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51: The One Where Ross Gets a Pager and a Moment of Silence for Google

This episode is a doozy. First, we find out Em’s post-life-tiny-house-minimalist agenda when Em covers the South Shield Poltergeist, who tortured an English family the creepiest way possible, with children’s toys. And guys, get ready for a big one - Christine covers our pal Ted Bundy, the charming sociopath who killed AT LEAST 36 people, likely more. This episode is sponsored by: Ziprecruiter - Our listeners can post jobs on ZipRecruiter for free by visiting! Hello...

Duration: 01:54:54

50: Luvs ’N Laffs and an Alt-Right Turn

SASSY THE CLOWN IS BACK! In a big way. In episode 50, Em covers Loftus Hall, which is arguably Ireland’s most haunted locale. It once housed the devil himself, cloven hooves and all. Meanwhile, Christine covers the unexplained disappearance and deaths of the Jamison family in 2009\. There are plenty of theories, each one more bizarre than the last. Big thanks to this week’s amazing sponsors, Lola and Fabletics. Visit and use promo code DRINK when you subscribe for 60% off your...

Duration: 01:23:57

49: Bananas in Pajamas and Your Friendly Local Kioskman

It’s a Flinstone/Jetson’s crossover! Em tells the podcast’s FIRST alien story, featuring Barney and Betty Hill, who were not martians, although they did get abducted by a UFO. Meanwhile Christine shares the story of the Lake Bodom murders, Finland’s most notorious unsolved homicide. There’s a lot to unpack in this episode, including the correct pronunciation of Bananas in Pajamas. (The jury’s still out on that one.) Just remember to always check your genitals. This story is donated (you’ll...

Duration: 01:23:39

Listener Stories: Vol. 11

Happy New Year, everyone! If you're worried about staying up until midnight, these creepy af stories should do the trick. In our attempt to make a "holiday-themed episode," we instead end up dissing Furbies, crying about love in the afterlife, and mispronouncing countless words. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:51:32

48: The Island of Misfit Priests and the Easter Egg Rapist

Happy New Year from the future! Em tells the story of George Lukins (not Lucas), who was famous for his alleged demonic possession and the subsequent exorcism that occurred in 1788. Unfortunately, no “magic practitioners” were able to get him out of his mess. Not even Criss Angel. Meanwhile, Christine covers the Original Night Stalker, AKA the East Area Rapist (EAR/ONS). Lock your doors, cause he’s still out there. And be sure to call 1-800-CALL-FBI if you have any information. Zola is...

Duration: 00:58:10

47: A Boozy, Goat-Horned Menace and an Unwashed Cup

Put on your “Satan regalia” and get ready to swipe right on the boozy menace more affectionately known as Krampus, German’s famous Anti-Santa. Kids these days don’t know how good they have it with their damn Elf on the Shelf! Meanwhile, Christine missed the Christmas memo and went with a story about Tamara Sansanova, AKA the Granny Ripper, instead. Sansanova casually made some tea and killed 14 people. But at least she’s still playing peek-a-boo in jail. If there’s anything that you take...

Duration: 00:58:21

46: Cinnamontown™ and Pastor Detective

Happy Froxing Day! This week Em and Christine discuss several disturbing stories, including the time Christine got her head stuck in a dresser. Em also tells Christine the story of the St. James Hotel in New Mexico, which was run by this guy named Henry who found most things, including the gold out west, to be unsatisfactory. Oh, he was also friends with a Land Baron named Lucian. Meanwhile, Christine tells Em about Pedro Lopez, AKA the Monster of the Andes, one of the most prolific serial...

Duration: 01:08:21

45: Excessive Murder and Miss Vatican

Welcome to episode 45, sometimes referred to as Sister Act 17 or Lizzie McGuire Goes to South Korea! In this episode, Em covers the Silent Twins, June and Jennifer Gibbons, who spoke a secret language and couldn’t function without one another. As a result, Christine and Em invent their own secret language. Sort of. Meanwhile, Christine discusses Joyce McKinney, the absolute loony-toons “stalkist raper” who made headlines in the 70s for the Case of the Manacled Mormon. Let’s put it this way:...

Duration: 01:19:47

44: Turtle Tortoise and Frogger: lRL

It’s time for episode 44! Em covers a restaurant in Florida, but before you get too excited, it’s not Señor Frog’s. It’s called Ashley’s of Rockledge, or as we like to call it, the Loose Caboose. Meanwhile, Christine covers the crazy folie a deux case of Ursula and Sabine Erikkson, the identical twins who not only murdered someone, but also threw themselves into traffic NUMEROUS TIMES - and survived. Also, Em’s first memory is falling through their grandma’s legs, and Christine’s stepdad...

