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Audio & Video Podcasts from Anarchast.

Audio & Video Podcasts from Anarchast.
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Audio & Video Podcasts from Anarchast.




Bank To The Future – Bitcoin and Fintech Make Modern Banking Obsolete with Simon Dixon

Anarchast Ep.357 Jeff interviews crypto-banker Simon Dixon, author of the book ‘Bank To The Future’. Topics include: leaving a career in investment banking for the exiting world of Bitcoin, the hopeless task of trying to educate government, FinTech and the future of banking, the existing banking model and its economic effects, Bitcoin built on sound […]

Duration: 00:55:14

The Pholosopher on Philosophy, Principles and Asian Culture

Anarchast Ep.309 Jeff interviews Asian Ancap activist, The Pholosopher. Topics include: government is force, statist reliance on the police, central planned monopolies, no self defense taught in public schools, the Vietnam war and government tyranny, philosophy can help break down socialist conditioning, the statist mindset, those who want to control others are drawn to government positions of power, Stefan Moleneux, Hans-Hermann Hoppe, government is illegitimate, the intricacies of...

Duration: 00:30:34

Anarchast Ep.285 Michael Edelstein: The Anarchist Psychologist on Self-Esteem, Introversion & Anxiety

Jeff interviews libertarian psychologist and author, Michael Edelstein, topics include: overcoming introversion, stage fright, emotional freedom in one lesson, self talk, addiction, rational emotive behavior therapy, alcohol as a crutch and long term goals, Ayn Rand and self esteem, being authentic, integrity, libertarian burnout, in fighting, Anarchapulco 2017! Michael's book 'Three Minute Therapy': Michael's...

Duration: 00:20:34

Anarchast Ep.276 Anarchy Girl: People Need To Wake Up!

Jeff interviews third generation anarchist Anarchy Girl, topics include: attacks on anarchists by the police, targeted for your beliefs, increasing nationalism in Canada, police corruption, the beliefs of the elite, asset forfeiture exceeds crime, the use of fear for control, state domination, slavery and obedience, military suicides, war for profit, public school system, the world is very close to disaster, the Sumerian Annunaki bloodline, the grand cycles of history repeating, anarchy is...

Duration: 00:17:56

Anarchast Ep. 270 Vit Jedlicka: The President of the Anarcho-Capitalist State, Liberland

Jeff interviews the president of Liberland, Vit Jedlicka, topics include: Vit to speak at Anarchapulco! Liberland has a new government and 70 offices worldwide, 10 consulates in the USA engaged in diplomacy, Liberland of necessity must at least start out as a minarchist project, Croatia currently 'protecting' the border, negotiations proceed apace, a very strong constitution limiting government, cutting edge constitutional theory, a country is really just a belief, the role of blockchain...