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This is a stoner comedy podcast! I describe it as Getting Doug with High meets Comedy Bang Bang - we get faded, try our best to be funny, and provide positive vibes. It makes more sense after you listen to it.

This is a stoner comedy podcast! I describe it as Getting Doug with High meets Comedy Bang Bang - we get faded, try our best to be funny, and provide positive vibes. It makes more sense after you listen to it.
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This is a stoner comedy podcast! I describe it as Getting Doug with High meets Comedy Bang Bang - we get faded, try our best to be funny, and provide positive vibes. It makes more sense after you listen to it.






AN OUNCE SHORT SN 3 | EP 1 ft. Eli Halpern

This week on An Ounce Short, our guest is both immensely talented and immensely disturbed! Eli Halpern, who bleeds Northwood navy blue, gave us some stories from the battlefield of boarding schools, gives the listeners a little more insight into his background than I (personally) was uncomfortable with. OH! And Grant M. Smith continues to be a host of a podcast. #KeepThatThirdEyeOpen #TeamNug #MeshShortMafia


S2|E6 "Matty B is CarlsBACK" - ft. Matty Ballgame and MC Grindah

Matt Balaker (Matty Ballgame) a Father of the Year candidate - dropped by the HMV Studio to talk about being a youth in Carlsbad, his insane performance on CONAN O' BRIEN, and most importantly; he spoke about the late Greg Giraldo, and Greg's influence on comedy and his friends. PLEASE check out the biography on Greg Giraldo, penned by, Matty Ballgame. Check out more of Matt: Twitter: @MattyBGame Grant: Twitter: @6rantsmith Instagram:...


S2|Ep 5 "The Importance of Sport" - ft. Drake Nelson and "Iron" Mike "The Cockorach" Atherton

On this VERY special episode of An Ounce Short! (Sponsored by Herbaculture) , show history is again made. This is a "debut reboot" of Season II , with a REAL brand-new cohost , John Johnson , and we NEEDED a BIG DEAL guest in order to match the magnitude of this debut. The Baaambaaklaat SHOTTA of a guest we somehow got is the former PROFESSIONAL wrestler , the Cannabis Connoisseur & Comedy Cannibal , himself , DRAKE NELSON! We talk high school sports , the importance of wrestling , and...


S2|E4 Jamaixico (feat. Jose Raymond)

THE confirmed FUNNIEST PERSON IN LOS ANGELES joins us this week to discuss being born in Mexico, opening for Willie Barcena, and his not-so-subtle subconscious, Albert. ~=*=~=*GUEST~=SPOTLIGHT=~*~=~ Follow @12Josers on Twitter @JoseRaymondComedian on IG/FB =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Like Grant? Why? Follow him on Twitter or IG @6rantsmith Like Nate? Um, ok. Follow him @ngsnake on Twitter OR @n8snow on Soundcloud


S2|E3: Apple Man (feat. Daniel Eachus)

Is Donald Trump ruining open mic comedy? Does anybody actually listen to "everything?" Who is the 'Apple Man?' ALL THESE QUESTIONS GO UNANSWERED IN THIS WEEK'S EPISODE featuring Daniel Eachus. ~=*=~=*G*~U*=E=*S=*T~=S=~P*~O*=T=*L~*I~*G~=H=~T=~*~=~ Follow @DanEachus on Twitter and check out his show April 5th - AND/OR 6th - ~=*=~=*=~=*~=*=~=*=~=*~=*=~=*=~=*~=*=~=*=~=*=~...


S2|E2: Survive (ft. Kody Batchelor)

Make a hang-glider out of twigs and leaves, follow the water upstream, not down, but most importantly, play harmonica. These are just some of the lessons imparted upon us by our surprise guest. And our regular guest (Kody Batchelor) is pretty cool too. HERBACULTURE @HERBACULTUREFAM (on Instagram). -~-~-~-~-~-~- Follow Kody! TWIT: @waytogokody Grant! TWIT/IG: @6rantsmith Nate! TWIT: @ngsnake *keep that third eye open*


S2|E1: The Joy of Podcasting (Ft. Maggi Mayfield)

Podcasts: where do they come from? How do they work? What really is a pronoun? Maggi Mayfield drops by to help launch An Ounce Short into Season two! Check out Maggi at: Grant at: TWIT/IG: @6rantsmith Nate at: SC: @n8snow TWIT: @ngsnake


Episode 21: Muzakular Spectacular (Neal Lockwood + Henry James)

Van Halen's "Going Down To DisneyLand" is just one of the hype as heck musical treats in this week's episode! This week, one of the most prestigious, elegant, and enigmatic bands in the Orange County music scene joins Grant M. Smith (@6rantsmith on twitter) running a solo dolo round in the Ounce Short Studios. The Band: Nathan Snow (@ngsnake on twitter) Neal Lockwood (@theneallockwood on twitter) Henry James (@hjs-music on SoundCloud)


Episode 20: is real (feat. Israel Carrasco!)

Gangsters! Band geeks! Syrian political leaders? All of this and more on this weeks episode featuring the Boyle Heights native Israel Carrasco! If you're in the SoCal area December 3rd be sure to check out his LAST SHOW FOR A CONSIDERABLE AMOUNT OF TIME!!!!


