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Another week, another set of stories. Amy has a story she's written that's set on everyone's favourite Tube line, the Piccadilly Line. Becky, meanwhile, has three stories – a short one that'll leave you feeling unsettled for at least ten times as long as it takes to tell, a short one that'll leave you feeling sad for at least ten times as long as it takes to tell, and the tale of Cappuccetto Rosso – which makes about tenth as much sense as the time it takes to tell. If you want to get in...

Duration: 00:38:35

Shut Up With Two Ls

This week we have our second guest – Becky's childhood friend Felicity, a librarian who Becky has known for longer than some of our listeners have been alive (probably. We're popular with people in their early twenties, right?). She plays us a story which is essentially erotica in a broad West Country accent and gives us some excellent writing tasks. Meanwhile, Amy brings us a romantic dispute which is as hilarious as it is horrifying, and Becky has both an urban legend about a car park...

Duration: 00:40:24

The Second Best Whore In London

Happy new year! For the final episode of 2017, we pull out all the stops: Becky tells us about two badass ladies to inspire us (the most successful pirate in history and a woman who repeatedly poured a whole bottle of wine into her chuff and didn't get thrush. We'll let you decide which is the most impressive feat) while Amy takes us through some new year superstitions and reveals what happens when a bunch of drunk zombies meet some angry cows. Finally we have a quiz to celebrate the...

Duration: 00:49:39

Our Very Special Christmas Episode

It's Christmas, and that means it's time for a CHRISTMAS SPECIAL! Becky and Amy have the mince pies and the prosecco out, so please forgive us if the stories make less and less sense as the episode goes on. This week Amy tells the story of the most heartbreaking Christmas for a four-year-old ever, Becky regales us with the story of her being a very hungover/terrible girlfriend, we get another weird folk tale which makes us question if we're secretly witches, we have a Netflix game, PLUS we...

Duration: 00:54:36

The Danny Dyer of Popes

Six episodes in, and we're getting the hang of this podcasting lark. Becky tells ANOTHER religious joke (there's no way we're getting into heaven, is there?) and explains how her mum got her embarrassing nickname, while Amy talks about Harlan Ellison's career at Disney and the world's worst sympathy card. Then, we tell you about how we first met and explain the Bible to you in TL;DR form. Enjoy! Find us on social media as andthenwhatpod, and email us on Want a...

Duration: 00:39:00

Tom Hanks Appreciation Society

This week, Becky tells us the fascinating and tragic story of Loretta Pleasant, aka Henrietta Lacks, and has another messed up folk tale that we end up planning a full celebrity cast for. Meanwhile, Amy's talks about a couple of murderers in 19th century Edinburgh, what happens when Bill Gates lets mosquitos loose on George Clooney, and tells a joke so filthy that even Becky is appalled. Follow us on social media @andthenwhatpod, or email us

Duration: 00:51:42

Be Nice To Each Other, Don’t Be A Tw*t

This week we have our very first guest storyteller! Alice Vincent, Telegraph journalist and author of gardening bible How To Grow Stuff, tells us the tale of Bluebeard and his dead wife room, and all about how a bit of her favourite pub from Newcastle ended up in New York. Meanwhile Amy talks about a woman who tried to leave her husband and ended up accidentally poisoning his whole family, and Becky tells a story that's so NSFW you shouldn't even listen to it on work premises, just in case...

Duration: 00:46:28

No Houses, Just Avocados

Aka, The Bad Accents episode. Becky wishes to apologise to her Welsh, South African, Scottish and Geordie friends, whereas Amy's Texan and Generic American Male accents are so terrible that they inspire pity rather than offence. We've also got the tale of the Three Snake Leaves, an original story by Amy, and Becky makes us cry with another tale from the Caldwell Family. Find us on Twitter and Instagram as @andthenwhatpod, on Tumblr at, search And Then What? on...

Duration: 00:47:24

Are There Any Other Numbers In Wales?

We're back for the Difficult Second Episode with five more stories for you to enjoy. This week Amy tells a long and rambling Welsh fairytale, Becky brings us another weird af German folk tale, we discuss whether or not it's ethical to write a novel where you murder all your husband's female friends, and we both get very emotional over an old man having a poo. Enjoy! Follow us on @andthenwhatpod, email us on

Duration: 00:47:19

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time there were two women who liked stories and getting attention, so they decided to start a podcast together. In And Then What?, producer & writer Amy Jones and charity person & script reader Becky Brynolf hang out in Amy's back room and tell each other stories. In this first episode we tell the true story of Ruby Bridges, talk about a little girl who takes her geese to the moon, and drop The C Bomb within the first 20 minutes. Start as you mean to go on, I guess? Follow...

Duration: 00:36:57