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Only One

How does knowing that our brothers and sisters in Christ are members of Jesus body affect our thoughts words and actions concerning them? When we understand that there is only one Lord and God over all, whether they know and or believe it or not, how does this affect our evangelism? How does “one Lord, one faith” support the Biblical truth that there is only one true Gospel and one way of salvation? Paul wants us to ask these questions and find the answers in the person, work, words and life...


Worthy of the Calling

Is knowing, having, loving, and having life in Jesus worth more to us than our earthly comforts, fleshy pleasures, and personal "rights" and "freedoms?" Is the work of Christ more important to us than our anger, frustrations, impatience, grievances, and hatred toward other people? Do we want the gifts of salvation and suffering from Christ? These questions expose our hearts. Are we living in the flesh or in the Spirit? O Lord, we are not worthy; help us by your grace to live worthy to our...


Rooted and Grounded in Love

Paul is praying that we would begin to know, comprehend, and understand something that "surpasses knowledge:" the love of God fully displayed in Jesus Christ. Such a love as this will drive out of our hearts, minds, mouths, and actions our sins, doubts, and fears. To know the love of Christ means we are freed and enabled to love God and those around us. God can do this in your life if you have faith in Jesus Christ! God can do more than what you can ask or imagine! God gets all the Glory!...


Faith - Christ in Your Hearts

Do you ever feel physically, mentally, spirituality or emotionally weak? Do you want to be strong? If you will believe, confess, and trust Jesus Christ as your savior, friend, and Lord then he will give you the strength of new life, freedom from sin, peace with God, love for God and love for others.... Jesus gives you this strength through the Holy Spirit to all the Father has given to Jesus. A person with such Jesus granted, Holy Spirit enabled, Father directed strength is able to...


The Gospel- The Mystery Brought to Light

We can only boast in God! The riches of Jesus Christ are unsearchable! Jesus is higher, greater, more wonderful, above all, with everything that was created, created by, for, and through Jesus Christ! How can we come into the presence of a holy almighty God with boldness and confidence? Only by, in, and through Jesus Christ. Let Jesus be your everything because He is you all in all! Amen!


Fellow Heirs, One Body

To be a servant of Jesus Christ means a willingness to obey Jesus your Master, Savior, and Lord in all things and at all times. Paul suffered much so that we who are gentiles could hear the Gospel and have the mystery explained of how we can be united to Jesus Christ through faith and by God's grace. Christ is our everything! Let us also be willing to pick up our cross and follow our Master Jesus! Amen!


A Holy Temple in the Lord

We are one in the Spirit and one in the Lord! Our salvation is a trinitarian salvation. God the Father has chosen from eternity past who will be made alive to trust and believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. God the Son, Jesus Christ, pays the full wages of our sin on the cross so that we can be saved and forgiven, and God the Holy Spirit makes and gives us the gift of faith so that we can believe and be saved! God does this because He is gracious and loving. Just as there is one God,...


Brought Near by the Blood of Christ

Jesus Christ has made forgiveness, reconciliation, and an eternal life of peace with God possible for everyone whom the Lord our God calls to Himself. God is calling people from every tribe, language, and people group from all over the world to be one family in Jesus Christ. This is why we can go to every person on the earth and tell them the gospel - that they need a savior; and Jesus Christ is the only savior. If you believe in Jesus Christ as your savior and lord then you become God's...


No Hope and Without God

If Jesus is not your God, your Lord and your Savior then you are hopeless and helpless, dead in sin and destined for eternal death and destruction. To be separated from Jesus Christ is of more dire consequence than to be separated from food for more than one month, separated from water for more than five days, or separated from oxygen for more than six minutes. Let us hunger, thirst, and gasp for Jesus Christ all the more knowing that He is our everything! Amen!


Crafted to Do Good

The workmanship talked about in Eph. 2:10 is that of the finest craft and exquisite detail. God’s plan and will is perfect and we must trust Him completely in all things. We are saved by grace for good works that will give God all the praise, glory and honor. Being saved, reconciled, justified with God means we have been made alive to live for Him and freed from living only in enslavement to the fallen world, the devil, and our own sinful desires. Let us live to do good now that we have...


By Grace You Have Been Saved

Spiritually dead people can do nothing to bring about their salvation! This is a biblical fact. An unsaved person is not spiritually sick, or spiritually lacking something, or in need of something more than what they have to make them whole. A person who does not believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior is dead, completely empty, and must be made alive by the power of the Holy Spirit in the new life of Jesus Christ according to the will and ways of God. This is why we boast in God...


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