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Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation

We need new hearts! The good news is that God gives new hearts to his children through Jesus Christ by the work for the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit makes us alive to believe, gives us the gift of faith, and grows us in wisdom and understanding as we come to know God in all His glory, power, and love. Let us pray for an ever-greater knowledge of who God is, who we are in Jesus Christ and a hope fixed on the glorious work of Jesus Christ on the cross! Amen!

Duration: 00:38:57

Guaranteed Inheritance

There are few things we can absolutely count on in this world. In Jesus Christ we can find everything that comes with an eternal guarantee. Eternal life, peace with God, forgiveness, love, all of God's promised blessings are in Jesus Christ and we long for he day he returns and we can enter fully into all that is in Him. Until then, the Holy Spirit dwelling within believers assures them of this guarantee. God is faithful, all the time and we can always count on Him!

Duration: 00:48:37

Gracious Redemption

How precious to me is the Blood of Christ? How much does "redemption through His blood" fill my thoughts, feelings, words, actions? Everything is in, through, by, and for Jesus Christ and we are His if we have been bought out of our slavery to sin, death, the devil, and the world through the price of His life on the Cross. Our salvation cost Jesus His life on the cross and He paid the price of being forsaken by His heavenly Father so that we could be forgiven and loved. Thank you Jesus for...

Duration: 00:39:39

Predestined in Love

In Jesus Christ we become God's adopted children. Our Father is the sovereign creator, sustainer, and redeemer who is all powerful, all knowing, holy. With such a Father who loves us so completely we need not fear any creature, circumstance, difficulty. Our Father knows. Our Father Cares. Our Father is able! Amen!

Duration: 00:42:24

Blessed Before the Foundation of the World

Where your hope, desire, love, and thoughts are is where the true allegiance of your heart is. God blesses us by giving us a new heart by making us alive to receive His Son Jesus Christ. Jesus is our greatest treasure, our greatest treasure is in heaven, and that is where we are to direct our thoughts, desires, hopes, life. God blesses us before the foundation of the world. Amen!

Duration: 00:44:16

Paul to the Faithful Saints in Ephesus

Paul was sent out by God to be a servant and witness of the Good News of Jesus Christ. As we begin a new sermon series going verse by verse through the book of Ephesians, I hope that we will grow in the knowledge of the priceless riches of grace, salvation, hope, peace...found only in Jesus Christ. I pray that we will be faithful and gain a better understanding, through the work of the Holy Spirit, of the peace we have with God through the gracious gift of eternal life in Jesus Christ....

Duration: 00:40:39

The LORD God Clothed Adam and his Wife

(message file truncated this week sorry!) God is gracious to us saved sinners! When we are naked and exposed in our rebellion and hatred of God He clothes us in the righteousness of His Son Jesus Christ. God makes it very clear that the only way of eternal life is in His son Jesus Christ. Believing in Jesus, trusting in Jesus, putting on Jesus, dying and living in Jesus, eating Jesus is the only source of life. Having faith that Jesus took our sin, paid the debt for our sin, satisfied...

Duration: 00:04:22