Duration: 01:22:24

Listener Stories: Vol. 10

Can you believe it’s our TENTH episode of listener stories?? And you guys did not disappoint. This episode has a little something for everyone - dogs, aliens, ghosts, and murder. What’s not to love?

Duration: 00:37:30

43: A Hell-Roaring Camp and a Chick-en-Training

In episode 43, Christine is the Internet’s Apprentice and Em puts the “ish” in Jew-ish. Em covers the Bullock Hotel in Deadwood, South Dakota. (Pro tip: don’t work there unless you want an invisible, casually omnipresent ghost boss who throws your beverages across the room.) Meanwhile, Christine covers the long-awaited topic of the Wineville Chicken Coop Murders, a gruesome and tragic story of a serial killer who ruined the name “Wineville” for everyone. Hope you all enjoy this...

Duration: 01:07:30

42: The Eternal Bromance and Pretty Little Liars 3:16

Hi, I’m Peter! This is episode 42, in which Christine gyrates from side to side and Janet just can’t get a break. Let’s just say things get pretty ~eccentric~. Em discusses the Harvard Exit Theatre, and Christine “throws Em a bone” and covers Ed Gein, a serial killer, handy-being, and unique interior decorator. Stay tuned for Listen: The Musical. Zola is reinventing the wedding registry and planning process. To receive a $50 credit towards your registry, visit For $30 off...

Duration: 01:22:34

41: Dr. Carrot and the Score of Yore

Let’s just say this episode is a little out of control. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Em talks the Great Amherst Mystery, a terrifying poltergeist story from Nova Scotia, and Christine tells the story of Herb Baumeister, a serial killer with an affinity for mannequins. Oh, there are also flying potatoes, a pool of chardonnay, and a Psychic Called Wanda. Light a cigarette - er, lamp - and listen up.

Duration: 01:34:05

40: A Fashion-Forward Victorian Ghost and Workplace Triangulation

It’s Gio’s Birthday-sode! And listen. It’s a doozy. Em covers the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, which once housed a circus-builder who “cured” cancer with watermelon seeds and is haunted by a ghost who does NOT wear capris. Meanwhile, Christine gets ~timely~ (and pretty graphic) with her coverage of Edmund Kemper III, the mofo featured in Netflix’s recent drama Mindhunter. And that is most definitely why we drink. Don’t forget to check out our sponsors, BaubleBar (promo code...

Duration: 01:27:34

Listener Stories: Vol. 9

Welcome to listener stories, Halloween edition! We share an extra story or two before thanking our lovely Patreon "donators." And that's why we drink!

Duration: 00:43:36

39: A Girl Named German and La La Land 1 ½

Happy October 39th, where Christine doesn’t know exponents and Em doesn’t know calendars. Em tells the story of Anneliese Michel, the inspiration for the Exorcism of Emily Rose and one of the truest proofs of demonic possession in recorded history. Meanwhile, Christine talks about the Axeman of New Orleans, who chisels some panels and taps some faces. (It’s like the Purge, but with jazz music.) If there’s one thing you take away from this episode, we hope it’s the fact that we’re modern-day...

Duration: 01:25:08

38: An Alli-Ghost and the Gilded Eleventh Ballroom

How are you peeling? Because it’s time for episode 38, in which Em throws Allison an epic birthday, the recording room is haunted as ever, and we find out Christine is the oracle of our time. Don’t worry, there are also ghosts and murders. Em’s story is San Antonio, TX. Wait, no it’s not. But it is IN San Antonio, TX. It’s called the Menger Hotel and it’s haunted by a rude lady knitting, children playing with trains, and Teddy Roosevelt himself. Meanwhile, Christine tells the story of this...

Duration: 01:28:27

37: Kyle Columbus and The Napoleon Complex but with Cannibalism

Thanks, Mr. Bagans. In episode 37, Em talks about a self-sabotaging building called the St. Augustine Lighthouse and Christine razzle-dazzles with the story Issei Sagawa, the creepy cannibal who roams free (and whines about it) to this day. And that's why we drink!

Duration: 01:05:41

36: A German Socialist Airbnb and a Myspace Lesbian Porno

It’s episode 36, and Gio Horoscopes are back - you’re welcome, Scorpios - but first you have to suffer through our stories. Em tells us about Cleveland’s Franklin Castle, which is haunted by murdered children, wanna-be spies, and partying German Socialists. Christine tells the story of the infamous Bathtub Girls of Ontario, who were NOT actors in a Myspace lesbian porno, but were actually two murderous children who got off easy for killing their own mother. And that’s why we drink…

Duration: 00:57:12

Listener Stories: Vol. 8

It’s our eighth listener’s episode! I know we say this every month, but it’s one of our best yet. In this episode we read your crazy stories, including a death-filled visit to LA, relentless Gettysburg ghosts, an aggressive poltergeist, and an encounter with our pal ZOZO! BUCKLE UP!

Duration: 00:50:34

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