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16: Parasites, Thyroid and Depression with Evan Brand

Evan Brand is an Author, Podcast Host and a Louisville, Kentucky-based Board-Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and Nutritional Therapist. He's passionate about healing chronic fatigue, obesity, and depression epidemics after solving his own IBS and depression issues. He uses at-home lab testing and customized supplement programs to find and fix the root cause of a wide range of health symptoms. For the show notes and everything we discussed in...


15: Nourishing Bone Broth with Chef Lance Roll

Chef Lance Roll, also known as "The Flavor Chef" and has been professionally cooking for 30 years. He became an ACF Certified Executive Chef (CEC) in 2005 at the American Culinary Federation. He was also a Professional Chef Instructor at San Diego Culinary Institute during 2003 to 2007. His cooking was transformed upon meeting Paul Chek in 2006 and being introduced to The Weston A Price Foundation. He is the owner of and For the show notes and everything we...


14: Nutrition Fundamentals with Brian St. Pierre

Brian is renowned for his expertise in performance nutrition. He’s a Registered Dietitian with a Masters in Food Science and Human Nutrition and a long list of credentials and publications (including five books) under his belt. He is also a Certified Sports Nutritionist (CISSN) as well as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). Brian worked for three years at Cressey Sports Performance as the head Sports Nutritionist and as a Strength and Conditioning Coach, working with...


13: The Sleep Solution with Dr. Chris Winter

Dr. Christopher Winter has practiced sleep medicine and neurology in Charlottesville, Virginia since 2004, but has been involved with sleep medicine and sleep research since 1993. Currently he is the owner of Charlottesville Neurology and Sleep Medicine clinic and CNSM Consulting. Dr. Winter is not only an active participant in patient care, but a dynamic speaker and researcher on the science of sleep. Dr. Winter’s current research focuses on sleep and athletic performance. In 2006, Major...


12: Never Leave the Playground with Stephen Jepson

At age 76, Stephen Jepson is living proof of his philosophy of lifetime fitness called Never Leave the Playground. He rides a unicycle, juggles while balancing on a bongo board, throws knives and plays jacks with both hands, walks a tightrope, swam across Iowa's Spirit Lake at age 66, and has won over 80 gold medals in swimming since age 65. And more. Much more. He knows the secret is to "just keep moving" through constant play, not exercise. He's developed toys for all ages and degrees...


11: Better Golf with Fitness with Anthony Renna

Anthony Renna is a trainer and fitness education content provider. His early success as a trainer at Equinox Fitness Clubs fueled the creation of his own business, Five Iron Fitness. It eventually led him to open one of the country’s first facilities dedicated to golf fitness in 2008 in White Plains, NY. During that time, he consumed everything he could in the form of books and DVDs related to the fitness business, and constantly attended workshops and seminars. He went to everything...


10: Fix Your Back Pain with Dr. Stuart McGill

Dr. Stuart McGill is a professor emeritus, University of Waterloo, where he was a professor for 32 years. His laboratory and experimental research clinic investigated issues related to the causal mechanisms of back pain, how to rehabilitate back-pained people and enhance both injury resilience and performance. This produced over 240 peer-reviewed scientific journal papers, several textbooks, and many international awards. He mentored over 40 graduate students during this scientific...


9: Life, Faith and Boxing with Julian Chua

Julian Chua (@julian_chua) is a professional boxing coach schooled under world renown trainer, Eric Brown. Originally from Indiana, he was brought out to Los Angeles in hopes to box in the Olympics. Due to a series of injuries, he decided to let the dream of fighting go- then focusing his time and energy into becoming a professional boxing coach. He now trains a vast array of clients ranging from kids to professional fighters. In this episode, Julian reveals the ups and downs of his...


8: Get Better Sleep Tonight and The Power of When with Dr. Michael Breus

Michael J. Breus, Ph.D., is a Clinical Psychologist and both a Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and a Fellow of The American Academy of Sleep Medicine. He was one of the youngest people to have passed the Board at age 31 and, with a specialty in Sleep Disorders, is one of only 163 psychologists in the world with his credentials and distinction. Dr. Breus is on the clinical advisory board of The Dr. Oz Show and appears regularly on the show (>30 times in 4 years). To find...


7: Habits of a Happy Brain with Dr. Loretta Breuning

Habits of a Happy Brain with Dr. Loretta Breuning. Loretta Breuning, PhD, is the Founder of the Inner Mammal Institute. She started researching the happy brain chemicals when her experiences as a professor and a mom conflicted with prevailing theories of human motivation. Then she learned that our happy chemicals are inherited from earlier mammals, and they evolved to do a job rather than make us happy all the time. When you know the job they do in animals, you can rewire yourself to...


6: How to Live a Life with Passion & Purpose with Leigh Martinuzzi

How to Live a Life with Passion & Purpose with Leigh Martinuzzi. Leigh Martinuzzi is The Hidden Why Guy. He’s an expert in lifestyle design. He helps people go from living a life they hate to living a life they love. He assists people via speaking, coaching, writing and podcasting. Having a corporate background in senior executive positions for various multi-national companies such as ALDI and Masters, Leigh realized that it wasn’t the life he wanted. Leigh made a decision and decided...


5: Stretching and Flexibility with Kit Laughlin

Stretching and Flexibility with Kit Laughlin. Kit Laughlin is a leading authority on the subject of stretching and flexibility. He developed Stretch Therapy over the last 30 years and presents workshops world-wide in these techniques. He was awarded a Master of Letters degree by the Science Faculty of the Australian National University in Canberra and was granted an Australian Postgraduate Research Award for Ph.D. research, where back pain was the main case study. In this episode,...


4: Never Have To Lose Weight Again with Dr. Mike Roussell

How To Never Have To Lose Weight Again With Dr. Mike Roussell. When it comes to nutrition, he has literally done it all. Dr. Mike Roussell has a degree in biochemistry and a PHD in nutrition. He’s an author, a speaker, a researcher, an adjunct professor at Penn State and he serves on the advisory board for Men’s Health, SHAPE magazine and In this episode you'll...


3: What High Performers Do That Others Don't With Dr. Cindra Kamphoff

Learn what high performers do that others don't with Dr. Cindra Kamphoff. Dr. Kamphoff is recognized nationally for her work and contributions to the field of performance psychology. As a high performance coach, author, professor, and speaker, Dr. Kamphoff helps athletes, coaches, leaders, entrepreneurs and championship teams gain the high performance edge so they can thrive and reach next levels of potential. For the show notes and everything else we discussed in this episode click...


2: Dave Schmitz on Resistance Band Training

Learn all about resistance band training with Dave "The Band Man" Schmitz. Dave has been writing, teaching and training how to implement resistance band training for rehabilitation, general conditioning and performance since 1996. He is the founder & co-owner of Resistance Band Training - the leading band provider worldwide. For the show notes and everything else we discussed in this episode click here:


1: Nick Tumminello on Strength Training For Fat Loss

Strength Training for Fat Loss with Nick Tumminello. Nick is the owner of Performance University International, which provides strength training and conditioning for athletes and educational programs for trainers and coaches all over the world. As an educator, he has become known as the trainer of trainers. He has been named 2016 NSCA Personal Trainer of the Year and in 2015 he was inducted into the Personal Trainer Hall of Fame. For the show notes and everything else we discussed in...


0: Intro to Anchors of Health

In this intro episode, you'll discover: who I am, why I started this podcast, the mission of the podcast and what you can expect from future episodes.