43:00). From...

Duration: 00:56:39

Eva O’Connor: Episode 214

Eva O’Connor is an award winning Irish playwright, actor and producer with an extraordinary story to tell. This week she sat down with Jarlath to speak about her battle with an eating disorder (12:00) and her perspective on the sexism that women have to endure in the entertainment industry (3:00). Eva explains the place that her BBC3 show Overshadowed has in the modern world’s social media culture and the incredible reaction that it has received from the public (52:00). From her...

Duration: 01:16:37

John Duddy: Episode 213

John Duddy was once the most famous Irishman living in New York when he made the brave move there to become a professional boxer. The rest is history. This week John explained to Jarlath how he was so engulfed in his craft that he was unaware of his fame in New York (10:00) and the call from Robert De Niro that changed everything for him (41:00). John outlines how Conor McGregor abused boxing for his own needs (1:16:00) while also explaining that his love for the sport suffered following a...

Duration: 01:30:29

Roddy Doyle (Live from the Dublin Podcast Festival): Episode 212

Author and national treasure Roddy Doyle joins Jarlath in front of a packed Tivoli Theatre at the Dublin Podcast Festival to discuss the fascinating story of his life and work. Roddy explains how the head Brother in his school had no faith in his potential (7:00) while also outlining, in riveting detail, some memories of his earlier years (9:00). Roddy also gives his views on Ireland’s preoccupation with private ownership and the homelessness epidemic (48:00) and also offers his...

Duration: 01:04:12

Mark Pollock: Episode 211

Having lost his sight in one eye at the age of 5, Mark Pollock’s life certainly started out up against it. When he became totally blind at the age of 23, no one would have expected Mark to then go on a quest to become the first blind man to race to the South Pole. When a fall from a second story window at the age of 34 left him paralysed, the level of determination and courage that has become synonymous with Mark’s name is enough to inspire any person from any walk of life. This week we...

Duration: 01:09:52

Repeal the 8th Special: Episode 210

The legalisation of abortion in Ireland is by far one of the most prominent conversations in Irish society at the moment. In this episode, Jarlath is joined by some of the most active and outspoken voices who are taking a stand and are working to repeat the 8th amendment. Amnesty International’s Colm O’Gorman explains to us where things are currently standing with the Repeal the 8th campaign while also giving a clear break-down of the outcome of the recent Citizen’s Assembly (2:00)....

Duration: 01:49:07

Ian Lloyd Anderson: Episode 209

Ian Lloyd Anderson talent is undeniable. Best known for his standout roles on stage and screen (Love/Hate, Game of Thrones), this week, Ian joined Jarlath to discuss his work opposite Emmet Kirwan in the forthcoming movie adaption of Dublin Oldschool (4:00/52:00). Ian explains how his acting journey began in a school play he was forced into doing (10:00), his battle with weight loss (18:00) and being jealous of Peter Coonan on the set of Love/Hate (39:00). Ian tells the story of the birth...

Duration: 01:06:44

Kevin Gildea: Episode 208

This week Irish comedy legend, Kevin Gildea, joins Jarlath to discuss the life and career behind one of the most influential voices in alternative Irish comedy. Kevin and Jarlath discuss the nature of the modern audience’s relationship with offence (7:00), how he balances his work as a professional critic with his career as a stand up comedian and writer (50:00) and the time he spent as DCU Student’s Union president who slept a lot (33:00). From the hilarious stories from his days as a...

Duration: 01:10:38

Donal Skehan (returns): Episode 207

Having first appeared on the podcast over three years ago, celebrity cook, author and TV presenter, Donal Skehan, returns to the show this week from his home in LA where he now presents on the Food Network. Donal tells us the incredible journey that he has been on in recent years, which amounted to him working so hard that he was hospitalised with exhaustion (5:00). Donal opens up about battling loneliness (35:00), how he and his wife carefully control what of their private life is let...

Duration: 01:05:15

Adam Fergus: Episode 206

This week, star of Supernatural, Inside I’m Dancing and Being Erica, Adam Fergus, joined Jarlath to discuss his journey from Laytown to Hollywood. Adam tells the hilarious stories of how his acting career all began in his parent’s garage by putting on shows for the neighbours (5:00), how he blagged his way through economics in UCD (19:00) and how his mother packed his bags for Canada when Being Erica came calling (45:00). Adam discusses the nature of ‘pilot season’ in Hollywood and how...

Duration: 01:08:15

Dr. Ciara Kelly: Episode 205

Dr. Ciara Kelly is best known for her role as a medical consultant on the hit TV show Operation Transformation and on her own radio show Alive and Kicking. As a passionate activist for women’s rights, Ciara explains that how we treat women in Ireland falls short of what it should be and how a distrust of women is at the heart of the cause for the Repeal the 8th campaign (24:00). Ciara also discusses the polarising character of the man who gave her the break she needed early in her media...

Duration: 01:14:33

Joe Wilkinson and Kevin McGahern (live from the Vodafone Comedy Festival): Episode 204

Comedians/actors/writers/chancers Joe Wilkinson and Kevin McGahern join Jarlath for a fun chat in front of a live audience at the 2017 Vodafone Comedy Carnival in Dublin. Kevin and Joe discuss the jobs that they gave up to pursue careers in comedy and the hard and rewarding work that subsequently followed. While Joe explains the generosity of Channel 4 in his outrageous appearances on 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown (39:00), Kevin explains the difficulties he encountered during his time...

Duration: 01:11:00

Tara Flynn: Episode 203

This week, writer, comedian, actress and activist Tara Flynn joined Jarlath to discuss her journey in finding the courage to speak out in recent years (3:00), what it’s like living with systemic sexism in comedy (17:00) and her desire to create a conversation about the need for broad access to abortion (36:00). In this fascinating chat, Tara explains her own journey to have an abortion in the Netherlands (26:00) and the concept of consenting to sex and not pregnancy (40:00). With...

Duration: 01:13:23

Danny O’Reilly (part 2) Live from the Galway Arts Festival: Episode 202

This week The Coronas frontman, Danny O’Reilly, joined Jarlath on stage at the Galway Arts Festival to discuss how things have changed for him since Danny’s first appearance on the podcast three years ago. Danny spoke openly about walking away from Island Records to start their own label (4:00) and how he now keeps his private life away from the media spotlight having learned from past experiences (45:00). While discussing the bond between The Coronas, Danny explains why he does not think...

Duration: 00:58:52

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