Episode 19: good (feat. Yakub the Prolifik)

Are boners a viable wrestling strategy? Are rappers musicians? YAKUB THE PROLIFIK sat down with us this week to help us find out. And YOU won't find out unless you listen to this episode of AN OUNCE SHORT! Hosted by Grant Smith (IG/TWITTER: @6RANTSMITH) Music by @n8snow (IG/TWITTER: @ngsnake)


Episode 18: Canadian Beef (Feat. Ryan Reaves)

The effervescent and ever whimsical Ryan Reaves drops in to share his hot takes on the most pressing issue of our time: The beef between Drake and Pusha-T. BUT SURPRISE - ALANIS FRIGGIN MORISETTE joins in the debate! P.S. This episode has the strongest ending yet. If you don't have time to listen to the whole thing (shame on you) at LEAST listen to Ryan's plugs, and our outro. Follow Ryan Reaves! T: FB: Follow Grant! T:...


Episode 17: Bookworm (feat. John Lenore)

This week, accomplished author John Lenore joins us to talk about writing and Detroit and gets really confused when Theresa Genoa comes in and pitches her new cookbook. YOU AIN'T NEVER HEARD A PODCAST LIKE THIS BEFORE! #keepyourthirdeyeopen #herbaculture #meshshortmafia Follow Grant! Twitt/IG: @6rantSmith Follow Nate! Twitt/IG: @ngsnake Soundcloud: @n8snow


Episode 16: Burgers (Feat. Keith Reza)

This week, longtime friend of the show Keith Reza FINALLY drops by and joins us to discus the nature of comedy, reality, and ALL EXISTENCE. WOWA KABAM. Follow Keith! Twitter: @Keithreza Follow Grant: Twitter/IG: @6rantsmith Follow Nate: Twitter/IG: @ngsnake Soundcloud: @N8Snow


Episode 15: Girl Talk! (Feat. Sharon Barragan)

Comedy VETERAN Sharon Barragan joins the podcast this week to discuss fashion, makeup, drop some BIG names, and get free clothing samples from a very bubbly Tim Gunn. Follow Sharon! Twitter + IG: @Sharragan Grant! Twitter + IG: @6rantsmith Nate! Twitter + IG: @Ngsnake Soundcloud: @N8Snow Keep that third eye open! #MeshShortMafia


Episode 14: Twins (Feat. Ramon Hernandez)

This week Ramon Hernandez (a father of twins) popped in to talk about twin stuff. We didn't do that at all. But the Winklevoss twins came in to promote their new and innovative social media platform, Winkl. So that kinda counts. Follow Grant! IG + Twitter: @6rantsmith Follow Nate! IG + Twitter: @ngsnake Soundcloud: @n8snow


Episode 13: Bumpkin (feat. Drewbee)

This week's An Ounce Short, [sponsored by @herbaculturefam on instaGRAM] features one of the few up and coming hip hop/rap (still don't understand the difference) phenomenons straight out the south bay, who rolls with a group of other talented performance artists in a collective called Camp Foreign. Consider yourself lucky for having the opportunity to listen to this cuz Drewbee, Xandrew, etc is poised to blow the FUCK up. Oh, and Billy Cyrus stopped by to get cussed out by Drewbe. Follow...


Episode 12: The Royale Treatment (Feat. Vince Royale)

This week we were GRACED by Vince Royale who swung by to talk about coming up in the comedy scene, de-stigmatizing mental illness, and pornography. #MeshShortMafia #KeepThatThirdEyeOpen #Yeeee Follow Vince! He's fucking awesome! IG/Twitter: @VinceRoyale Follow Grant Smith! Twitter/IG: @6rantSmith Follow Nathan Snow! Twitter/IG: @ngsnake SoundCloud: @n8snow


Episode 11: 1 on 1!

Nathan and Grant are reunited and it feels so good. This week we have an intimate chat about financial hardships, psychedelics, and all kinds of little-known factoids about America! #MeshShortMafia #KeepThatThirdEyeOpen #Yeeee Follow Grant Smith! Twitter/IG: @6rantSmith Follow Nathan Snow! Twitter/IG: @ngsnake SoundCloud: @n8snow stonerfunnypodcast420lil bbasedbassdubstepwubEDMravesConcertoMusicconcertslive


Episode 10: Bass Heads (Nick Figari)

This week on An Ounce Short, Nick Figari, a behind the scenes big deal of the OC comedy scene, joins us to talk about EDM, booking shows, and other things! #MeshShortMafia #KeepThatThirdEyeOpen #Yeeee Check out Nick's stuff! PB&J! - CAVALIER! - PORTAL! - Follow Grant Smith! Twitter/IG: @6rantSmith Follow Nathan Snow!...


Episode 9: Fully FunKshuning (Feat. "Fully Functional" Adam Johnson)

This week on An Ounce Short, "Fully Functional" Employee Adam Johnson (of THE Petros and Money show) joins us to talk sports, and share some stories from the field (pun intended). #MeshShortMafia #KeepThatThirdEyeOpen #Yeeee Follow Adam! Twitter: @Opie_Est84 Follow Grant Smith! Twitter/IG: @6rantSmith Follow Nathan Snow! Twitter/IG: @ngsnake SoundCloud: @n8snow


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